Sims 4 Decades Challenge

Sims 4 Decades Challenge Rules – (2024) Updated

As the name suggests, this Sims 4 Decades Challenge would allow players to play through several decades with the same characters, watch them grow up and start a family of their own, etc. It’s quite a wholesome challenge as it also takes you through the changes in each decade. 

Each of these decades has a separate set of rules that players must follow to succeed in this challenge. So let’s understand each decade in detail and what it expects from the players. 

Sims 4 Decades 

Here are all the decades that this challenge consists of. 

The 1890s

The 1890s
  • Your sim can only have a relationship with someone of the same ethnicity and of the opposite gender. 
  • There are outside toilets.
  • Characters must only use fireplaces for cooking and candles for lighting instead of electricity.
  • Woohoo interactions are restricted; your character can only “Try for Baby.”
  • Female sims can gain the creative bonus trait only. 
  • Women can’t work and must stay at home. They can earn through gardening, though. 
  • The heir must be male, but if you have girls, then their husbands would become the heirs. 
  • Players can have only wooden furniture. 
  • You can only own bathtubs, not showers. 
  • Earning through gardening, painting, and woodworking is the only option because sims can’t join any career. 
  • You must have wooden floors and walls. Players can also add rugs.
  • For decorations, you can only use impressionist or classical paintings. 
  • You can also include the off grid lot trait.
  • Teenagers can’t “mess around” with someone.
  • Divorce isn’t accepted in this decade unless the spouse cheated on them, such as by flirting with someone else in front of them. 
  • Female kids leave the house after getting married. 
  • Players can’t adopt children. 
  • If the players have enough money, they can open a retail store or restaurant as well.
  • A widowed woman can earn money through freelance Writing, gardening, painting, etc. A divorced woman can join the entertainer (Musical) career. 
  • Except for Cottage Living events, your character can’t go to any other event in the town or festivals. 
  • You can only cure sims through natural remedies.
  • Apart from weddings, you can’t throw any other event. 
  • Your female avatar must give birth at home and only breastfeed them.
  • You can’t hire a nanny, but you can hire a butler or a maid.
  • You can’t add any fitness or wellness equipment to your household.
  • Avatars can go camping, not vacationing, though.
  • Your character and their family can visit Selvadorado for archaeological purposes.
  • If you keep a pet, you can’t take them to the vet or neuter them. There’d be no small pets for you to keep, and pet clothes are also unavailable.
  • You can do laundry using a clothesline or a wash basin.
  • Men are the only ones who can vote on Neighborhood Action Plans.
  • Characters can go skiing but not rock climbing or snowboarding. 
  • In-home hot springs are restricted. 

The 1900s

The 1900s
  • You can now use electricity for light but in lamps only.
  • You can add wallpapers to the house.
  • Players can use photographs as well. 
  • Male sims have a few job opportunities now, including business careers up to level 6, culinary careers till level 5, and all levels of the musician career.
  • You can now remove the off grid lot.
  • Players can now get indoor plumbing in the house, but they still can’t add showers.
  • Avatars can also do upholstery. 
  • Phonograph can also be used for classical, baroque, and lullaby music. However, it requires electricity. 
  • Married female characters still can’t work.
  • Your avatars can now go on vacation.
  • Your character must have a full grown cow plant by the end of this decade. 

The 1910s – World War I and Women Suffrage

The 1910s - World War I and Women Suffrage. 

What were the rules of the 1910s decades challenge? 

