Black Sims 4 CC

Black Sims 4 CC (Download) 2024 (African American)

The Sims 4 has always been about simulating whatever you can imagine or being whoever you wish to be. The Sims 4 modding community has always been working hard to create lots of custom content(CC) to plug the content gaps to make the game more enjoyable and realistic. 

There are thousands of ways and black mods to tweak your Sim’s looks, house interior, activities, and lifestyles.

There are thousands of categories of CC’S created by creators. One such category is the Sims 4 black cc. These will make your sims much more beautiful and life-like. Some of these cute ccs make your cute black sims much more attractive.

Where can you find Sims 4 Black CC’s?

The custom content creating community is always putting hours and hours into creating mods and custom content to include and reflect the various communities.

Here are some top custom content creators for black simmers looking for black mods:

  • EbonixSims
  • Xmiramira
  • OnyxSims
  • Blvk Life Simz
  • Savage Sims

Xmiramira is one of the top ones in the list above. The Black Simmer, a forum created by Xmiramira for the black simmers has grown intensively over the past few years. The Black Simmer has a vault that has tons of custom content from various Black Simmers.

One of the most popular cc’s by Xmiramira and one on the Black Simmers is the Xmiramira Melanin Pack. Black simmers say it has changed the way their black sims look and completely changed their gaming experience.

Here are a few of the best black sims 4 cc’s to make your gaming experience enjoyable.

Ebonix | Indigo Braids

  • Black simmers with a sense of swag must download this.
  • It offers a long braid that falls down the front of the Sim.
  • It is for teenagers to older female black sims.
  • There are 13 swatches available with this black cc.
  • There are 10 wrap swatches available.
  • A few things to keep in mind:
    • This black cc is not recommended for computers with low graphics. 
    • The computer mode should be turned off, and the sim graphics should be at their highest.
Ebonix | Indigo Braids

XxBlacksims | Moesha

  • This black cc offers style with a pinch of sass.
  • The cc offers top knot buns for all ages, from small cute black children to the elderly. This comes in 8 swatches.
  • 3 swatches of the Moesha Bamboo hoop earrings are offered.
  • To top it all off, the 7 swatches of Moesha lipstick keep your Sim always ready for a party. From dark brown to bright pink, make your black Sim stand out from the crowd.
 XxBlacksims | Moesha

Ebonix | Black Lives Matter Tee

  • Support the BLM moment by making your Sim a part of it too.
  • With various designs, you’ll never get tired of your Sim wearing the same shirt repeatedly.
  • This African-American sims 4 cc is unisex, which means the tee is for both male and female sims.
  • Teens, as well as elders, can use it.
Ebonix | Black Lives Matter Tee

Ebonix | Rae Buns

  • This is currently one of the most trending Black cc’s and ebony cc’s that show up.
  • Make your black Sim cool by giving them a wild hair bun full of energy.
  • It applies to all teenagers and older sims.
  • There are 17 swatches available, so be free to choose whatever you want.
Ebonix | Rae Buns

Ebonix | Huck Afrofuturistic Wall Art & Decor Pillows

  • Embrace your black culture via the interiors of your Sim’s homes.
  • A collection of colourful wall arts and pillows will lighten up your Sim’s houses.
  • Each design embraces the black African American and the native African culture.
  • There are 56 swatches available in this custom content.
  • Black simmers who have a taste for wild, colourful art should check this out.
Ebonix | Huck Afrofuturistic Wall Art & Decor Pillows

Blvk Life Simz | Feather Bra And Skirt

  • This custom content gives a new whole-body conversion for the black lady sims.
  • 6 colours are offered for the black sims to choose from the list!
  • These feathered contents bring out the sexiness of your black sims and enjoy the beach in the Sims 4 world in complete style!
  • These black Sims 4 cc clothes are HD compatible.
Blvk Life Simz | Feather Bra And Skirt

Blvk Life Simz | Zaddy Beard 2.0

  • This is one of the highest downloaded pieces of cc to date made by this creator.
  • Give your black Sim a taste of the bearded life.
  • A long beard to make your Sim look more mature and more dashing. 
  • They are all LODs
  • This black cc is HD Compatible and has 2 versions.
  • The versions have a Brow Scar and a tights Category.
Blvk Life Simz | Zaddy Beard 2.0

Savage Sims | Eros Collection

  • This may not necessarily be an exclusive black cc, but it is one of a kind for the Black simmers.
  • This custom content brings out your inner savage. The burning desire your black Sim will feel with this cc is not something that can be explained easily.
  • The content you get in this cc is:
    • Mistress Dress: A corset high split dress for your inner mistress, with a push-up bra.24 swatches are available.
    • Cupid Dress: A corset cutout flowy dress to attract all eyes, with a push up bra. 14 swatches are offered.
    • Anteros Shirt: A layered, corset male shirt to get the beast out. 16 swatches are available.
    • Anteros Pants: A pair of designed male pants with 3 swatches available.
    • Novella Hat: An extra-large rose and ostrich feather hat for which 7 swatches are offered.
    • Eros Necklace: A layered statement necklace for which 6 swatches are made available to never go out of style.
    • Eros Earrings: A pair of mismatch drop pendant earrings where 6 swatches are offered. Capture the jaw-dropping moments with these earrings.
Savage Sims | Eros Collection

Fashion Simsta | Christmas Gift: Mini Male Skin Pack

  • It’s Christmas, and it’s time to get your black sims into the Christmas spirit. Let your Sim celebrate and have a gala time even if it’s not.
  • This pack includes 3 male skins, which you can use.
  • This content is for all, teenagers to elders.
Fashion Simsta | Christmas Gift: Mini Male Skin Pack

Blvk Life Simz | Beard Pack

  • Can’t get enough of manliness for your black sims? This pack is the one to go for.
  • This pack has a collection of 6 facial hairs to make your hunky sims hunkier!
  • One fantastic feature is that the beards are layer-able over other facial hairs. So don’t just compromise for one.
  • The black cc comes with two options, leggings category or an eyebrow scar category ( for which ‘Get famous’ is required)
Blvk Life Simz | Beard Pack

Xxblacksims | Ebony Curly Fro

  • This ebony cc for your black sims completes the African American look you may be looking for.
  • Pair this cc up with any black sim, and your Sim is bound to look cute and outstanding.
  • Black simmers with afro hair wanting their sims to look similar can now download this cc to get the best of their cute black Sims 4 life.
Xxblacksims | Ebony Curly Fro

The number of custom contents available to Black simmers is endless. The 11 cc’s mentioned above are very interesting and are a must-try. Pair these Sims 4 black cc’s with Sims 4 black mods for much more content and fun and make your gaming experience much more realistic. Let your black sims live their authentic cultural African American life with these custom contents made by hundreds of Black simmers on the internet from around the Sims 4 world.

Keep Simming!!!

Why is my sims 4 character black?

Your sims 4 characters are black only if you have the sims 4 black mods installed. Otherwise the base game doesn’t have many black sims 4 options.

Are all sims 4 cc free?

Yes, all of the sims 4 cc mentioned above are free.

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