How to Connect a PS3 Controller to PS4 – (step to step guide) 2024

Compared to the PlayStation 3, the PlayStation 4 is a significant improvement. Yet, I haven’t yet gotten prepared to switch. Now, many are wondering, even though they are able to utilize the PS3 Bluetooth remote and controller with their recently acquired PlayStation 4.

Are they dropping out on fresh functions if they don’t have a method to accomplish that? This particular article will address all the common queries of other gamers and many others.

This article will clarify the characteristics customers will miss if they continue with PS3 products and assist you with deciding whether or not you should upgrade your controller. 

Read the complete article to know how to connect PS3 controller to PS4 console?

Can a PS3 controller be used with a PS4?


The answer is no. Although Sony forbids it, there are unauthorized ways of employing a PS3 controller with your brand-new PS4 Console. However, there are actually several drawbacks to employing these approaches. Because outdated technology is less successful, certain games may underperform.

Additionally, the DualShock 4 controller for the PlayStation 4 contains additional features such as a touchpad, Share, as well as Menu buttons. All gamers adore the PS4 controller’s headphone jack. The general design has been enhanced, as well as the controller’s capability has expanded significantly.

Attaching the PS3 controller when you continue to want to utilize it is feasible. In the parts of the following article, we’ll show you exactly how to accomplish it; however, kindly respond to a few more queries as accurately as you can.

Can PS3 Bluetooth remotes be used with a PS4?

Some of you are required to purchase a brand-new remote for the PS4 once you’ve utilized the PS3 remote to browse around applications, including Netflix; Sony hasn’t acknowledged any more hacks for this.

Despite the reality that most individuals are unlikely to consider this function to be particularly useful, they might not be concerned about whether they are not given a remote.

You must purchase each remote separately online if you really like one. You are able to find some affordable choices that will accomplish the goal without costing you a lot of money. Simply search for the best offer for you.

To link a PS3 controller to a PS4, what is required?

As was previously noted, Sony forbids the integration of the PlayStation 3 controller using the latest PlayStation 4. Therefore we need to employ third-party adapters along with additional software to adjust functionality.

Overall Special Controller Converter is the Converter we necessitate because it expands the capabilities provided by your controller to a variety of distinct game consoles. Software needs to be installed for the controller to function properly.

Gam3Gear Brook Super Converter and Cronusmax Plus Cross Cover Gaming Adapter are two reliable choices for controller converter adaptations. The two of these are well-known solutions available in the marketplace, with their respective certain benefits and drawbacks.

Gam3Gear Brook Super Converter is a cost-effective alternative with good functionality, but it requires installing other software. However, the Cronusmax Plus Cross Cover Gaming Adapter operates easily and is compatible with various platforms for playing games.

However, the cost of these functionalities is a little bit higher when compared to PS4 controllers. Players who switch throughout platforms ought to choose one over the other.

Which gaming controllers work best with a PS4?

Considering the information provided above, users should be aware that, despite being aware that we have provided a workaround, PS3 Bluetooth remotes and PS3 controllers remain incompatible with the newly released PS4 Console.

Luckily, additional controllers in the marketplace are simultaneously functional with the PS4 Console and equally effective as the original PS4 controllers.

How Can You Use a PS3 Controller on a PS4?

It’s necessary to have a controller converter ready when you want to make use of a PS3 controller with a PS4 system. Both Gam3Gear Brook Super Converter and Cronusmax Plus Cross Cover Gaming Adapter are excellent options, but in this case, I’m going to employ CronusMax Plus as my example. Let’s get started now and review these particular guidelines.

Part 1: Disconnect the PS4 Controller

Some of you may initially require to disconnect the PS4 controller that currently has a connection before you can connect your PS3 controller to the PS4 system. This is exactly how you’re supposed to approach it.

Step 1: Link the CronusMax Plus adapter to your PS4 Console, then link the PS4 controller with the adapter.

Step 2: Switch on PS4 and go to Settings > Devices > Bluetooth Devices.

