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Sims 4 Anime Mods | Anime CC ( Download) 2024

The sims 4 shouldn’t be gloomy and dull, so to add some anime-kick to your simmer’s life; we have curated a list of all possible modifications that you can download and enjoy. And if you are a fan of that beautiful coloured-hair, then we also have loads of sims 4 anime hair modules for you to fulfil your fantasy! 

Sims 4 anime mods

Now, to give your characters that vibrant and trendy look, here is the list of all the hair modifications and cc available for you.

Sims 4 Anime Mods | Anime CC ( Download)
Sims 4 Anime Mods

Eclipse FFXIV Eastern Buns Hair Set

So, this one will excite Final Fantasy XIV fanatics as this new hairstyle mod for TS4 is based on a very similar hairstyle from the Final Fantasy XIV. With 18 new primary colours and all Hat cuts for your male and female characters of all ages, this would surely give you a mesmerizing look.

WMS Ombre hair Re-color Mod

When we talk about the latest trends in fashion, ombre hair colour makes to the top of the list! So, mod creator SaurusSims decided to make an ombreanime hair cc for us to flaunt.

This module can be used for a teen to elder female Sims on the base game without any extension packs, but you must have WMS’s mesh for this one to show up. With 91 swatches available, these are fantastic Ombre options. So, what are you waiting for?

Chii from Chobits Hair Mod

The Chii from Chobits Hair Module by Wiccan is an excellent option for those wanting a stylish, over the top hair-do option.

However, it is a recolor upgrade to Chii’s hair by Karzalee. To make this new hairstyle more realistic, the creator used the colours from the character’s hair on both the manga (platinum) and the anime (blonde).

This outstanding creation will step up your Sim’s look, whether you choose long or normal hair. However, Downloading the mesh is required to enjoy this hair modification.

Multicoloured Braided Ponytail

Who doesn’t love those quirky braids? Keeping that in mind, EmilitaRabbit introduced the Multicolored Braided Ponytail Mod for kids in The EA game. This moduleadds splashes on colours on the mainstream braids with cute and fun colour combinations for the little girls’ hair like cotton Candy (blue and pink), Sunshine (orange and yellow), etc.

Anime Hair Set

Making to this list is another anime mod designed by EmilitaRabbit.Inspired by WWE Superstar Asuka, this unique hairstyle features a multicoloured, split dyed type of bob haircut that suits your fashionable, punk, or tribute Sims. However, this is a new swatch of the GTW shaggy bob and not a singular item. This mod is an incredible choice for teens, adults, and elders.

Long Wavy Over Ombre Re-colored Set

Created by Czarina27, the Long Wavy Over Ombre Re-colored set is a Maxis Recolour of an existing hairstyle in The Sims 4. It’s one of the most popular and chic ombre hairstyle modules in the community with 11k plus downloads! The variety of recolouring suits your teen, adult, and older characters.

BakugouKatsuki Style Set

If you ever need a sim that looked exactly like an anime character then, it seems like creator Sakine heard your cry! You can now have “KatsukiBakugo” from My Hero Academia in your game by using this excellent extension. The set includes the character’s eye colour, hair, and t-shirt.

Hair inspired by Osomatsu

If you ever fell in love with Osomatsu’sanime characters’ hairstyles, then this mod by Kijiko sims is the one that you would absolutely love! With 28 colour options and various short hairstyles, this is absolutely a great pick. But make sure your game is updated or else this cc might not work. Now, to download and know more about it.

Hair Recolors/Hair Dye Accessories Module

This mod by Emile20 beautifully recolours existing hairstyles in The Sims 4, so you’ll have more positive choices for your characters of all ages.

All you have to do is pick your desired hair colour in the regular hair category> accessories, pick a colour (blonde, brown-haired, or even lilac hair highlights!) having 25-75% opacity. However, it does not work on all of the hair, and there can be clipping issues too, but it works fine on custom maxis hairstyle.

More sims 4 anime cc

After giving your sims, a full-blown hair makeover let’s have a look at some incredible eye modifications as well to complete that marvellous anime-look.

Anime-Inspired Eyes Set

Here’s a set of 28 custom-drawn, eyes that work best for anime-inspired looks of your players. However, using it on regular players may not give you the best results. Nonetheless, it’s one of the best cc for anime eyes! For downloading the mod.

Blue Anime Eyes

With 11k downloads at The Sims Resource, this one is another essential eye set for having a stunning pair of blue eyes. The modification was published by _MIEP_. Cc and more information are available.

Anime-inspired plasma eyes in various colours

The next item in the list is a calm and shiny plasma eyes set of different colours, which was designed by extension maker ERLING1974.

RizumuAmamiya Eye Set

Looking at the massive fandom of Pretty Rhythm, mod creator monas, has designed a module inspired by her favourite character RizumuAmamiya. This lovely and kawaii mod works for Sims of all ages except toddlers and offers four different swatches. For downloading the module.

SAO Sinon Anime Eyes

Thanks to NGSIMS for creating this amusing modification with eight vibrant eye colours for all the characters. To check it out the and to download go here

Basic Sharingan Eye Set

This module is for all the Naruto fans out there! Created by Sairen88, this is an excellent addition to your growing list of anime eye mods. Sairen88 created these three drop Sharingan that can be viewed well as you zoom in the live mode. For downloading the module and for more on the mod.

Plasma Eyes Set

For you to have an aesthetic modification, we present to you another brilliant Anime-inspired Plasma Eyes Set, of 20 custom-drawneyes that can be found under the facemask option in CAS. This one’s worth a try! For downloading the mod and for more on the modification.


To turn your sims into stylish anime characters and experience more fun and liveliness in your game, you should definitely turn to these staggering sims 4 anime hair and eyes modifications and make the most of this game! Another such dreamy option is the mermaid cc.

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