Sims 5 First Soundtrack

Sims 5 First Look Into Soundtrack – (Download) – 2024

We have a big announcement to make. The first soundtrack of Project Rene or The Sims 5 is officially out, and we’re so excited about it. Those who did a playtest of Project Rene have heard the soundtrack officially, but those who haven’t can listen to some clips of it on Youtube. 

In the playtest, there were 3 different music pieces that the simmers heard, and it was nothing like the one you hear in the Sims 4. It’s more of a combination between The Sims and Sims 3 soundtrack.

The soundtrack isn’t finalized yet because this project is still under process, and there might be some changes in the song. But for now, this announcement has made it impossible for the players to wait for the next installation of the game.

More About Project Rene

More About Project Rene

So the direction that this project or the Sims 5 is going in is to create a version of the game which is both single and multiplayer. Since Project Rene isn’t an MMO, it doesn’t have the public shared space feature, where everything you do isn’t visible to others. However, when you want to share the gameplay with someone, you can invite them to play with you. 

This installation would take years to complete, but we’re happy with the transparency of the process and to get these hints regarding what we can expect from this new version.

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