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Roofs Cheats in The Sims (Guide) – 2024

The roof is as important a part of your house as the rest of the building, so when you’ve meticulously planned every single detail of the house, don’t let your energy drain out when it’s time to choose a roof.

Here are some of the best Sims 4 roof cheats that would help you get the desired result that would make you happy and also compliment your house well. So let’s take a look. 

Types of Roofs

Types of Roofs

Before we move on to the shortcuts, it’s essential to understand the types of roofs that you can tinker with, and they are as follows – 

1. Gabled Roof

A gabled roof is one that we usually see on houses or the ones we drew as kids, with two triangular sections of wall on both sides and two sloped roofs. 

2. Half Gable

This one’s similar to the previous one, but instead of two sections, there’d only be one section in a triangular shape with sloped roofs. If your building’s upper level extends out of the lower level, then this roof would be ideal. 

3. Hipped Roof

Square shaped houses should also have a roof with four sections, which meet in the middle, giving a rectangular appearance. There’d be two longer pieces connected to a ridge with two small pieces. 

4. Half Hipped

In this case, there’d be three sections of the roof, and it would look similar to a half gable that you can put against a wall. 

Roof Cheats Sims 4

Roof Cheats Sims 4

The roof you choose for your house will entirely change the vibe of the place; that’s the power it has on your house’s appearance. Let’s see what you come up with, with the use of these cheat codes.

1. The Simple Roof

So this is one of the most accessible roofs cheats that you’d come across because all you have to do is select the roof and then press Shift + C. You’ll now see additional anchor points on the roof that you can hold and adjust your roof’s shape to your desired outcome.

You can change the height, curve, shape, or angle of the roof; it’s that simple. There are no restrictions, so you can go for a completely unique looking roof if you want. 

Here’s everything that you can do with this cheat. 

Reshaping Roofs Completely

So, firstly, as I mentioned earlier, you can change the shape of your roof entirely using this feature. You can get a standard roof from build/buy mode and then apply this cheat to modify its shape. Maybe you want it to be curved, plateau shaped, etc. Be as creative as you want.

Smoothing Roof Silhouettes and Patterns

Sometimes, you might not want to tinker a lot with your roof but only want it to become an improved version in the sense of its texture; that’s when this cheat would come into play. It’d enhance the roof’s texture, make it smooth and natural looking, and the pattern would also look better and give off a clean look. You won’t see a significant change, but it’s the little things that count.

Other Roof Tricks – 

  1. When you press ALT, you can make more detailed adjustments to the roof’s height, structure, placement, and so on. This is especially helpful when the roof is made up of multiple parts. 
  2. If you have a Gabled, Half-Gabled, or Half-Hipped roof, then you can adjust its edges by clicking Shift because it allows you to make corrections to each edge, independent of the other edges. Those who have longer roof edges they’d have more options, such as adding a wave and so on. There are various roof types, such as hexagonal, pentagonal, circular, etc., and this shortcut works on all of them. 
  3. There could be times when you experiment with the roof, but the result isn’t what you hoped for. In that case, press Shift + C to undo all the tweaks and make the roof go back to its original version. 
  4. So the primary functioning of this cheat depends on you selecting the roof you want to modify, so if you combine the cheat roof with the non-cheat one, then you can have more variety of adjustments to add. 

2. Roof Clipping Through Wall

Sometimes, you might encounter a glitch where your roof is clipping through the wall. This is common when you place the roof on the corner of the building because there’s a tiny triangle at the joint. Now, there are two ways to fix this. 

  • First, you can go to the Wall category and select the hammer tool.
  • Second, you can add a curved wall or a round room inside the house. In the case of a round room, put a thick edge around its foundation; however, it shouldn’t come in the way of your character’s walking area, and it should also be weatherproof. 

3. Build Cheats

So, one thing that a lot of players might not be aware of is that the roof doesn’t count towards your tile limit. Therefore, you can use a roof to enclose land, save space, and make your house look slightly bigger than it is. You can manipulate this object in any way you want.

Players can also search “roofing” in the gallery and check out the ideas of other roofs from there, and even download some of them if they like. You can sort them as “most popular.”

4. Making a Flat Roof

There are two ways to make a flat roof. One is to use a foundation box, which consists of no walls for creating a flat roof, or you can use a roof sealant to get the job done. 

Players who prefer a glass roof can go for a glass dome shaped one because it doesn’t cost anything and gives your house a chic look as well. You can also use glass patterns to create a beautiful effect, resembling skylights. The roof you make with these cheats would be as impressive as the standard ones. 

5. Height Adjustment

You can click the arrow on top of the roof to pull it up and down and adjust its height accordingly. If you have a combined roof, then make sure that their height matches and the joints aren’t visible for a clean and smooth look. 

6. Changing the Bow

Normally, the roofs have a standard shape and size, but you can modify their angle and shape using the ball that appears beside the roof when you select it. When you pull the ball up, the roof starts taking a convex curve, and you can decide how much of a curve you want as you pull the ball up. Pulling the ball down would make the roof concave. 

7. Changing the Eaves

Another thing that you can tinker with is the length of the eaves or the part of the roof that overhangs past the wall of the building. It’s possible only on gable and half gable roofs, though. To do this, select the roof and click on the arrow present near the slope of the roof on either side.

As you pull this arrow away from the building, the length will increase, and if you pull it in the opposite direction, it will become shorter. If you only want to alter one side of the roof, then hold the shift key while pulling or pushing the arrow. 

8. Trims

Some people prefer having a trimmed roof for a more neat and clean look, and the area where the wall and the roof meet isn’t visible. Hover your cursor over the trim and choose any color from the palate, and then click anywhere on the roof to add it. You’ll have to do this for every roof trim, though. 


Can you auto roof in Sims 4?

Unfortunately, the auto roof feature is no longer available in the game.

How do you manipulate one side of the roof in Sims 4?

To only make alterations on one side of the roof, select the roof, click shift, and then make changes.

What are the roofing hotkeys Sims 4?

Shift + C are the keys you must press when you want to make any changes to the roof because after you select the roof, and press these keys, two spheres would appear beside the roof that would help you manipulate its shape, size, structure, etc.


Once you get the hang of these Sims 4 roof cheats, there are so many opportunities open for you in the game when it comes to building a house. You can make your house or any building unique with just a few tweaks to the roof because it changes the outer appearance significantly. So don’t take this part of building lightly and create excellent styles.

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