  • The male teenagers in your household would have to go to World War I before becoming adults. There’s a fun twist, though. Players must roll a dice, and if it lands on an odd number, their avatar will die, and if it’s an even number, they’ll survive. To do so, go to the website. You can choose the way they die.
  • Until a male avatar becomes an adult, they can’t work. So it’s better to let your male sim live in another household, and they can visit once a week, which would be considered wartime leave. 
  • Players can finally include painted walls and carpets.
  • Even married male characters must go to war, but only if they haven’t reached adulthood.
  • Business, culinary, entertainment, and painting career paths are open to male avatars now.
  • Another requirement is that your war returned male avatar must have one of the following attributes – 
  1. Gloomy
  2. Hot headed
  3. Lazy
  4. Clumsy
  5. Insane
  6. Squeamish
  7. Noncommital
  8. Mean
  • You must feed cow plant cake to your sims at least one time.
  • Before going to war, male characters can “Try for Baby,” and it’s applicable for active and unplayed households. 
  • In case all the male members of the family die during the war, then your eldest daughter’s husband would become the next heir. 
  • If there are no men left in the entire family, then the eldest daughter must remarry, and her new husband would become the heir. However, if he’s also not an adult yet, then he’d have to go to war as well. 
  • Players can now add murphy beds.
  • Teenagers who get a grade below C in high school must be sent to another household.
  • If your character’s studying and service in the war clash, then your avatar must serve in the war for 8 sim days and then return to the university. 
  • Male avatars can only work once they return from war, and those with the Strangerville pack can opt for a Military career while on duty. 
  • Business (Management), Criminal (Boss), Critic (either branch), Culinary (Chef), Doctor, Education (any of the branches), Engineer (Mechanical), Entertainer (Musician), Freelancer (Writer), Gardener (any one branch), Interior Decorator, Law (either branch), Military (Officer), Painter (any branch), Politics (Politician), Scientist, Writing (any of the branches) are all career options available to elder or adult male avatars. 
  • Women can indulge in protests and activism, but they can’t get into the political career.
  • All the characters can get a part time job, except teenagers and elders. Men can be fishermen, lifeguards, or manual laborers, whereas women can become babysitters, lifeguards, or manual laborers.
  • Characters can now play soccer.
  • Portable generators can also be used. 

The 1920s

The 1920s

Players will see more freedom offered to their female avatars because of the awareness about women’s rights by this time.  

  • Female sims have now gained the power to become heirs instead of marrying someone to have a male heir.
  • Female avatars can also become painters or musicians; however, once they give birth, they’d have to quit their job. 
  • Men now have access to mixologist and criminal boss brunch. 
  • There’s no requirement for daughters to have the Creative trait.
  • Every kind of lighting is accessible. 
  • Talk radios have been introduced along with movies, but no tv shows. 
  • Players can now add surrealist paintings to their households.
  • You can also add wind turbines.
  • There are also upright vacuum cleaners for cleaning the house.
  • Male characters have all the job opportunities mentioned in the previous decade, but they won’t have the Scientist career available anymore. 
  • Female characters are allowed to work and earn money if they are divorced, widowed, or their spouse doesn’t earn enough. They can be a Criminal (Boss), Culinary (Chef), Entertainer (Musician), Freelancer (Writer), Gardener (any one branch), Interior Decorator, Painter (either of the branches), Writing (any branch). 
  • Young adults can become Criminal (Boss) as well.
  • Men and women can have the same part time jobs as mentioned in the previous decade, and teens, as well as elders, can’t work in part time jobs. 
  • New holidays have been introduced in this decade; Armistice Day (Fall Monday): No Decorations, Day Off, Traditions – Remembrance, Tell Stories, and Thankful Spirit.
  • Characters can’t drink any alcohol, including beer, nectar, etc. 
  • You can now plan events apart from weddings as well.
  • Women can have a say on NAPs.
  • Rock climbing as an activity is available.

The 1930s – Great Depression hit the world

  • Your avatars no longer have a job, and they must earn money through scavenging, gardening, or fishing for two weeks. After that, they can look for a job. 
  • Sims can no longer join the business career. 
  • Players can’t pay the bills until their electricity is cut off. However, if you want, you can also change this setting and make it so that your avatar can only pay bills after the water cut off as well. This makes things more challenging.
  • All the characters that become an adult in this decade must have one of these traits. 
  1. Gloomy
  2. Noncommital
  3. Mean
  • You don’t need to pay high school fees. 
  • Kegs are now allowed in the university. 
  • Characters can enter the Acting career now because the silent films phase has ended.
  • Part time work for men and women remains the same. Teens and elders can’t work part time. 
  • Every veteran can receive §100 as a pension through the money cheat. 
  • To make things more complicated, you can reduce the household funds by 40% at the beginning of this decade to make it look like you were hit by the stock market crash. 
  • Halloween can now have a mischief tradition. 
  • Characters can drink alcohol as well without any restrictions. 
  • Your avatars can only eat one hot cooked meal per day or eat the things they found while scavenging, fishing, or gardening. 
  • Characters can only create small paintings. 
  • Players can also purchase a camera or tripod for their avatars.
  • They can also keep a small pet, such as a hamster or a rat, except a hedgehog or a bubalus. 

