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Sims 4 Weight Gain Mod (Updated) -Download (2024)

Food is the getaway to one’s health, and the sims four-game proves this theory without any hassle. If you get riddled with doubts about what to eat, the nutrition content, and the calories a single dish contains, especially for weight monitoring, then this is the perfect guide for you.

In this guide, you’ll come across the weight system aspect of the game through various sims 4 weight gain mod that help you put on a few pounds without much effort. So if you are still curious about what you should do to gain weight, sit tight, as this article delivers that goal completely well.

Our Top Picks For The Weight Mod In The Sims 4 Game

Worried why your Sim is not able to Put on a few pounds or is losing weight at a very high rate? If yes then we’ve got you covered, as below you will get to take a glance at some of the best mods that can help you achieve your goal of attaining a certain weight it that you prefer. But before we proceed to the mods, we have to know the basics of the Sims food culture. So let’s get started.

The Sims Nutrition Basics

Everybody knows that the sims 4 is a real-life simulation game that accurately portrays the factual qualities of life. The same goes with the food culture of this game; the food here shares the same numerals the way it happens in real life.

If you eat more calories than you burn, then you’ll gain weight; if not, then you’ll lose weight. That’s why this is a simple, tangible aspect of keeping a tab on weight and depends on your goal in mind.

What sets the game apart from real life is that you gain one pound of weight for every one fifty calories. The menu starts from the smallest digit of fifty sims 4 calories: salads and other veggies whereas for heavier foods like gourmet, it goes up to eight hundred calories.

It might sound not very easy, but the whole system is quite understandable as it perfectly simulates reality. For example, the burning of calories here follows the exact process that happens in actuality.

Like running, jogging, dancing, or lifting weights that affects your physique and weight. If you target muscle building, then lifts are your go-to option along with a heavier diet, whereas if you prefer to have a slim frame, then counting food calories and consuming low-calorie food is your best option.

Knowing the Basics

The only thing that you mind find complex about this whole thing is its measuring system of dividing the weight structure into three various parts.

  1. Nutrition
  2. Exercise and
  3. Muscle gain

So due to their differing aspects, you have to keep tabs on each category separately. If you want to add more nutritional content to your meals, then head to the nutrition section. In the same way, if your goal is to achieve a certain body frame them the columns of exercise and muscle gain are your options. 

The goal of each exercise is different, like running laps or doing cardio will establish a good weight loss regime in your life. Focusing on muscle workouts will help you get a muscular frame that will lead to muscle loss if left unattended, so consistency is the key.

Balancing Out Your Sims Weight

If you wish to attain an ideal body frame, you have to follow the routine of weight loss and weight gain very carefully. The foremost thing that should get noted is that you have to make a strict schedule and follow that routine according to your needs. And this is pretty important if you want to focus on certain things like being muscular or slender.

So, for example, if you’re going to gain weight, your focus should be on lifting weights, whereas if you want to lose weight, then your focus should be only on doing cardio and high calorie-burning workouts. If you miss out on any session or are not consistent with the schedule, you will probably face the consequences of gaining weight or losing muscle mass.

Are you still confused about the weight system in the Sims world? If yes, don’t worry; we’ve got your back as now we will begin with the central mod for weight gain.

The Sims 4 Weight Mod

Though this version is not the same as the sliding ones, it is much easier to navigate than the other mods. In this one, you get to play along with many different figures and body shapes as per your preference, and you also get to experience the thrill of being in someone else’s body for the same.

Fitness Controls By Roburky

This mod is multipurpose as it helps you achieve all the columns of nutrition, muscle mass, and exercise and is not restricted only towards one goal. It has a variety of changes that helps your Sim to play along with a lot of different mods. So if you want to navigate to the settings, you have to go to the menu to select other options.

  • Monitor the fat levels and muscle mass of your Sim.
  • Halt your weight monitoring options for non-household.
  • Alter your muscle mass and fat threshold.
  • Reduce the complication of being underweight in teens.
  • Lose a lot of weight with the ‘high metabolism’ trait available in the Sims 4-game.

This calories mod is great if you want to avoid the hassle of counting calories all day and going about your life freely without being conscious of your weight or fat levels.

Fitness Controls By Roburky

The Sims 4 Weight Gain Career

It’s a dream of many to eat as much as one desires in life, and with this mod, you will experience the thrill of gaining weight without buying anything.

It also lets you to not spend money on your food as this is a part of your career.

In this version, you get the role of a model where you have to do around three hours of work focused on filming, photoshoot and many other promotional things. This model makes your Sim gain weight in accordance to the amount of food you eat, so let’s check its numerals.

  • Consume X amount of Pizza
  • Consume X amount of Cake

With the specifications, your sim gets to track their calories and reach a certain level that they wish to achieve. If they complete the goal, they rise to the next level, and the tiers keep progressing as long as the Sim keeps hitting the goal. Also, another thing to note is that the whole sliding scale goes according to the numerals of minus hundred value.

Simmers highly recommend that this mod be played along with the fitness control mods as it helps you enrich your gaming experience to a whole new level. Another great aspect of combining the above mod with the other mode is that it lets you maximize your game’s limit and helps them burn or gain weight at a much faster rate.

The Sims 4 Weight Gain Career

Tunning Mod

Customization instantly adds a lot of value to the game. Thanks to the Sims moddler community, we get to experience a personalized view of your Sims with the help of slowing down your weight loss, increasing your weight, or even adding muscle mass to your body according to your preference.

The values range from low to maximum and balanced weight, so you can move the scale according to your preferred weight scale and choose whichever fits you the best.

If you don’t love customizations and prefer to have a balanced weight, this mod’s default option can help you achieve the perfect frame as you won’t need any customizations.

Tunning Mod


Can sims 4 gain weight?

Yes, your Sims can easily gain weight by installing the mods we have stated above. One thing to remember before installing the above weight gain mods is that you have to know the basics of the Sims calorie counting method and then proceed with installing the mods.

How fat can sims get sims 4?

Though there is no restricted scale for gaining weight in the Sims 4-game, you get restrictions on the full sliding scale of minus hundred, which you can easily expand with the fitness mod stated above.


We hope this article was able to help you find a perfect sims 4 weight gain mod that you want your Sim to attain. If you have trouble installing the game or have any other doubts regarding the instructions that come along with it, then you should visit their official website for a more comprehensive view.

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