Sims 4 Funeral Home

Sims 4 Funeral Home Mod (Download) – 2024

Now that the Growing Together Expansion Pack is releasing soon, it’s essential for the game to have a Sims 4 funeral home as well because the characters would grow old and eventually die, which is the whole concept of Growing Together.

This article will focus on the Eternal Rest Funeral Home and the features it offers the players, making it a must have in the game. 

Features of Funeral Home

Features of Funeral Home

This place isn’t just a funeral home but a cemetery, mausoleum, and morgue as well. Since there isn’t a lot of land available in the game, this place is built on a 30×30 lot and is for multiple purposes.

You can plan funerals here and invite people and also lay your character to rest. In fact, you can even use the morgue for some spooky storyline or a murder mystery. 

At first glance, the cemetery only has 21 plots available, but once you enter, there are 3 basement levels as well, which can accommodate 135 sims.

So a total of 156 sims can be laid to rest at this place, which is more than enough in such a small space. However, if you still feel that the area’s not enough, then you can expand the basement levels. 

Why a Funeral Home?

So you might be thinking, why is a funeral home necessary because even if you don’t have one, it doesn’t affect the gameplay.

However, this place might be beneficial to prevent ghostly appearances in your home and the nuisance they cause. You can place the urn or tombstone of the dead character in the cemetery or funeral home and restrict that person’s spirit to remain in that lot.

Also, this feature allows you and others to bid farewell to the character that passed away. 


It’s up to you whether you go ahead with using the Sims 4 funeral home or not, but we undoubtedly recommend it because of the sentimental value and uniqueness it adds to the game.

In addition, it’s a pretty realistic aspect, which makes it even more valuable and essential to have.

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