Sims 4 Potion Of Youth

Sims 4 Potion Of Youth, Cheat | Immortality & Immortal (2024)

None of us wants our sims to die. We wish for them to live a happy eternal life and this is possible through the Sims 4 youth potion. You all can buy this potion with the satisfaction points which would revamp their age. 

How to get age regression potion

To get the potion of youth Sims 4, you need to go to the rewards store and buy it by spending 1500 achievement points. To get rewarded with these, fulfill whims by turning them on in the game’s option or by completing an aspiration.

How to get a sim immortal:

There are two main ways to achieve Sims 4 immortality.

Non-cheating methods –

Age settings – In the gameplay options menu, there are age settings which can be used for all sims, just for the ones in your household or deactivate it completely. If you set the life span for too long, then they would age slowly throughout the game. It is a good thing as well since you get more time to collect satisfaction rewards. 

Potion of youth – Another way is to use the tonic of youth to keep them young. It would offer only one drink and take your character’s current life stage to the starting point. For example, if the sim drinks this tonic while in the adult stage, they will be taken back to the start of that stage. It depends that at which stage you want them to stop growing up. 

The stop aging cheat is another way to go.

Cow plant – You can get an elixir of life for drinking to become youthful, but only if a cow plant kills your player. To get your sim killed, keep a cow plant and starve it. Invite guests to your home or send your character with a cake to put out as a bait for the plant. When you do this twice, they would die and leave the essence behind which you can acquire by milking it. 

Get to work: Scientist and cloning machine – Just like the Sims 4 youth potion, a scientist can create an ‘age away serum’. For using this serum, you need to be at level 10 of your career, and if you are pursuing the Scientist profession, then you make copies of the tonics such as Age Away, Potion of Youth or Ambrosia using the cloning machine. 

Sims 4 Potion Of Youth, Cheat | Immortality $ Immortal
Sims 4 Potion Of Youth

Cheat Methods

  • Free elixir – To get achievement points, use sims.give_satisfaction_points 1500 with testingcheats. Also try out bb.showhiddenobjects to find the tonic without spending money in the buy mode. 
  • Make sim a ghost – Since ghosts are immortal beings, making your character, one would work like a charm. Search for ghost guide for the know-how of making your sim a spirit. 
  • Edit in CAS – By using the cas.fulleditmode cheat after enabling testingcheats, their age would reset, but they’d lose all the reward traits whereas the aspirations remain unaffected. This trick is of no use as you can’t complete the goals again so you’d have to add them back. 

Sims 4 potion of youth

Avert chances of death: 

Even though your sim might not age, they still have the possibility of death looming over them, unless they are a ghost. To prevent this have the death flowers (Graft Orchid with Pomegranate) in your inventory to please the Grim Reaper when he visits after the death of your player. Those who have a high level in mischief can trifle with the end of one of them by saving them, or they can plead for their life. It works in a better if they are confident. 

Sims 4 immortality: Mods –

Eternal and Immortal Buyable Traits: You have the chance to buy these two traits with 6000 and 8000 satisfaction rewards. The eternal feature wouldn’t let the sim age, whereas the immortal quality would stop them from dying. These are permanent attributes. 


You have the option to prolong the sim’s life as many times as you want by buying unlimited Sims 4 potion of youth. Keep winning whims and completing aspirations to have the points to buy the same.

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