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Sims 4 Revive Sim | Resurrect Cheat – Guide (2024)

As sims 4 is a reality stimulation game, death seems inevitable in it. Death often comes in many forms in the game, just like they do in real life, and often calls for a need to revive your Sim through various ways to cheat death.

So to keep in line with these wishes comes the resurrect cheat, which can help your Sim beat death with the easiest sims 4 revive sim codes ever! We’ve laid down all the aspects regarding death and resurrection in this guide. Therefore let’s check them out to bring your Sim back to life.

Is There An Actual Sims 4 Resurrect Cheat In The Game?

Sadly, the game’s original creators give no official cheat codes. But with the array of cheats provided by other developers, it has become surprisingly easy to insert commands.

Dealing with death can be frustrating in the game, especially when you don’t have official cheat codes to insert, it’s still reversible due to the many cheats available online.

The only drawback about this procedure is that the cheat codes provided don’t have a clear validity of coming from an official resource.

The creators are mostly unofficial developers in the game, and thus the codes they provide have a casual approach and can risk one to external viruses.

But rarely has there ever been an occurrence of Cheat containing a virus and hampering gameplay experience; it’s safe from that side. So if you’re scouring for an easy way out, then trying out these unofficial cheat codes is not a bad way to reverse death or resurrect your Sim.

But the question remains as to why there is no official death cheat code in the game?

Our best take on it is that the game does not want us to eliminate the process of death in the game. Many simmers theorized on this matter and can give only this reason why there are no cheat codes in the game for cheating death.

Even if the game provided us with an official cheat code regarding that, then the game would lose its whole meaning if one does not live in fear of being approached by death. Simply being able to revive your Sim will not leave them with the purpose of striving in the game with complete competency.

So to engage the thrill of the game with the players with the exciting experience of death, the game turns itself away from any possibility of evading death except for the unofficial resurrect cheat codes.

Sims 4 Revive Sim | Resurrect Cheat
Sims 4 Revive Sim

Is It Conceivable To Bring A Sim Back To Life In The Sims 4?

Though there are no official ways to revive your Sim, there are still a lot of unofficial techniques available in the game that you can apply to bring your Sim back to life.

A lot of simmers might be familiar with the whole procedure and how to use cheat codes in the game, but there are still a lot of beginners who struggle in formulating such techniques.

It might look challenging at first, but when you try to redo the whole thing, again and again, you eventually get a knack for it, and it becomes simply easy for you to revive your Sim.

We will first begin with the easiest techniques you can look forward to in the game and then more complex methods to enable such advanced features. For the first, you might have to hover through the career techniques, the characters’ traits, the products available in the shops, and even some already available skills or attributes in the game.

But if you have already tried those techniques and they haven’t proven sufficient for you, then there is always the option of downloading external resources from the internet and enabling them in your game.

But worry no more as there are many options available on the internet in reviving your Sim, even though the game doesn’t provide any ways to beat death. You can even become a ghost to continue your legacy in the game, or you can turn your life back to the beginning.

Instead of all this, there are many other options and methods to resurrect your Sim. So sit tight as we have mentioned all the ways to cheat death below.

Sims 4 How To Bring A Sim Back To Life?

Not Saving Your Progress

The people who have been dedicated players in the sims community are already familiar with the know-how of having not saved your progress eventually makes your Sim begin your life again from the start.

So this is one of the straightforward and easiest methods in reviving your Sim without any extra hassle. It is one of the most highly appreciated methods that many simmers practice to beat death.

Many beginners have no idea how this process works, so we will try to explain this most readily. Therefore this is one of the straightforward methods because you can reverse time when you exit the game as soon as your Sim dies.

What you can do in this is that when your Sim dies, you can suddenly leave the game and then begin from the earlier checkpoint that you have saved, which brings you back to the beginning of the game. It makes you avoid anything that made your Sim die.

There are a bunch of advantages to this approach.

  • One reason is that: for the first, it is one of the simplest ways that even a beginner or an amateur can practice it in the game;
  • Secondly, it helps you evade everything that might lead to death.