The 1940s – World War II

  • Male teenagers would again have to go to war after eating the cow plant cake. So players must roll a dice again and let that decide if they’ll survive or not. If it’s odd, then they must eat another piece of cake, and if it’s even, they can return home. 
  • Male characters can’t work until they are an adult and also because they are at war. They can choose a Military career while on duty if they have the Strangerville pack.
  • Your character must have one of the traits once they return from war. 
  1. Gloomy
  2. Hot headed
  3. Clumsy
  4. Insane
  5. Lazy
  6. Squeamish
  7. Mean
  8. Noncommital
  • There’d be a radio in every house, and one person should listen to it for an hour every day. 
  • A garden is a must in every house. 
  • Characters can only eat one meal every day, but they can use whatever their garden produces.
  • Female sims can now work as an Athlete (Bodybuilder), Master of the real (Painter), Culinary (Mixologist), Entertainer (Either branch).
  • Before going to war, male avatars can “Try for Baby.” 
  • Characters can be in a relationship or woohoo with someone of another ethnicity or race, but they can’t marry them. 
  • There should be a Victory Garden in every house with a minimum of 4 plants in it. 
  • Players can add a coffee maker in the house, but not the fancy kind, like an espresso machine or one cup brewer, etc. 
  • Athletes and Military career characters can use the fitness equipment, along with the Training Bot.
  • You can have a Sountastic Jukebox now.
  • Sims can play Winter Holiday Music.
  • Players can have Large Commercial Farm Greenhouses.
  • You can also add thermostats.
  • Even if the teenager gets terrible grades, you can’t keep them in another household.
  • Characters can attend university after serving in the Military for 8 sim days. 
  • War veterans can gain half of their tuition for free, but by using the money cheat, you can give your household the funds.
  • Majoring in Culinary Arts or Psychology is possible at the university. 
  • Male characters can enter the following careers: Actor, Athlete (Bodybuilder), Civil Designer (Civic Planner), Criminal (Boss), Critic (either branch), Culinary (either of the branches), Detective, Doctor, Education (any one branch), Engineer (Mechanical), Entertainer (either branch), Freelancer (Fashion Photographer, Writer), Gardener (any branch), Interior Decorator, Law (either of the branches), Military (any one branch), Painter (any branch), Politics (Politician), Scientist, Secret Agent (either branch), Veterinarian, Writing (either of the branches).
  • Young Adult veterans must have served 8 sim days on active duty to join a career.
  • Non-veteran male characters must have a career. 
  • Female sims can either continue their work after marriage or leave it; it’s up to them.
  • Teenagers can now work part time as a Babysitter, Fast Food Employee, Fisherman (males only), Lifeguard, Manual Laborer, and Retail Employee.
  • Players can add holiday decorations.
  • If they fall sick, they can take medicines.
  • Characters can give birth either at home or in the hospital.
  • The veterinary profession is available now, so you can take your pets to the vet if they are sick, need to be neutered, etc.
  • Players can also use dryers and washing machines.
  • The photo studio items are accessible now, except for the electronic backdrop. 

