Sims 4 Vampire Mod

Sims 4 Vampire Mod | Vampire CC, Blood Mod (Download) 2024

The article below suggests some of the significant vampire mod Sims 4 for you to download and enjoy the game. Also, it tells you about different features and aspirations that are provided to you by these modifications.

Go through the content below to have the best modules of all times. Moreover, live your bloodsucking fantasy to the fullest.

Vampire Mod Sims 4

Today, we will be talking about vampires, who are typically known as bloodsucking creatures and the Vampire mod Sims 4. It can sometimes be fascinating to see these immortal beings using their powers to suck the blood out of a devil or an innocent person, per se.

We should be thanking movies, TV shows, and web series nowadays for making us watch these beautiful and unique beings.

These fellow vampires may not be real, but we would want to become one, any day. Although, we can’t endure the living of an immortal bloodsucking fellow in real life who said we couldn’t, virtually. These vampires have travelled from movies to video games and so, a big thanks to the Vampire mod Sims 4.

The Vampire mod Sims 4 turns your character into an immortal being who survives by sucking other players’ blood. The vampire mod cc made its ways into the Sims’ game world in 2017, and since then there is no looking back. The package adds vampirism, powers, and a brand new residential area to live, formally known as Forgotten Hollow.

The human turned vampire players are supposed to live in that residential lot. Previously there were particular customized ts4 vampire cc but soon after gamers started to demand more. 

So, the article below suggests some of the significant and newly added Sims 4 vampire mods. For example, Sims 4 vampire hunter mod, mega mod, slower thirst decay, and many more. Please read to know more about them and download the mod that suits your character now.     

Sims 4 Vampire Mod | Vampire CC,  Blood Mod (Download)
Sims 4 Vampire Mod

Sims 4 vampire mods 2023

Vampirism is fun and having those powers that can make you a high looking monster then why not! The Sims 4 vampire mods 2023 are going to be some mods that you’ll love for sure. The Vampire mods are as follows: 

The Sun Immunity

There has to be a slight difference between these bloodsuckers from movies and video games. The difference will be this mod, in particular. The Sun Immunity mod can wither them to die in seconds instead of sparkling. But it will surely improve the immune systems of vampires. 

Click Here For Sun Immunity

Free perks

As the name suggests, this module will provide you with free perks for vampires, so you don’t need to buy them now. For example, it will offer your character a tamed thirst, so you don’t have to kill others.

Click Here For Free Perks

Vampire mod no weakness

Why only make the perks free, this module can make your character worry less and have more fun. After all, the life of an immortal can be pretty fun, right?

Click Here For No Weakness

Slower thirst decay

These creatures could become very greedy at times because their hunger decays fast. This modification can make your life easier. You don’t need to hunt for neck sips in the midday, and it will slow their desire decays to half. Although, you can make plasma packs but isn’t it too energy-consuming to find that many frogs.

Click Here For Slower Thirst

Turning into a successful vampire

It becomes hard to convert others into a bloodsucking creature, especially during the day. This module can help you transform anyone into a vampire and make them your blood-bound slave.

Click Here For Successful Vampire

Plasma packs from plasma fruit

Usually plasma packs are made out of processing frogs and fishes into blood bags but why to kill these critters when you can have fruit. This modification allows you to make the pack out of the plasma fruit, which quenches their thirst up to 50% and is undoubtedly better than the previous one. Moreover, this modification can get considered as the Sims 4 leader of vampire mods.

Click Here For Plasma packs

Stop pestering innocents

Vampirism is fun, but it can annoy innocent Sims. They can be very persistent at times for sucking other’s blood by calling them at odd times to shady places. This modification is for other regular players to feel safe as these vampires can’t disturb them anymore.

Click Here For innocents

Harvestable heart trees

This module is one of the cutest Sims 4 vampire mods, where you can plant the harvestable heart trees. These trees got initially produced for the Valentine’s Day purpose, where they grow edible hearts that satisfies the thirst of the immortal beings. They even give moodlets like flirty and happy.

Click Here For Harvestable

The Tweaks

This modification is one of the best vampire mods Sims 4 because, after the few hours of it, you cannot go back to being healthy. The creator has added dark meditation so that the players could regain their energies. Also, the features like “Hardly Hungry” and “Never Weary” can affect these immortal’s lives as they do to normal ones.

Click Here For Tweaks

Sims 4 Vampire cc and more mods

There is a lot to add in the Sims 4 vampire cc, and they are:

Vampire powers

This module can get considered as the Sims 4 immersive vampire mod that can add more vampirism powers, where you can put more energy. For example, you need energy while facilitating mirror reflections, stops hissing, and getting immune to sunlight.

But this modification will fade away after a week of playing. So, you better save it for those days when you need to go out in daylight.

Click Here For Vampire Power

Daylight ring

Also, one of the genuine modules is this daylight ring that protects your Sims from the sunlight and prevents you from dying. 

The Vampirify Spell

This spell can make you learn the vampire magic, which can further turn anyone into a bloodsucker and make you their masters. Also, you can reverse the spell as well by making them the normal humans. 

Click Here For Vampirify Spell

No hissing in CAS

These creatures could irritate you with their hissing, and hence this mod will help you fix it. It can make your Sims stop hissing.

Click Here For No Hissing

Ageing Up

As we all know, these creatures are immortal beings, but sometimes we want to have realistic behaviours with a sparkle of supernaturalism. This module can make your Sims age up usually as humans but will have all the vampire qualities. 

Child vampires

You couldn’t convert your child into a vampire until they’re teenagers. With this modification, you can have your little child vampires to play around.

Click Here For Child vampires:

Bloodborne aspirations

This is the mod you are looking for when you want to learn about the vampires and their history. Also, with this module, you are supposed to complete tasks and activities to know your vampiric caste.

Click Here For Bloodborne

Realistic teeth

Your bloodsuckers will have lifelike creepy teeth just like the real vampires would have.

Click Here For Realistic teeth:

Feed as much you want

Sometimes, you need to look around for different preys to feed yourself and that can be tiresome. So, with this mod, you can feed yourself as much as you want from the same prey you have been biting. This module doesn’t have to do with the victims, but they will feel uncomfortable throughout.

Click Here

Vampire mega mod

This modification is made to use while your bloodsuckers are having a party and invites only 2-3 people. Now, you don’t have preys to feed yourself because they got already bitten. This Vampire mega mod lets you have enough blood to drink and is all that your Sims requires.

These were some of the best vampire mod Sims 4 you must go through and download the new 2023 updates of them. To make things easier for you, learn about the vampire cheats and use shortcuts instead. 

Click Here For Vampire mega mod:

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