Along with the advantages, many disadvantages come with this process:

  • It does not make you revive your Sim but negates your death.
  • Another big con to it is that you lose all the progress you have made at the current level. Going to the previous checkpoint means losing all the progress and going back to the start to amend your mistakes.
  • If you, by any chance, forget to save the last checkpoint, then your Sim dies at the current level; you lose everything you worked for as no data is kept for you to revive your son.

It’s a very dicey approach to the whole death experience. Despite this, it’s still one of the easiest strategies you can employ in the game.

Book Of Life

Many people are familiar with the tree of life, one of the biggest symbolic of life mentioned in the Genesis story. In the same way, the book of life in the Sim 4 game contains the essence of energy that can bring your ghost Sim back to life.

This actual book can get found in the “writer’s career path” store that your Sim can produce later in their life. This can be one of the most official ways of reviving your Sim back to life. So to execute this in the game, you might have to follow the following procedures.  

  • The foremost thing to remember in this is that you must have at least a level ten in writing skills in the game. To get this score, one has to struggle a lot for a long time. But there are always ways to maximize scores with the cheat codes available online.
  • The second mandatory thing that you should have in the game is that you should be the “bestselling author.” This bestselling author is an aspiration in the game that is only achievable when you complete the four milestones that it provides.
  • Despite this, you must also have the skills for writing, drafting, and publishing books and making them the best sellers in the market.
  • And the last thing to remember is that you have to, in actuality, sit down and write the entire book from your computer.

So this was the entire process of executing the book of life approach. After you complete this procedure, you can bind your Sim to the book of life and eventually summon them from death.

The best thing about this approach is that you can attach it to your writer sim, but it can also get used on any other Sim characters you have in the game. The binding acts as a way of summoning your life back from the dead that helps you revitalize all the techniques in the game.

Another great news about this technique is that there is no limit on how many books of life write right in the game. Somehow this offers you possibilities of reviving your Sim again and again with the help of books you publish under the milestone of “the book of life” aspiration.

It serves as a caution against death that can approach you at any time. The best clarification we can offer regarding this method is that you can even use it on your family to save them from the incoming death.

For example, you can bind your husband to this book for fear of losing them forever. The same can get said of children; they would not die before your eyes in the future.

The book of life is one of the most productive ways of extending life to yourself and the people you love. It’s always better to have the loved one closer to you than to lose them to the death that one always fears.


The ambrosia approach is one of the most reliable methods that have been in the game since its earlier version of Sims 3. The fanatics of this game know that this approach has existed since the previous versions of the game, and they know how hard it is to come by, but it is still one of the most straightforward ways to revive your Sim.

The ambrosia is a flower which if eaten by a Sim, offers them the vitality of bringing them back to life. Though it may sound easy to you that you can beat death just by eating something, it’s not easy to assemble this item as it requires a lot of work to make it.

Some of the major ingredients that get added in making this flower are these:

  • Angelfish
  • Death Flower
  • Potion of Youth


Unlike the death flower angle, fish is impossible to graft. The only way it can get obtained is by seeking them through many hidden places. The willow river, where it gets found abundantly, hides among the many objects or boats surrounding it. All you have to do is keep a keen eye on anything that appears hidden to you.

Death Flower

There are several ways to get these ingredients in the game, and most of them come through the approach of grafting or herbalism. Grafting is an approach in herbalism that allows you to make a hybrid of two unique ingredients into one flower. In creating the death flower, you will need a pomegranate and an orchard as two special items to make the death flower.

Potion of Youth

Potions are magical substance that offers you the vitality of life. Portions are not only limited to giving you eternal life but are also used for several purposes like shapeshifting, becoming invisible, et cetera. It also doesn’t stop at promising you a youthful life.

Therefore one of the simplest ways to revive your Sim or beat death is by buying the portion from the store itself for 1500 coins.

If you find a lot of trouble collecting this much money in the game, you always can use resurrection cheat to get tons of coins. In this process, the most abundantly used Cheat is the bydebug cheat, which maximizes your coins resource.

One thing to note here is that you will need to have your cooking and gourmet skills maxed out in creating the ambrosia. Maxing out needs a lot of time when you are not using any cheats.

So if you want to hurry in the process of achieving immortality, then the best way to do this is by using cheats to give you at least a level of 10 to have the ingredients in hand make the ambrosia.

