Sims 4 Remove Trait & Cheat Trait

Sims 4 Remove Trait & Cheat Trait (Guide) 2024

Personality is one of the most important aspects of a person’s life. Almost every life decision is a product of one’s personality, and it can rewrite and undo your whole destiny if you know what your actions can reap.

So if you’ve dreamed about pulling off a charismatic nature like those infamous celebrities or want to experience some messed-up characters, then we’ve got your back. In this article, you will experience a range of personalities with the Sims 4 remove trait mod. So let’s get started!

Sims 4 Remove Trait & Cheat Trait
sims 4 remove trait

How do you get rid of traits in Sims 4?

Altering your sim’s character isn’t that difficult; on the other hand, it’s much easier than installing other mods and executing them. For adding and removing traits all, you have to do is –

  • Open the console box or console commands.
  • Then tap CTRL + SHIFT + C together to enable the traits

By performing this, you’ll be able to navigate to the given column to execute the trait cheats for remove skills in the game. If you have completed this process, then insert the command “testingcheats true” to enable the cheat codes in the game completely, and then go over the given cheats by making good use of the search box.

Whereas to remove trait sims 4 in the game, only insert the command traits.remove_trait TraitsName, and the results will get displayed soon.

How To Remove Traits Sims 4?

Under, you will encounter the various kinds of traits that you can execute in your game, add, alter, and remove. So for that

  • Type Ctrl + F to locate the type of cheats you are willing to execute.
  • Some of those keywords here are City Living, Get to Work, Jungle Adventure, Parenthood, and Vampires.

Sims 4 Remove Trait Cheat – A Complete Guide Towards Attaining These Reward Traits

