Sims 4 Expand Lot Cheat

Sims 4 Expand Lot Cheat (Updated) 2024

If you’re already familiar with the empty world mod in the Sims 4 game, you must have come across the idea of building your house from scratch. In creating a home, you must have encountered the problem of lots in which one gets the specified number of lands in which most of them go unused.

This noticeable problem often calls into attention the wastage of space that one can use to the best of their ability. Utilizing unused lands for building various infrastructure gives the players a lot to experiment with; that’s why many mod developers noticed this problem and thereby decided to provide us with some of the best sims 4 expand lot cheat hacks. So let’s take a look at them.

Knowing the basis of editing and customizing your lot size

Instead of just going into the guide of expanding the lot size, one must know the fundamentals of how to build a lot and ways to edit on what goes over it. That’s why we should first proceed in understanding the ways of making a lot, moving your family into it, and in the end, learning the way to edit it.

How do you edit a lot in Sims 4?

  • Navigate to the Oasis Springs option
  • Tap the option of Sandtrap Flat,
  • Search for choices located in the contextual menu.
  • A shift in a New Family
  • As you have no cash, you must free build your Lot. However, keep in mind that you must maintain some cash resources no matter what, as shifting takes up a lot of money.
  • Tap the three dots for more and change the type of Lot you want.
  • Further proceedings take place in the library section of the game.

Remember: You can’t develop a venue with Sims residing on it. As it would make the area a “Residential Lot.” When you tap “Change Venue Type” on a lot with your Sims living in it, you should first remove them from there. You’ll get equipped to locate them again under the option of “Household Management,” attached below.

As you wait, you’ll encounter a “Check List” page. And this is all you require to create your preferred Lot. The checkmarks imply that you’ve achieved everything you need for that item. You can often go over the lot, and you have to accomplish that prerequisite. 

Where is there a 64×64 lot in Sims 4?

If you possess cats and dogs, you can try to bulldoze the brindelton bay lot to receive Lot in the proportion of 64×64 lot mod. If you don’t own those, then you can’t execute this formula.

What if you wish to create a Lounge rather than a Library? If yes, then merely tap the book symbol, marked in red. You can modify anything you want to change here. If you wish to rename the Lot, tap the text field marked in greenish color. If you’re going to Bulldoze it? Then tap the bulldozer marked in orange color.

Also, in the “Residential Lots” section, you can navigate to the official main page to modify the Bed and Bath digits. You have to do this yourself, so be certain to have it accurate.

The Gallery and Customizing Worlds

It’s one of the best options available online in customizing your world rapidly than ever possible!

The process is the same in all of them, and you can see the Gallery option in the topmost right intersection. It’s accessible for everyone and only needs an internet connection.

The gallery has an amazing set of four various castles. You can also find a dozen of them in this section.

Once you get what you’re searching for, tap the picture, then navigate to the option of “Place Lot” in the lowermost right intersection. And then you are set for the whole game.

Tips on how to change lot size sims 4

Before dwelling further into the guide in changing lot size sims 4, we would first like to inform you that no matter what one decides to do, be it using cheats or experimenting with other game functionalities, all that you do will be fruitless.

All our efforts in expanding the lot size will be in vain because the game got made not to allow anyone to tamper with the lot sizes. So there are no cheats available online or hacks that you can execute to increase lot size a bit more.

So you should be aware of the fact that in this guide, we will not be talking about various cheats or mods that you can install or download because there is no additional help available for the same.

But there are always alternatives to expanding your space a bit. Though you may not increase the Lot’s size, you can always look for ways within the game itself. The first thing that you can do is try to clear up the space in your own house so that you can accommodate a lot more stuff than you ever did before.

Another trick you can try to expand lot size is simply looking for larger lots then settling up with just one small Lot. So these are some foremost steps that you must know before proceeding further into the guide itself.

Can you expand lots in Sims 4?

Though there is no specific way to expand the lots, you can always experiment with tricks with more lots mod within the game itself to manipulate the gameplay and have a bigger lots mod than usual. Below we have stated the steps for the same. So let’s take a look at them.

Use The Gallery

When you use the gallery, you automatically are given a spectrum of choices from which you can choose your preferred lot size. Getting a house from the gallery saves you a lot of space, making Lot bigger than it ever was before.

The gallery provides the same length of lots noticeable in the game and provides users a myriad of choices from what they could choose.

If you are a creative soul and know how to make a lot bigger by allocating stuff appropriately, then this could be your best pick among all the other steps. Remember that the people who often take lots from the gallery are creative people who know their resources and utilize them.

Therefore you must have a very systematic approach to creating a more spacious atmosphere in your already designated Lot. In the end, all you need is just a pinch of creativity with a bit of planning to combat the need for a bigger lot.

Use Free Build Cheat

Although we mentioned before that there are no cheats available to increase the lot size, we didn’t mean that it applies to old buildings and office structures.

That’s why, with this cheat, you can demolish the already built standard colleges, dorms, offices, or any facility that you feel that you can create or rebuild again in a much more space accommodating way.

Though it does not increase the lot sizes, it allows you to construct your buildings or infrastructure in your way.  It even helps you make space-saving structures like cabinets, drawers, and modelers.

The execution of the cheat is the same as the others. There’s no other thought co you might feel it needs. Just like every other cheat, all you have to do is perform the following steps:

  • Insert the command “testingcheats” true
  • Then add the Free Build Cheat command “bb.enablefreebuild” to proceed with the game.

That’s all there is to perform to recreate buildings in your way. So this was the closest cheat we could ever get in expanding the lot size. It’s just a way to make the area look bigger but doesn’t affect the lot size.

How do you get a 50×50 lot in Sims 4?

They can get found in Sylvan Glade at Willow Creek.

Unlock The Hidden Lots

If you are a curious cat and have some idea about the hidden lots, you must have encountered how greatly they can get utilized if discovered and used appropriately. Nobody in the Sims world knew that these isolated lots in the form of caves, wilderness, and abandoned places could have the ability to accommodate infrastructure.

But it’s not easy to locate these hidden lots, and you must be ready to search beyond your map’s destination and be willing to dwell into the deepest desolated areas of the Sims world.

The Hidden Lots in the Game

Base Game

  • Located through the Sylvan Tree in Foundry Cove.
  • Forgotten Grotto in Oasis Springs
  • It can get found in the mine passageway behind Desert Bloom Park.

Outdoor Retreat

  • Hermit’s House in Granite Falls
  • It can get found in a shrub hole in Granite Falls Forest.

Get to Work

  • Sexism in Get to Work
  • It can get found through the Scientist career.

Realm of Magic

  • The Magic Realm in Realm of Magic
  • It can be discovered by journeying through a portal situated in Glimmerbrook.

Snowy Escape

  • Mt. Komorebi Peak in Snowy Escape
  • It can get discovered by finishing a mountain excursion in the Yukimatsu neighborhood.


It’s a pain knowing that there are no authentic tactics, cheats, or functionalities in the game in using the inefficacious lots within the game. Though the whole guide aimed at providing you a complete approach in creating a much spacious atmosphere at your home, it still couldn’t tackle the main issue of expanding lot size.

Nonetheless, there might be some hope in the future that the creators will notice the sims 4 expand lot cheat issue and will probably try to deal with it in some way or another. Until then, we hope this guide could help at least you understand the basic approach towards the issue.

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