Another thing to note here is that that if you already possess the “realm of the magic game” pack, then you have the option of cloning the ingredients with the help of a spell caster sim to prepare your essentials.

Wishing Well

The well-wishing pack comes with a statue face that changes its features as you proceed with the game. It can be purchased for 7775 coins in the game and allow you to interact with the statue and the ghosts. Your wishes can have a lot of chances of getting turned into a good prospect of reviving or can even turn into a curse among the various possibilities.

Some of the outcomes of bringing back your Sim from the ghost form are these:

Overwhelmingly Positive

  • Sudden revival
  • Death immunity for twenty-four hours (exception of old age)


  • Ambrosia reception
  • No need for grafting and scouring


  • Ingredients for the Ambrosia


Requests get denied

One receives their coins back

Overwhelming Negative

  • Immunity to Resurrection
  • One can’t revive their Sim for four hours


  • Most cursed
  • It leads to sudden death and resurrection

Wishing well is one of the riskiest approaches to reviving your son. But it still depends on how the player reads the statue’s face to make out the outcome. One of the biggest things one has to master is patience.

The patience comes from reading the statue’s face. If it’s happy, then you should give it a try, but if it’s not pleased or is making a somber expression, then you should probably give up the chances of obtaining the reviving formula.

Remember that despite the statue’s mood, there is always the possibility of receiving a twenty-five percent neutral outcome, seven percent negative, and three percent overwhelmingly negative.

Realm Of Magic Pack

Harry Potter fans will love this realm of the magic pack as it offers us spells to resurrect your Sim. It comes along with many sims 4 resurrection cheat codes to run in the game. Two spells allow your sims to beat death.

  • The first consists of reviving your Sim on the spot,
  • And another consists of copying the ingredients that are news to create ambrosia.

Below we have mentioned the spells that you can insert in the command section of the game. They are:

  • Copypasto – spells.unlock_spell spells_Practical_3_Duplicate
  • Dedeathify – spells.unlock_spell spells_Untamed_4_Resurrec

Using the spell caster is one of the simplest ways of reviving your sin and only needs you to spend a little bit of cash to obtain the pack. Rest assured, its array of possibilities in restoring your Sim also helps even beginners revamp their Sim.

The Move Object Cheat

Coming to the actual cheat codes in the game is the “move objects cheat codes” based upon entering commands that we have written below.

  • Insert SHIFT + CTRL + C and write testingcheats in the console box
  • Add move_object afterward to subject it to anything, even a grim reaper.

The process of resurrection got written below.

  • Stop your gameplay as soon as the grim reaper arrives
  • Select the reaper and then delete him
  • Click the plus icon to resurrect your Sim

This process is the best if you are not considering entering into the hassle of making long progress in unlocking or achieving different milestones in the game. This process is understandable and straightforward as it only expects one to enter the commands that we have stated above.

The MC Command Center

If you’re not interested in the thrill that the game provides and would want to get to the point of bringing back your Sim to life, then the MC command center is filled with cheat codes that allow your Sim to revive on the spot without any additional procedures.

The pack promises you immortality and contains other varied cheat codes ranging from pregnancy to manipulating weather conditions. The method is understandable; all you have to do is enter commands like “sim commands” or “revive sim,” and you’re all set!

The nicest thing about this pack is that it does not have any limitations to it, there are no negative consequences, there are no possibilities, all you have to do is get the pack and insert the command it provides, and your Sim will revive in no time.

How To Revive A Sim In The Sims 4 On Xbox One And PS4?

There is no difference in reviving your Sims in either of the platforms, be it an Xbox, PS4, or a PC. The procedure is the same in regaining consciousness; the codes are the same, and there is no difference in how they get executed.

But the only thing that makes the Xbox and PlayStation different from the PC version is that the former ones don’t have the MC command center option in them, which is pretty sad as it’s one of the best ways to revive their Sim.


As you have seen above, reviving your Sim isn’t an easy task for downloading different packs or employing diverse techniques to run the whole process in the game. But it’s still worth a go when you’re too tired with the repetitive dying of your Sim in the game.

So we hope we were able to offer you the solution for that and that this guide has helped you explore all the possibilities of sims 4 revive Sim in the game. So happy gaming!

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