Sims 4 Pet Mods

Sims 4 Pet Mods | Small, New Animal mods(Download) 2024

The article below suggests some of the best Sims 4 pets mod that can help you make your pets walk, recolour, breed, and many more. Go through the content below to know more about them. Download them now. 

Sims 4 Pets Mod

Many of you must have pets at home, who are more than animals to you. They are more like a family member, who treats you like an ultimate human being and is there for you all the time. They protect and love you unconditionally more than any other human can do.

They are selfless and only want your attention at times because of the love they deserve and need. So, today’s topic of discussion will be Sims 4 pets mod, where you get to have pets at your home in the game as well.

People who have them know how important they are to you and your family. Also, if the game didn’t have it before, this was utterly disheartening.

Now the game has this new Sims 4 pet cc and mods, which makes it more fun and exciting. You can have your animal mates around you all the time with the modules that are mentioned below. These expansion packs were the face of the game once upon a time, but they got overruled soon.

However, it didn’t rank after a while because there were fewer varieties of pets and the lack of control. Now, without further ado, let’s get started. Also, you must download these latest 2023 updated modifications.

Sims 4 Cats and dogs mods

The following will represent some of the new animals mod for you, which will help you throughout the game with the cats and dogs. Below contains mostly the Sims 4 dog mods. The modules are as follows:

Sims 4 Pet Mods | Small, New Animal mods(Download)
Sims 4 Pet Mods

Kids can walk dogs

People who have dogs at their places would know how kids love to walk their family dogs, and it is pretty standard. But Sims didn’t allow it till now. This module can make your child characters walk their pets at any time. 

Control your pets

As we told you earlier that the Cats and dogs expansion packs were overruled after a while because of the control issues they had with their pets. But not anymore, you can now control them according to your wish.

Real Eyes

The game has these animals with healthy eyes, but they don’t look real. With this modification, you can have realistic eyes instead of the cartoony ones that were predominated in the vanilla game.

Animal Eyes

The most beautiful parts of any animal are their eyes. Their eyes look so intense and dreamy that almost every one of us would look pretty with those on. Hence, this mod can help you have those dreamy and catchy eyes to your characters and make the others go gaga about it.

Three-legged pets

Many of you adopt and don’t shop animals, and hence those have some issues to face like being three-legged pet. So, if you want to create a pet that has only three legs than this mod is for you. Also, it gives an option to make the front or the back leg disappear. Another module that offers you such a feature is adopt a pet.

Sims 4 Vet mods

If you always loved pets and wanted to become a doctor to help them, choose the Sims 4 veterinarian mod now. You can hire whoever you want to and also, run a family vet clinic.

Pet sale price increased

If you always wanted to run a pet selling business, then this modification gets you covered. The game has lower prices for these animals, and however, the market didn’t use to run well.

Now, you got higher rates for them with this module based on their characteristics and size. Add this pet size mod now to your list.

Red pandas

As the name suggests, this modification does add red pandas as pets. This exotic pets mod brings these red pandas that create a homely surrounding with the bear looking faces to their counterparts.

Sims 4 animal mods and their know-how’s

The following would be some more Sims 4 animal mods and small pets mod, where you get to know more about them. They are as follows:

More recolours for cats and dogs

You can now make your cats and dogs look the way you like. This expansion pack can help you recolour your animals with more colour preferences and options. You can also make your pet fur retexture according to you.

Demogorgon cat hat

If you have watched and loved Stranger Things then you might want this module real bad. This hat lets you tell that you are never off guard as these cats might plan to kill all humans. If you know, you know.

Superman and Batman shirts

Superhero fan? Then this modification might interest you because of the shirts that are provided to you for your Cats and Dogs. Superman shirts are for cats, and batman ones are for dogs. 

Anti-fearing mod

Your family animals might be terrified at first of everything around them like microwave and doorbells. With this modification, you can train them for the worse case scenarios, and they will feel more confident.

Anti heat pill

Your dogs and cats tend to have a lot of heat inside their bodies, which makes them feel excited. But if you are tired of raising kittens and puppies, then this module is right for you. This pill can reduce the heat that means they can’t breed anymore.

Let others walk your dogs

If you want to relax for a while and want any other character or your child sim to walk your dogs, then you are all sorted. This module can make that happen, and others can even bathe them. This modification includes a) bath dog; b) long walk; c) medium step; d) short walk; and e) quick walk.

Walk your cat

As you can walk your cat too similarly how you did with the dog. 

Walk multiple pets

You can have multiple pets and can walk them also at the same time.

Pets can have food on any floor

The pets can’t find food bowls if they are kept on a different storey, until now. This service your dog mod can help your pet to have food bowls on any floor, so they don’t struggle with food.

Breeding Success

You can also make your animals pregnant by making them breed with others. With this module, you can have puppies and kittens.

Train your puppies

With this modification, you can train your puppies too.

Now, let us move ahead to Sims 4 animal cc and see what’s there in stock!

The following will be some of the Sims 4 animal cc that includes accessories, body parts, and many more. 

All pets

These were the best Sims 4 pets mod and custom content available. Download them now to enjoy the game with your family animals.   

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