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Sims 4 LGBT Mod (Download) 2024 (Updated)

The sims games allow you to create your own desired world. It is a life simulation game and gives you the power to control people. The Sims games have always been very LGBTQ+ friendly and keep trying to achieve more. The game has no limits. With the help of various mods, the gaming experience is enhanced and made more life-like.

This brings us to one of the most recent mods available to the gamers. The latest LGBTQ+ Mod enhances your gameplay even more. The [PimpMySims4] LGBT Mod adds many traits to your game and increases the in-depth experience for your sims. This Mod adds various characteristics, events and other holiday traditions. This is one of the most detailed and dense mods.


The LGBTQ+ Mod has many features:

New Traits

After downloading the Mod, various traits get added to your sim. And they will automatically be given the In the Closet trait. The Mod covers many traits and sexualities, keeping in mind the natural world and how diverse it is.

The following are the traits now available to your sim;

  • Ally– This is where you support the LGBTQ+ community regardless of their or your sexual orientation.
  • Gay– This sim is sexually attracted to the sims of the same sex and is more commonly used for males.
  • Lesbienne– This sim is sexually attracted to the sims of the same sex and is more commonly used for females.
  • Asexual– This sim does not show any sexual attraction towards other sims.
  • Pansexual– This sim is attracted to all sorts of sums, regardless of their gender or their sexual identity
  • Transgender– This sim’s identity is different from the one they are attributed to at the time of their birth.
  • Bisexual– This sim is attracted to both genders, be it male or female.

These are the top traits first made available. Over time, the following traits have also been made public.

  • Aromantic
  • Demisexual
  • Gender fluid
  • Non-Binary
  • Drag Queen/ King
  • Questioning
  • LGBT Activist

When you download the file, there is also a homophobic and transphobic trait Mod available. Yet, it is easy to delete it if you do not wish for anyone to be homophobic with your sim. However, if you want your sim to learn about the hardships of life, keep it.

New Traits


Included with the Mod are a set of new interactions that enhance your sim’s experience.

Once you have figured out what traits must be attributed to your sim, you can use the menu by clicking on a sim. This leads to a set of interactions which are possible with other sims. The exchanges make it extremely real. The following interactions are now available to you:

“Get excited about Pride

“Come out as….”

“Ask about pronouns.”

“Ask about sexuality/ Identity.”

“Ask to donate to LGBT Charity.”

These, plus many other interactions, play a massive role in building the relationships of your sim. There are interactions where you can convince your sim friend to come out or speak about LGBT problems.

Depending upon which interaction you choose to have with another sim, you should expect different results.  Some interactions will make them happy, whereas some interactions will make them sad. Let’s say they will either get positive or negative moodlets/buffs in gaming terms.

Moreover, since each trait is unique in its own way, some traits will have exclusive interactions which will appear to you only after a certain period of interaction with the sim or the flow in which the conversation is going to happen

For example, if your sim has a family, you can roleplay an entire series of events. Make your sim ponder over their sexuality and orientation. Ask your family about LGBT communities.

Make your parents homophobic using the gay Mod and see the events. Have a supportive mother. Make your father question himself. Make your sim experience a happy coming out, or give them a sad homophobic one.

Let’s Plan an Event!

Lights! Camera! Confetti! And Dance! Now host events related to the LGBT Community in this Mod. Plan and host events you always wanted to and experience the thrill. The plethora of event choices given in this Mod is fascinating.

Each event is full of color, a stage, band and lights. The Mod allows you to call upon new sims and their identities and sexualities to make the party very fun.

Handle interactions between them and make matches. Call upon drag queens to perform at your party and have a blast.

Some of the events you can host are:

Let's Plan an Event
  • Coming out Party: In this event, your sim can come out to their friends and family in a very festive environment. Upon completing this event, you can even earn money as a reward for completion.
  • LGBT Charity Gala: You can host a gala to help the LGBT charity with the raising of funds. Upon completing this event, you get newer interactions that you can include in your sims life to spice it up.
  • LGBT Protest:  Protest for your sims rights. This event requires your city living to be in order, and you need to ask the other sim if they are willing to take part with you in it via the interactions.
  • Drag Show: Who doesn’t like a drag show?  This is where you can get the Drag Queen/King trait and win money. You have the freedom to run the show in whatever way you see fit.

Enjoy these events! Let loose once in a while.

The LGBT mod gives you extra features such as the LGBT Hotspot, Gay Hotspot and Lesbian  Hotspot. This is like a radar which calls upon all the gays, lesbians or the LGBTQ+ Community to the event. This is only as long as you have given sims the gay or lesbian traits. Expand your dim network and find partners to party with or go to protests with.

Enjoy these events! Let loose once in a while.

Make your Holiday!

The LGBT Mod allows you to make your own pride holiday. This tradition of interacting with other sims will enable you to make this holiday. This is much better than hosting regular events at times as it will become an event that will celebrate you and your gang every year. But still, don’t stop yourself from hosting other events. Let your sim party!

Make your Holiday!

Known Problems

There have been instances where the players or sims have reported problems with some lesbian mods. The players face an LE( Last exception) when their Lesbian sims woohoo. This means that the Mod is interfering with that aspect of the game.

How to Download LGBT MOD

  1. All previous versions of the mod have to be deleted.
  2. Download the mod from the link below. The mod can be downloaded from the link below.
  3. The ZIP folder needs to be moved to your mods.
  4. The files need to be extracted from the ZIP folder using a program such as Winzar or Winzip ( make sure that the .script file is no more than 1 folder deep).
  5. The Zip folder can now be deleted. And if you want, the homophobic trait can also be deleted.
  6. Now, start the game and in your game settings you need to make sure that the mods are enabled and the script mods are also on. If not, make sure you check the boxes and then restart the game.
  7. Simply click on the sim you wish to give a trait to give or remove the LGBT traits.
  8. You can also remove the traits from a sim this way.v In the LGBT Mod menu, it is possible for you to select what traits you wish to give to the sim.
  9. Enjoy the LGBT Mod and explore to the fullest!

The LGBT mod is fascinating and includes the entire LGBTQ+ Community. Sims 4 always tries its best to include everyone and make the simulation as accurate to reality as possible. Although some limitations are always there, when compared to real life, the efforts put into this Mod are proof enough of how hard they are trying.

Use the LGBT Mod to explore scenarios, experience gay traits or live your virtual lesbian life.

Let your sims live their happy uwu sim life.

Live your life the way you want it via your sims!

Happy Simming!

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