The 1950s – Red Scare and Korean War

  • Young adult sims must go to the Korean War, and the young adult daughter must enroll as a volunteer nurse. The male character can Try for Baby before the service. Both of them must eat the cow plant cake, and their survival is dependent on the dice roll. If it’s an odd number, they must eat another piece of cow plant cake, and an even number means that they can return home. 
  • These avatars can have a career once they return from duty; however, those with the Strangerville pack can join the military career while on duty. 
  • Those returning from war must have one of the following traits – 
  1. Gloomy
  2. Hot-Headed
  3. Clumsy
  4. Insane
  5. Lazy
  6. Mean
  7. Paranoid
  8. Noncommittal
  • Characters can get a divorce for any reason.
  • Sims can now adopt children as well. 
  • Living in apartments is possible.
  • You can finally add a shower in the bathroom.
  • Players can include carpeted, patterned, or brick flooring.
  • Characters can buy any one of the three cheapest TVs available and can watch them from 6 am to 9 pm. You’ll get news and classic channels as well.
  • You can add any painting as decor, even your kids’ drawings. 
  • Players can even add private pools as well.
  • Televisions are available for you, but only the first three cheapest ones. You can watch it from 6 am to 9 pm and enjoy the news and classic channels as well. 
  • You can add any and all paintings in the house, even the ones that your kids drew. 
  • You no longer have to listen to the radio necessarily. 
  • Characters can listen to pop music.
  • Sims can use a listening device if they need to. 
  • Sunscreen, snorkeling, and float loungers are now accessible. 
  • Your character must attend elementary school and high school. 
  • Sims can go to university after they’ve served for 8 sim days in the war.
  • All the male and female avatars can join the following careers. 
  1. Actor
  2. Athlete (either of the branches)
  3. Business (any one branch) – males only
  4. Civil Designer (Civic Planner)
  5. Criminal (Boss)
  6. Critic (any branch)
  7. Culinary (either branch)
  8. Detective – males only
  9. Doctor – males only
  10. Education (either of the branches)
  11. Engineer (Mechanical)
  12. Entertainer (any one branch)
  13. Freelancer (Fashion Photographer, Writer)
  14. Gardener (either branch)
  15. Interior Decorator
  16. Law (any branch)
  17. Military (Officer)
  18. Military (Covert Operator) – males only
  19. Painter (either of the branches)
  20. Politics (Politician) – males only
  21. Scientist – males only
  22. Secret Agent (either branch)
  23. Veterinarian
  24. Writing (any branch)
  • As for part time jobs, characters can try any one of these. 
  1. Babysitter
  2. Diver
  3. Fast Food Employee
  4. Fisherman
  5. Lifeguard
  6. Manual Laborer
  7. Retail Employee
  • When women give birth, they must quit their job until the child becomes a teenager and join it again after that.
  • Using the money cheat, war veterans can get a pension of §250.
  • You must change Armistice Day’s name to Veterans Day. 
  • You can use cell phones for chatting. 
  • There’s no restriction on the number of hot meals you can have.
  • Players can hire a nanny as well.
  • Avatars can use bottled milk for babies because now the formula is available. 
  • There’s no restriction to the size of paintings your character can paint.
  • You can have playground equipment, but not ball pits. 

