Sims 4 Death Flower, Cheat

Sims 4 Death Flower, Cheat – (Updated) 2024

The Sims 4 death flower has a myriad of benefits, ranging from pleasing the grim reaper for sparing your life to adding it to ambrosia for bringing a sim back to life. This rare variety would be extremely useful when you’re playing. 

Death flower Sims 4

The requirements for saving a life is that a different sim, apart from the one who’s dying, needs to give the bloom to the grim reaper to save a life. But having a life restoring plant doesn’t make you immortal. If you are old, you might be saved once with the it, but you’d die again in two days. 

Also, just having a life-saving flora in your inventory won’t help you out. Someone needs to offer it to the angel of death. 

Sims 4 death flower cheat

Since this is a unique variety of plant, you won’t find it in a park or anywhere ordinary. Therefore, you can rely on the following tricks to get you out of the pickle.

  • Buy debug ploy – This trick makes all those items like plants and seeds visible in the build catalogue that were otherwise hidden. 
  • Open the cheat console by clicking Ctrl+Shift+C and enter ‘testingcheats true’ to enable all the ploys. 
  • Then type, bb.showhiddenobjects which would eventually unseal the debug options. 
  • Search for ‘death flower’ in search bar or the build menu by the bottom right-hand corner, and it’d become visible.
Sims 4 Death Flower, Cheat - (Updated)
Sims 4 Death Flower

Sims 4 how to make death flower

If you are against using shortcuts, then you always have the option of grafting the blossom on your own. 

  • You should be at level 5 in gardening skill so that you can cut and graft plants together.
  • First of all, graft a lily and snapdragon together, which would produce an orchid. If you have Sims 4: Seasons, you can find lily and snapdragon inside the starter flowers pack, or you can search for them in the Oakenstead building in Willow Creek.   
  • The next step is to graft an apple and a cherry to obtain a pomegranate. You can look for cherry in oasis springs near the children’s equipment, and the apples can be found in Willow Creek. Starter fruit packages also have them. 
  • After procuring the orchids and the pomegranate, graft them with each other and get a death flower Sims 4.
  • You also have the option to purchase it from the Alchemy supplies stall in Magic Realm for $1200 each.  These blooms can also be found in each town in particular seed locations, or there are graveyards wherein they are ready for harvest. If they aren’t harvestable, then you can wait till 5 am the next day and check for it again. 

Sims 3 death flower

In the Sims 3 version, the use of the blossom was quite different in several ways. The bloom could not be used directly or sold for money or duplicated with an Omni plant. Although the angel of death was fond of it which worked in your favour. 

Unlike Sims 4, if a player is dying, due to reasons apart from old-age, then he could offer the herb to the grim reaper by himself and retain his life. But the saved sim would have to rectify the motive which led to their death. You’d be given an empty fun need as well as a ‘stressed out’ moodlet. 

If the death of a sim due to unnatural reasons with unlucky has a life restoring blossom in their inventory, the grim reaper won’t take away their life with a message about how he’s enjoying the sim’s misery. And the flora would remain unused also.


Death flower Sims 3 can be acquired by using the unknown special seed or a life-saving seed using the gardening trait. You can look for the strange, extraordinary seeds near the graveyard such as Pleasant Rest Graveyard in Sunset Valley, Bridgeport Eternal Rest cemetery and Ivy Hill Graveyard in Twinbrook. These seeds return every few days and can grow plasma fruits, money trees, flame fruits life fruits and life renewing plants. 

  • There is a chance to obtain the seed by fishing, but you’d have to be a level 5 angler. 
  • Using the time machine could also get you a seed.
  • They can be found inside the trash cans as well.
  • You can find them while exploring the catacombs.
  • A seed can be acquired during the completion of an opportunity. 
  • An Armored Black Dragon in Dragon Valley can also get you the blossoms.
  • Bloom would be awarded to you with Door of Life and Death premium content by winning a duel against the grim reaper. 

You can harvest these blossoms in a tomb inside the Pyramid of the Sky in Al Simhara, Egypt, but they would not revive after harvest. The Armored Black Dragon will only give you the bloom if you have Dragon Valley and The Duke of Bows Renaissance Faire Venue. 

If a sim is at level 7 in gardening, then he can plant these, but it wouldn’t revive after harvest. Those with the Green Thumb Trait have a 50% chance of restoring it. There is a good chance of saving it after the first harvest, but during the second one, it’d most certainly become barren. It’d be better if a member of the household has this feature of mass producing them for everyone’s benefit. 

Also, being at level 9 in the science skill from University Life could allow you to clone an endless number of life-saving variety using the ZRX-9000 Science Research Station. 

Life insurance

If one of your friends is afraid that his time to die might come sooner than he expected, then you could provide him with a sort of insurance by growing the life-saving blossom and sending it to him as a reassurance. It would profit you as well. 


The Sims 4 death flowers are an essential item that you should have in your inventory. No one wants to die early or ever, so these would give you a chance at life again. Now, to make things more interesting, if you want your sim to turn into a plant, it’s possible with plantsim.

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