Step 3: Select the PS4 controller from the appropriate pane as well as click Forget Device.

Disconnect the PS4 Controller
  • Step 4: In order to verify the action, click OK.

Part 2: Attach the PS3 controller

The time has come to attach the PS3 controller to the PlayStation console shortly after disconnecting the attached PS4 controller. You must download and then set up the Cronus Pro program for your system in order to accomplish this. Then take the actions listed as follows:

Step 1: Launch the software as well as link the CronusMax Plus adapter to your personal computer.

Step 2: Select Tools through the drop-down menu that appears by clicking on the Tools tab.

Attach the PS3 controller

Step 3: Navigate to the particular Device tab in the display box. Select DISABLED within the Rumble Over Bluetooth subsection, choose PS4 underneath the Output Protocol portion, then tick each of the boxes:

  • Activate the device’s slot switch for remote control.
  • Once restarted, the device will automatically recall the previously occupied slot.
  • Inframe Out
  • 1 ms Response
Activate the device's slot

Step 4: Choose the Enable PS4 Partial Crossover Support option through the CMax Plus menu.

Choose the Enable PS4

Step 5: After that, shut off the program as well as unplug the CronusMax Plug adaptor through the PC. The PS3 controller should now be connected to the particular adapter, which should now be plugged into the PlayStation 4 console.

One must make additional adjustments in the application if you’re employing a wireless PS3 controller, specifically as follows:

  • Link the Bluetooth USB adapter that is included to the particular CronusMax Plus input port. The CronusMax Plus has a USB adapter.
  • Return back to the Cronus Pro main screen and select Tools > DS3/SixAxis pairing.
  • Use the attached Bluetooth pairing wizard to connect your wireless PS3 controller with the CronusMax Plus.
  • Unplug the CronusMax Plus from the PC and unplug the PlayStation 3 controller from the CronusMax Plus. After that, link CronusMax Plus to the PS4 system and insert the Bluetooth USB adapter from CronusMax Plus’ input port to link the PS3 controller to your PS4 system.

However, the PS3 controller should have been successfully attached so that you can start using the device to play video games on the PlayStation 4 console whenever the initial LED light attached to the PS3 controller lights up while the display of the CronusMax Plus reads 0.


However, PS3 controllers aren’t technically functional with PS4 consoles; anyone is still able to utilize a PS3 controller through the PS4 Console simply by connecting it using an adapter that’s available to you might purchase on Amazon after implementing the instructions previously mentioned. Additionally, a Bluetooth adaptor can be used for wirelessly linking the PS3 controller.

However, the prevailing advice is usually to upgrade your controller so you can easily take advantage of the latest capabilities.


Does using a PS3 controller on a PS4 have any drawbacks?

Utilizing a PS3 controller with a PS4 has a few drawbacks. To begin with, the PS3 controller lacks a touchpad, which is useful in some games. You also won’t be able to use the PS3 controller for voice chat in multiplayer because it lacks a built-in microphone.

How can you modify the settings on a PS4 so that you can use a PS3 controller?

You must first enter the settings menu in order to utilize a PS3 controller with a PS4. From there, select Manage Bluetooth Devices under Controller Settings. 

Select Register New Device, then press and hold the PS and Share buttons on the controllers simultaneously until the light begins to flash. It will then appear in the list of Bluetooth devices as Connected. Now, you may use your PS3 controller with your PS4 Console.

How to link a PS3 controller to a computer?

You had to launch ScpToolkit Setup.exe in order to connect your PS3 controller. Install DualShock 3 driver is selected, and Install DualShock 4 driver is unchecked. 

Select the DualShock 3 controllers you want to install next.

How do I sync the controller on my PS3?

Link the USB to the PS3 controller, then attach the other end to the PS to sync the controller. As soon as the lights start to flash, press the PS button. Alternately, flip your controller over and place a paperclip in the hole for the reset button; hold for two seconds.

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