The 1960s – Civil Rights, Sexual Revolution, and Counterculture

  • The first two children of any gender must enroll in the Vietnam war and roll the dice to determine the outcome, and they must eat the cow plant cake. They can join a career when they return from war, but they can join the Military career when on duty if the players have the Strangerville pack. 
  • When the sims return from war, they must have either of these traits. 
  1. Gloomy
  2. Hot-Headed
  3. Clumsy
  4. Insane
  5. Lazy
  6. Mean
  7. Paranoid
  8. Noncommittal
  • Your character can marry someone of a different race or ethnicity. They can have same sex relationships; however, they can’t get married to them. 
  • Your avatar can now woohoo without the Try for Baby interaction because of birth control. 
  • Teenagers also have the chance to mess around with someone. 
  • Fancy furniture, such as sofas, beds, tables, chairs, etc., are available. 
  • You can have tea brewers in the house.
  • Lava lamps are a thing now.
  • Apart from pop music, spooky and Japanese folk music is also accessible.
  • You’ll now get action and comedy channels on TV as well.
  • Players can add kotatsu tables, space heaters, and in-home hot springs.
  • It’s possible for college students who haven’t dropped out or graduated to not be drafted for the war.
  • Drafted characters can go to university after they’ve served in the war for 8 sim days.
  • All the subjects are available for students to major in.
  • They can even take student loans. 
  • Careers that the sims can take up are – 
  1. Actor
  2. Astronaut (Space Ranger) for males only
  3. Athlete (either branch)
  4. Business (Management)
  5. Business (Investor) for males only
  6. Civil Designer (Civic Planner)
  7. Conservationist (either of the branches)
  8. Criminal (Boss)
  9. Critic (any branch)
  10. Culinary (any one branch)
  11. Detective – males only
  12. Doctor
  13. Education (either branch)
  14. Engineer (Mechanical)
  15. Entertainer (either of the branches)
  16. Freelancer (Fashion Photographer, Programmer, Writer)
  17. Gardener (any branch)
  18. Interior Decorator
  19. Law (any one branch)
  20. Military (Officer)
  21. Military (Covert Operator) for males only
  22. Painter (either branch)
  23. Politics (Charity Organizer)
  24. Politics (Politician) for males only
  25. Scientist for males only
  26. Secret Agent (any branch)
  27. Veterinarian
  28. Writing (any one branch)
  • Part time jobs remain the same as listed in the previous decade.
  • Women now have the option of taking maternity leave from the third trimester and after the baby’s born as well. 
  • Korean war veterans would receive a pension of §250, using the money cheat.
  • Interacting with Dolphins and Study Robotics is possible now. 

The 1970s – Feminism and Environmentalism

  • In the 1960s, the first two young adult children must join the Vietnam war, and if there were no young adult children, or if there was only one, then this requirement must be fulfilled in this decade. The rest of the rules remain the same regarding dice roll, cow plant cake, etc.
  • The character can join a career after they are off duty, and during active duty, they can join the Military career if the players have the Strangerville pack. 
  • Your character must have one of the following traits when they return.
  1. Gloomy
  2. Hot-Headed
  3. Clumsy
  4. Insane
  5. Lazy
  6. Mean
  7. Paranoid
  8. Noncommittal
  • Avatars born in this decade must have at least one of these attributes: Active, Loves Outdoors, or Vegetarian. (environmentalist movement)
  • Marriage is optional because carrying forward the lineage isn’t necessary anymore.
  • You can add the Eco Lot trait to the lot.
  • Players can use solar panels in the house.
  • Dishwashers and microwaves are also available. 
  • You can add plastic furniture.
  • Players can upgrade the following appliances: stoves, fridges, sinks, and showers.
  • DJ equipment and NuDisco music are allowed now.
  • Romance and Civic Public Access channels are available. 
  • College students don’t have to go to war if they haven’t dropped out or graduated yet.
  • If your character does get drafted but wants to attend university, then they must serve for 8 sim days and then join the university.
  • You can juice pong now.
  • The careers that your avatar can indulge in are – 
  1. Actor
  2. Astronaut (Space Ranger) for males only
  3. Athlete (either branch)
  4. Business (Management)
  5. Business (Investor) for males only
  6. Civil Designer (Civic Planner)
  7. Criminal (Boss)
  8. Critic (either of the branches)
  9. Culinary (any one branch)
  10. Detective
  11. Doctor
  12. Education (either of the branches)
  13. Engineer (any branch)
  14. Entertainer (either branch)
  15. Freelancer (all branches)
  16. Gardener (either branch)
  17. Interior Decorator
  18. Law (either branch)
  19. Military (Officer)
  20. Military (Covert Operator) for males only
  21. Painter (either branch)
  22. Politics (Charity Organizer)
  23. Politics (Politician) for males only
  24. Salaryperson (either branch)
  25. Scientist
  26. Secret Agent (either branch)
  27. Veterinarian
  28. Writing (either branch)
  • The part time job options remain the same for all the sims except elders. 
  • Players can now add new holidays, such as Earth Day (Spring Wednesday): No Decorations, No Day Off, Traditions – Appreciate an Object, Festival Lighting, Gardening, Thankful Spirit, and Water Fun.
  • You can indulge in festivals and city events.
  • Characters can play with lottery tickets.
  •  Aqua Zips are permitted.
  • CAS and Build/Buy items include Pride items as well.
  • You can go snowboarding also.
  • Zoomers Food Delivery Service is also accessible.

