Fun Things to Do in Sims 4

Fun Things to Do in Sims 4: ( Updated 30+ ) – 2024

Is the Sims 4 game way too boring for you? How can you make things interesting? In this blog, we will talk about some of the fun things to do in Sims 4. The game-makers have created a lot of features and activities that you can indulge in and make things interesting.

Since the game has released, there have always been some of the other updates to ensure things run smoothly and are actually fun for the players to indulge in.

There are several things you can do when playing the Sims 4 game to keep up the fun quotient.

Fun Things to Do in Sims 4

Throw the Grandest Party:

Even though it is better to start slow, having a grand party is something you would love in the Sims 4 environment. Your party would have everything from food, music, as well as socializing. Just like a normal everyday party scenario, you will drink a lot of the goofy juice & act like a fool. Moreover, if you have the weather mod, it’d be a perfect day.

Whether it is drunken face down or two different Sims fighting along with one another, your party will have it all and more. If you are actually lucky, a random Sim shall die & there might be a grim reaper showing up to collect the soul. You might not believe it, but sims dying away can be pretty damn entertaining.

After the latest update for the fun things to do in the Sims 4, the game’s Grim Reaper has been updated with a whole new Slabet.

Start Fighting:

Whether it is in a party of someplace else, starting a fight is always adventurous. There is always drama, and you have no clue about who is going to win. Even with no witnesses to judge the situation, you will surely love this aspect of the game.

If there is an over-friendly sim known to disturb you or indulge in a weird and derogatory manner with you, it is time to start throwing in the mean Sims interactions.

In order to do so, you need to select from the game’s mean category. All you need to do is keep tossing a lot of insults until there is an option open to throw in a drink onto the face of the individual. This is equivalent to glove slapping and challenging them for a duel.

Once this has been done, make sure you head back towards the very same menu & look for an option to indulge in a fight. Now sit back & watch an amazing digitally designed street fight that is the best in hand-to-hand combat.

Kill a Sim:

Wondering what to do in Sims 4 after your fighting is done? If your fight didn’t give you much of a thrill, you could take it a step forward. You are now walking all dazed from those slaps that you had on your face after that big fight. If you are planning to ensure that your enemy is punished for his deeds, you can always kill off the Sims you hate.

If you plan on getting rid of any problematic local or any member in your household, you can easily lure these characters out into the yard. Now, quickly move away to ensure that they are standing all by themselves in the yard. Now, select the Build Mode and construct a complete fence all around them. So, now this jerk-face shall be stuck within the fence.

It might require you some days, but there is a big chance that they might try and pee all over your law. However, they will eventually kick on the bucket. Now, all that would be left for you to do with this scenario is to delete your fence as well as the tombstone.

Visit All the Secret Spaces in the Game:

As much as we know, there are around two secret spaces in the game that you can find. So, if you are wondering what to do in Sims 4, this is something interesting for you to try out.

The first one you can explore is located in Willow Creek, while the other one is located in the Oasis Springs. Known by the named Forgotten Grotto and the Sylvan Glades, these places are packed with a range of rare collectibles designed to spice up the Sims 4 game.

Whether talking about rare fishes, frogs, or spices, visiting the spaces listed above will add that fun quotient to the gameplay. The issue with most people is to know where to find the same. However, once you set on the right path, there is fun and adrenalin-packed adventure waiting at every turn for you.

Create a Mansion:

When talking about sims 4 things to do, this might not actually be the craziest of the suggestions. However, the basis for the Sims 4 game would be to build a mansion designed to make Oprah cry with envy.

In case you want to create an amazing home that is best in the entire game, you might probably make use of the “Money Cheat.” There isn’t anything better than creating a house that comes with an infinite budget.

Not just that, the actual method of building, designing, as well as furnishing the mansion tends to be way more fun as opposed to living in the same. Once you are done, you can upload the same to the gallery to ensure everyone enjoys your architecture skills. You might also keep things to yourself, maybe to avoid the tax officers (pun intended!!).

How to make Sims 4 Fun?

If you are wondering what other ways are there when you are pondering on how to make Sims 4 fun, here are some more ways you can make things interesting.

Create Your Very Worst Enemy:

You can try to make the worst enemy you ever had and then get the satisfaction to kill them.

Create the Family’s Black Sheep:

You can also create a child within the family, which can be the black sheep with completely different styles & traits as opposed to the rest family.

Create Your Own Photography Studio:

You can also plan your very own studio with all that you have ever wanted, like lighting, models, and more.

Kill the Neighbors:

You can try to throw a spooky weird party & invite all of your neighbor’s ghosts.

Grow a Garden Packed with Venus Fly-trap:

These Venus flytraps will be amazing as they tend to eat people. Wondering what else you can do or the Sims 4 stuff to do during your free time?

What Can You Do in Sims 4?

Here is a quick list of Sims 4 activities you can indulge in:

  • Summon Meteor Strike
  • Make the Sim Versions for Your Favorite Character (cartoon)
  • Try to Duplicate a House as an Architect
  • Try to get every female in the game pregnant (As Male)
  • Try to get a baby from every make sim (As Female)
  • Act like a Sim who is homeless and lives in a shack or tent
  • Try to WooHoo with any dead Sim or maybe a ghost of a baby

Cool Things in Sims 4 for You to Do

Looking for something cool to do? Here are some things to do on Sims 4.

  • Build a pretty tiny house
  • Earn your living by stealing from other people
  • Build neighborhoods, houses, or towns dedicated to a theme
  • Create a celebrity sim
  • Make a sim from any of your favorite book, movie, TV show, or even game
  • Seduce a grim reaper
  • Refrain from payment of your bills
  • Seduce your maid, mailman, or neighbor’s wife/husband

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