Sims 4 University mod

Sims 4 University mod | Download Latest Version – 2024

The article will tell you about the Sims 4 University mod and its features. It would also tell you about how to add a roommate or a partner who would travel with you to the University and study with you, but at the same time, they would be your roommates.

It would tell you about what things you need to take care before you start using the mod. To know these things in detail read along and have a full review over it.

Sims 4 University Mod

The Sims 4 University mod could make your best friend as your roommate. This mod will let you stay in the University residential lots, or your personal bought households with you selected homeless roommates.

It would help if you made sure you don’t have several homes which are timely swapped and played as these roommates are not chosen for those lots.

How To Add A Roommate?

Before moving any further, let’s learn how to add a roommate. The following steps would be our guide towards it. The steps are:

  • To choose the “University Roommate”, you need to enrol them to the University. So move out all the roommates you want into a random lot, or you could choose some of the Sims from the households. These households are the residential lots where the Sims lives with their parents.
  • Now, move the Sims out of their houses, so they become homeless. When the Sims is out, then evict the household. If there are Sims left who are living in the homes, you can let them stay wherever they want. Always remember, never let the toddler Sims live alone in the household, there has to be at least a teen inside the house.
  • After all the Sims are prepared, you must go back to the previous household from where you were playing. Then there you’ll find two options, Remove a roommate and add a roommate. Remove your current roommate and then add a new roommate from the list you have created. The file will show up all the names of the University students and the Sims you have selected via households.
  • Now, the most critical point, which is that the game separates these roommates into different homeless households. If you use a mod that can refill these houses, then make sure your Sims are not allotted forced houses. You can flag your Sims as homeless. These households have no names so you can go into the household manager and name these households. You must add them in “my households” as well.

Want to enjoy the living experience with your University best friend but don’t know how to do it? Then this article is right for you. Download and add your roommates. Also, did you know that tea was introduced in Sims 3 University Life? Check it out!


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