The 1980s – The Yuppies

  • Now, the characters that are born in this decade must have any of the following traits; Ambitious, Self-Assured, Materialistic, Snob, or Perfectionist.
  • Sims can now play games on computers and can also use gaming consoles with TV. 
  • Now, your character can watch TV from 6 am to 2 am.
  • You can add marble flooring.
  • Along with the Fitness equipment, characters can also watch fitness videos on TV.
  • Players can now play easy listening and backyard music. 
  • Tv channels, such as Politisim and Sports, are included. 
  • Players can also add the off grid lot trait if their characters are environmentally conscious.
  • You can upgrade the bed. 
  • Avatars can even use hot pots.
  • Handheld vacuum cleaners are now accessible. 
  • Part time work for the sims is the same. 
  • You must make one avatar to join the Business career. 
  • Every veteran would gain §250 as pension through the money cheats.
  • You can opt for any of these new holidays to add to the game; Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (Winter Monday): No Decorations, Day Off, Traditions – Remembrance, Tell Stories, Art & Music Spirit.
  • All births must take place in the hospital.
  • Ball pits are now included.
  • Players can own a hedgehog as well, but not a bubalus. 
  • Characters can have a music production table in the household. 

The 1990s – Globalization

  • Players can use computers for socializing and even laptops. Plopsy is also available now.
  • There are no restrictions to the amount of time your avatar watches television.
  • No more restrictions on any appliances, showers, furniture, etc.
  • You can add Conspiracy theorist paraphernalia and decor items. 
  • Sims can listen to Kids Radio, Alternative, World Music, and S-Pop music.
  • You can now watch Kids Network, Cooking Channel, and World Culture Network channel on TV.
  • Here are the careers your character can choose. 
  1. Actor
  2. Astronaut (Space Ranger)
  3. Athlete (either branch)
  4. Business (either branch)
  5. Civil Designer (either branch)
  6. Criminal (either branch)
  7. Critic (either branch)
  8. Culinary (either branch)
  9. Detective
  10. Doctor
  11. Education (either branch)
  12. Engineer (either branch)
  13. Entertainer (either branch)
  14. Freelancer (all branches)
  15. Gardener (either branch)
  16. Interior Decorator
  17. Law (either branch)
  18. Military (Officer)
  19. Military (Covert Operator) – males only
  20. Painter (either branch)
  21. Politics (either branch)
  22. Salaryperson (either branch)
  23. Scientist
  24. Secret Agent (either branch)
  25. Tech Guru (Start-Up Entrepreneur)
  26. Veterinarian
  27. Writing (either branch)
  • There’s a new addition to the part time jobs, and they are as follows –
  1. Babysitter
  2. Barista
  3. Diver
  4. Fast Food Employee
  5. Fisherman
  6. Lifeguard
  7. Manual Laborer
  8. Retail Employee
  • Male sims will get paternity leave now after their child’s birth. 
  • When your youngest character is going to become a young adult or in mid-1998, you must prepare for the Y2K disaster. 
  • The characters must build a temporary shelter with cheap furniture and no computers.
  • The last three days of this decade would be spent in this shelter with no school or work.
  • Female avatars must give birth at the hospital, but if they are in the shelter, then home birth it is. 
  • They can text using cell phones.
  • Kids tablets are available.
  • If the characters have pets, then they can make them wear clothes and other items.
  • Your child can go on playdates.
  • An electronic backdrop is available for use in the photo studios. 