  • traits.equip_trait Alluring – Renders your characters a lot more stunning and also gives them vibes of a womanizer.
  • traits.equip_trait AlwaysWelcome – Your characters will never feel homesick while living at someone else’s house due to the absence of penalties.
  • traits.equip_trait AnglersTranquility – A fish hobby where everything that surrounds your character feels tranquil.
  • traits.equip_trait Antiseptic – In this, your character encounters a sudden deterioration of their health due to their unhygienic habits.
  • traits.equip_trait Appraiser – You’ll be competent to give off unique and valuable objects at the museum in exchange for money.
  • traits.equip_trait Beguiling – Enables your character to look extremely flirtations making them famous among the opposite gender. It sure looks like a gift from the goddess of love.
  • traits.equip_trait Business_Savvy – A nerdy person is always successful and achieves in all areas more than their colleagues in the professional setting.
  • traits.equip_trait Carefree – Makes you the coolest individual among your group of your friends.
  • traits.equip_trait Collector – Collector characters are virtually always proficient in their skill of discovering precious objects.
  • traits.equip_trait EternalBond – All sorts of family troubles with your partner go down a lot.
  • traits.equip_trait Connections – You’re constantly more successful in all professions, which is a great trait considering how it makes you rich and cool.
  • traits.equip_trait CreativeVisionary – Sets free the hidden talent in you, thus providing you with outstanding drawing and writing skills.
  • traits.equip_trait CreativelyGifted – Unconditionally, one of the nicest ways of sharpening your character’s creative output.
  • traits.equip_trait Dastardly – Makes your character act calm in stressful moments.
  • traits.equip_trait Dastardly – Makes your character act calm in stressful moments.traits.equip_trait FamilySim – A great one to build some bonding time with your family members.
  • traits.equip_trait Entrepreneurial – Makes you hard working, which enables you to achieve growth in various professional areas.
  • traits.equip_trait EssenceOfFlavor – Gives drastic ability in the production of great food essences and drinks.
  • traits.equip_trait Expressionistic – This provides you an artistic life irrespective of your temperament.
  • traits.equip_trait Fertile – A feature that’s beneficial if you wish to have a lot of kids.
  • traits.equip_trait FreeServices – Enables all single-use or services for no cost.
  • traits.equip_trait FreshChef – A quality that’s helpful while cooking meals as it never goes bland or expired.
  • traits.equip_trait Frugal – It’s beneficial as it conserves your family ordinances, lessening it to the least.
  • traits.equip_trait GreatKisser – You’re not only charming but also give great kisses.
  • traits.equip_trait Gregarious – Extremely intellectual with a sharp tongue and a negotiator, you’re simpler to get along and build a social circle.
  • traits.equip_trait GymRat – Effortlessly creates enjoyment, and you’re never going to lose cleanliness when you’re doing workouts.
  • traits.equip_trait the back – It’s a simple attribute that enables you to Fix and Upgrade stuff immediately.
  • traits.equip_trait HardlyHungry – Expend limited amount gobbling and more time innovating!
  • traits.equip_trait High_Metabolism – A strong physique that constantly remains slim and slender.
  • traits.equip_trait Hilarious – The comedian that everyone adores. You’re the silliest person in your town.
  • traits.equip_trait trait_Independent – Not a social mingler or into family meetings, you always need to recharge your introvert energy.
  • traits.equip_trait Longevity – Good life expectancy, nicer options!
  • traits.equip_trait Marketable – You can constantly trade your self-made commodities.
  • traits.equip_trait Mastermind – Manipulate your enemies and induce personal discomfort by employing this trait.
  • traits.equip_trait Memorable – A trait that’s beneficial in constructing affairs, enabling them to last longer.
  • traits.equip_trait MentallyGifted – Enables your characters to be incredibly efficient psychologically.
  • traits.equip_trait Mentor – Attaining the tenth degree in some abilities enables your feelings to support others to strengthen their capabilities.
  • traits.equip_trait MorningPerson – Additional power gets obtained at dawn.
  • traits.equip_trait Muser – A proficient muse searcher gets bigger ability boosts.
  • traits.equip_trait OneWithNature – You’re a favorite of nature, enabling you to be courageous from flame, and you’ll perpetually be able to demolish one.
  • traits.equip_trait NeverWeary – A special trait that allows you to have limited bedtime.
  • traits.equip_trait trait_NightOwl – The master of the night, and it also enables you to attain surplus ability at nighttime.
  • traits.equip_trait Observant – Gives you strong eyesight and reasoning; you’re competent to understand the peculiarities of other characters just by watching them.
  • traits.equip_trait PerfectHost Score – Upgrades are constantly accessible to anyone with this characteristic.
  • traits.equip_trait PhysicallyGifted – It’s simpler to create physical abilities with this characteristic.
  • traits.equip_trait Piper – This makes you a great singer, as its trait enables you to take hold of ballads that influence other charters.
  • traits.equip_trait trait_Player – Attaining polygamy has never been this simple. Your house of mistress will not get envious of one another.
  • traits.equip_trait EpicPoet – You’re similar to a necromancer, and also a poet means that you can make someone alive from dead.
  • traits.equip_trait PotionMaster – This makes you the master of liquors; your mixed beverages can significantly influence your customers.
  • traits.equip_trait ProfessionalSlacker – You are an expert in getting your work done late. Characters with this quality are bold against receiving no promotion or getting thrown out of the job.
  • traits.equip_trait Chronicler – Your player can generate handbooks from areas they’re good at.
  • traits.equip_trait Quick_Learner – A talented individual in all areas, your characters can build skills faster.
  • traits.equip_trait Savant – Makes you a fast learner. Your player gets rapid memorization skills with this quality.
  • traits.equip_trait Shameless – Characters with this quality have never heeded the term ‘shame’ in their lifetime.
  • traits.equip_trait Invested – This makes you a progressive character. You’ll receive house funds based on straight deposits every week.
  • traits.equip_trait Sincere – Forgiveness and praises have a heightened achievement percentage with this aspect.
  • traits.equip_trait SociallyGifted – You’re don’t have social anxiety, and it sharpens your communication abilities quicker.
  • traits.equip_trait SpeedCleaner – Gives you rapid cleaning skills
  • traits.equip_trait SpeedReader – This provides you with quick reading skills
  • traits.equip_trait SteelBladder – You don’t have to urinate more frequently.
  • traits.equip_trait SuperGreenThumb – Provides you with healthy garden plants.
  • traits.equip_trait ValuedCustomer – Bestows you with a ten percent reimbursement from Build Mode investments.
  • traits.equip_trait Bane – Can destroy practically anything. Threaten an item or any other player, all that depends on you.
  • traits.equip_trait LivingVicariously – You can ultimately practice child labor and make profits from it.
  • traits.equip_trait Webmaster – Makes your player great at technology, enabling them to get the nicest out of their pc.
  • traits.equip_trait top_notch_toddler – Your character’s child is one of the best among his peers.
  • traits.equip_trait happy_toddler – Conceive a child from your players that’s cheerful at least once.

