Sims 4 Birthday Cake

Sims 4 Birthday Cake | Birthday Party – Celebrate Perfect Birthday In The Sims 4

This article illustrates mostly about the ageing up of the Sims by hosting Sims 4 Birthday Parties. These parties require The Sims 4 Birthday Cake to celebrate the birthday of the Sim.

The article even tells you how to prepare for the Sims 4 birthday parties. This Sims 4 birthday cake cheats would help you make the cake.

 It would solve the “how to bake the cake in Sims 4?” query and would also help you to get the birthday cake in Sims 4. It would also guide you how to throw a Birthday Party in Sims 4 and even tells you to how many goals you need to complete to achieve gold medal party. There are some FAQs too, which are the most asked questions. Read along to find more.

How To Bake A Birthday Cake, Sims 4?

To bake the Sims 4 Birthday Cake, you could either make it yourself or your caterer could do it for you. There are many types of birthday cakes you can bake. Some of them are:

  • Chocolate cake
  • White cake
  • Hamburger cake ( only if you have Digital Deluxe Game)
  • Blue confetti cake
  • Strawberry cake
  • Honey cake ( only if the honey is collected from the beekeeping)
  • Sim city cheesecake

Now, how to bake a birthday cake in Sims 4? All you have to follow are the rules below, which are: 

  • Firstly, click on your fridge and select the option Cook, you’ll notice various food items showing up based on your Sim’s cooking skills.
  • Secondly, select the cake you want and your Sim would start baking the cake.
  • If you have maintained your gourmet cooking skills, you could make a gourmet birthday cake.

So, these are the steps for how to make a cake in Sims 4.

How To Bake A Birthday Cake, Sims 4?

How To Get A Birthday Cake In Sims 4?

Sims 4 birthday cake is necessary for the game if you want to celebrate the Sim’s ageing up but how to get a birthday cake? All you need to do is bake the cake as it makes it more realistic. It also makes a beautiful memory between the family members, but the main query is where to get the Birthday Cake in Sims 4?

Sims 4 birthday cake cheat would help you bake the cake and make sure, once the cake is cooked; you click on the cake and choose the option to place to the Sims 4 Birthday Candles on it. If you’re baking the cake by yourself, you could even bake it in advance and store it in the inventory. Bring the cake out of the inventory during the Sims 4 Birthday Party. 

Any sim can use features except for the babies and toddlers. After placing the Sims 4 Birthday Candles on the cake then click on the Sim whose birthday is celebrated so the Sim could blow the candles off. In case, your birthday sim is a toddler then you need to seek help from someone else to blow out the Sims 4 Birthday Candles. Toddlers won’t age with Sims 4 Birthday Cakes; you have to click on the bassinet and then select the option called age up to increase their age.

How To Throw A Birthday Party, Sims 4?

After everything is arranged, now the question arises, how to throw a party in Sims 4? We got you all covered. All you have to follow is the following steps:

  • Select the option, “Plan a Social Event”.
  • Then click on the Birthday Party and avail yourself with more options like who’s a birthday you’re celebrating and whom do you want to invite to the party.
  • Select the birthday sim and the guests you want to invite.
  • Invite every household member so they can also achieve their goals.
  • If you have extra money, you could also add extra Sim to your parties like entertainers, caterers, and mixologists to make the party more happening.
  • Last but not least, select the venue for the party you want to host.

These are the steps for how to throw a party in Sims 4.

Sims 4 Birthday Party

Sims 4 Birthday cake is provided to the players who want to age up to their Sims early. It is one of the social events one can choose from the list of the parties. Every Sims 4 Birthday Party has a cake as its necessary item. These birthday parties are celebrated once a year and are one of the best events in the game. In case you have twins, you could choose more than one sim so they can age up together.

The Sims 4 Birthday cake is the essential requirement for the party, and the second necessity is to complete the goals given. If you want to earn a gold medal, you need to achieve as many goals as you can until you accomplish the social event bar.  

Preparation For Sims 4 Birthday Party

Firstly, prepare for the Sims 4 Birthday Party with the best party haul, or you could even download it from The Sims 4 gallery if you don’t have one. Secondly, things you need to be careful about while preparing for the party, which are as follows.

• Make sure you have ample seats for your guests.
• Your party should be fun, set a stereo at the party so your guests could listen to music and feel rejuvenated.
• Food is one of the major attractions in the party, be careful about how your food tastes and put it on the provided tables.
• Games will make your party more exciting so put a card table with a minimum of 3 seats so that your guests could play games too.
• Music makes everyone groove to the sound of it, so put a musical instrument which the other Sims could play too.

Goals To Achieve In Sims 4 Birthday Party:

The Sims 4 Birthday Party has many goals to complete if you want to host a gold medal party. These goals can be achieved by every Sim, including the guests who are invited. Every Sims 4 Birthday Party has specific goals to complete, and each party has the primary goal which needs to be completed to achieve the Bronze medal. But, if you want a silver or gold medal, you need to complete the new goals. Additional goals like:

  • Cook a group meal: You must prepare a meal for a large group like a family-size meal.
  • Make the Sims feel playful: You can also achieve this by placing a playful object so that the guests feel like playing like the card table.
  • Crack jokes: You must make your guests laugh as it makes them feel welcoming. It would help if you cracked jokes by clicking on the Sim.
  • Make the Birthday Sim happily chat: Click on the Sim to make them happy and also make them talk to the guests.
  • Compliment the Birthday Sim: Compliment the Birthday Sim to make them feel good, but you could only do this when the Sim is in a happy mood.
  • Eat the cake: You must offer the cake to the guests after the Sim blew the candles off or you could invite them for the meal.
  • Eat the food: Call the guests for meals and serve them the best food.
  • Let the Sims listen to the music: You could play music through a stereo and dance. After a while, you could make the other Sims join in the dancing.
  • Play a game with the Birthday Sim: You could play chess or cards with the Birthday Sim.
  • Serve drinks: You could make drinks at the bar, or you could tell the mixologists to make drinks for you and serve the other Sims as well.
  • Play musical instruments: You can play the musical instrument for an hour. It works with every tool.
  • Bring an adult to make a toast: Get yourself a drink and click on the birthday sim to make a toast.


How to make a birthday cake in Sims 4?

Read the “how to bake a birthday cake, Sims 4” section and the section below it, i.e., “how to get the birthday cake, Sims 4”.

Can I age up my friends too?

You can age up your friends too by hosting a birthday party for them and making the Sims 4 Birthday Cake for them. I’m facing a specific issue with the birthday cakes, as I’m not able to put birthday candles on it. How can I fix this? You need to make sure that your Sim is on no hunger mode before you start baking the cake as it would eat the cake every time you make it, and you no longer could place birthday candle over it.

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