The 2000s – The New Millenium

The 2000s - The New Millenium
  • There aren’t any computer restrictions on your character anymore.
  • No restrictions on build/buy mode. 
  • You can listen to any type of music.
  • Characters would have access to all TV channels. 
  • Here are the careers you can join. 
  1. Actor
  2. Astronaut (Space Ranger)
  3. Athlete (either branch)
  4. Business (either branch)
  5. Civil Designer (either branch)
  6. Criminal (either branch)
  7. Critic (either branch)
  8. Culinary (either branch)
  9. Detective
  10. Doctor
  11. Education (either branch)
  12. Engineer (either branch)
  13. Entertainer (either branch)
  14. Freelancer (all branches)
  15. Gardener (either branch)
  16. Interior Decorator
  17. Law (either branch)
  18. Military (Officer)
  19. Military (Covert Operator) for males only
  20. Painter (either branch)
  21. Politics (either branch)
  22. Salaryperson (either branch)
  23. Scientist
  24. Secret Agent (either branch)
  25. Tech Guru (Start-Up Entrepreneur)
  26. Veterinarian
  27. Writing (Author) – The journalism branch is removed. 
  • Part time job includes – 
  1. Babysitter
  2. Diver
  3. Fast Food Employee
  4. Fisherman
  5. Lifeguard
  6. Manual Laborer
  7. Retail Employee
  • Sims can give birth at home or in the hospital.
  • No restrictions on cell phones.
  • You can buy earbuds now.
  • You can use the Robot vacuum also.
  • Video production table is also accessible.
  • Fabricator is also available to use.


  • Same sex marriages are allowed in this decade. Yay!
  • You can choose any career except the Journalism branch in Writing. 
  • Female sims can’t be a part of the Covert Branch in the Military Career.
  • All part time jobs are allowed.
  • You can have access to drones.
  • Atmospheric Water Generators are available.
  • Players can also have a Meat Wall.

2020s – Bonus

  • Women can now join the Covert branch of the Military career.
  • Your characters must go through one year or more of the pandemic in the game.
  • Your avatar must wear masks whenever they go outside, even when exercising. Players can opt for a CC mask or the ones available in the game, such as helmets.
  • Vacations, dates, or rabbit hole events aren’t allowed during the lockdown. The only time that your character can step outside is if they are in a medical career, or you can go jogging or walk their dog. However, their faces must remain covered.
  • Most of the jobs would switch to work from home; however, if your job doesn’t allow this, then you must quit and look for another job that does offer work from home.
  • There should be no in-person interaction between the sims outside the home, but if your avatar’s in a medical career, they can interact while following social distancing norms. Characters have the option of texting or talking on the phone, though.
  • Sims attending university can continue their education, but they can’t go to classes or lectures. So they’d have to study harder for better grades.
  • Online school is available for grade school or high school characters only. Adult characters must tutor these children, along with toddlers, at home.
  • For toddlers, adults must read a story to them every day and also help them gain skills, such as saying sorry, please, thank you, potty training, etc. 
  • Adults must also help grade school and high school students with homework.
  • Characters can get no medicines if they get sick, and if they live with other people, then they must be isolated in a room until they get better. To offer food to them, you can transfer it between inventories. If there’s no room to keep the sick character, then you must designate a bathroom for them, and only they can use it.
  • During the lockdown, avatars can bake, read, or start any new hobbies. So it’s up to your avatar now to max out any one skill during the lockdown. 
  • Each member of the household must own a computer, laptop, or tablet so that they can work or do homework on it.
  • Disney Amusement Park now has Galaxy’s Edge, and characters can Journey to Batuu.


These were all the Sims 4 decades challenge and the rules that you must follow to complete it successfully. It’s quite an entertaining and engrossing challenge that you must indulge in because it’d enhances the gameplay on a whole other level. It’s these challenges that prevent the game from becoming boring.


How do you do the decades challenge on Sims 4?

To successfully complete the decades challenge, players have to go through the 1890s to 2020, and each decade has a different set of rules. Whenever your character enters a new decade, the family’s first child turns into a young adult.

How long is a decade in Sims 4 decades challenge?

If your character has a normal lifespan, and each sim day is approximately for 6 months, according to that, the year lasts for 2 days. So every 20 days, a decade changes.

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