The Sims 4 City Living

  • traits.equip_trait ChopstickSavvy – Characters with this quality are the champions of using chopsticks for any meal that requires them to get used.
  • traits.equip_trait HomeTurf – All your characters living in their province are much cheerful than when they’re alone.
  • traits.equip_trait InTheKnow – Practically, characters with this aspect can bargain rates on market booths.
  • traits.equip_trait SpiceHoundNo – Meals are a lot spicy for your simple tongue.
  • traits.equip_trait trait_hidden_career_critic_thrifty – You always have twenty percent reimbursement on bought Arts, which get assigned on Household Funds.

The Sims 4 Get To Work

  • traits.equip_trait Sickness – You rarely fall ill, and even if you end up getting sick, you will get well soon enough.

The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure

  • traits.equip_trait Trait_Archaeology – The museum feels like your own home. You’re more charismatic with your beloved inside the place, and you also have the talent to get antiques contributed to the area.
  • traits.equip_trait Trait_JungleExplorer– Traits like this will enable you to locate treasures chest more than individuals who don’t have one.

The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat

  • traits.equip_trait GreatStoryteller – Giving attention to your tales isn’t exhausting for other characters.
  • traits.equip_trait IncrediblyFriendly – It’s easier to be friends with you.
  • traits.equip_trait StovesAndGrillsMaster – Grilling is your topmost priority.
  • traits.equip_trait Survivalist – Camping is like having numerous dwellings to you.

The Sims 4 Parenthood

  • traits.equip_trait Argumentative – You’re always hot-headed and argue a bunch.
  • traits.equip_trait BadManners – You don’t care much about manners.
  • traits.equip_trait Compassionate – Characters with this aspect are a bunch more caring.
  • traits.equip_trait EmotionalControl – Feelings have no meaning for your characters. You are manipulative.
  • traits.equip_trait GoodManners – Nice ethical players are always top notch in raising well mannered children
  • traits.equip_trait Irresponsible – Something that a bunch of people has in common.
  • traits.equip_trait LifeSkills_Responsible – This is something that a limited number of characters have.
  • traits.equip_trait LifeSkills_Unfeeling – Emotions are not that meaningful to your player.
  • traits.equip_trait Mediator – You can constantly speak your thoughts out loud with this attribute.
  • traits.equip_trait Uncontrolled – You enable liberty to do its thing.

The Sims 4 Vampires

  • traits.equip_trait RegainedHumanity – These have Nice-natured and safe vampires who are people-friendly.
  • traits.equip_trait TheMaster – Traits that give metaphysical influence and progeny on vampires who always end up succeeding.
  • traits.equip_trait TrueMaster – The supreme most vampire.

Note – Make sure that all the cheats you are willing to execute got laid down in this article. If not, then sadly, running such programs will not be possible. So please take a comprehensive look at them before proceeding further.

Also, remember that you take a good look if these cheats require any extension packs. Some cheats only get enabled when extensions are available for them; for example, you can’t put in or remove reward trait in the Jungle Adventure mod if you don’t possess the DLC extension. Remember that you have those extensions downloaded, or it won’t operate irrespective of how much effort you put into it.


We expect you got a decent idea about sims 4 remove trait and how to remove traits sims 4. The guide we had stated above was a series of extensions with great cheat codes that will provide you the liberty to try out different codes with much-added fun. We hope all goes well when you try to execute them, so happy simming!

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