Divinity Original Sin 2 Romance Options

Divinity Original Sin 2 Romance Options | Sin 2 Romance, Guide (2024)

Divinity Original Sin 2 romance options are diverse. Your role as a captive Sorcerer, finding his freedom with or without someone’s help brings an exciting element to the game. But it is always fun to have a companion. You can enjoy the diverse skills offered and develop attachment for any hero.

Is there romance in Divinity Original Sin 2

The answer is, yes. Dos2 romance exists, and you have various love interests to choose from. You’d come across many characters who’d catch your fancy and flirtations are a common thing. It is up to you if you want to have an amorous connection with someone or not, but you have the option to do so.

Divinity Original Sin 2 Romance Options | Sin 2 Romance, Guide
Divinity Original Sin 2 Romance Options

Divinity Original Sin 2 romance guide

You can allure any one of the heroes in the game, but we have ranked some of them as the best and worst of the lot.

Sebille romance –

She has a badass attitude because of serving lizards as her master, but she was used as a puppet to kill her own kind. She freed herself of this entrapment but is being driven by revenge. You couldn’t ask for a better companion than her even though she’s a vagabond. Her strong skill sets and truthful nature would be all you need in your journey.

How to romance Sebille

Your priority is to find Sebille’s master. For this, you need to let her kill Stingtail in Fort Joy, which would be the beginning of her journey. The Roost would inform you that the master is on the Nameless Isle.

Her quest comes to an end when you kill another lord that tormented her, the ‘Shadow Prince.’ At last, you have to rescue the elves by demolishing the Mother Tree and setting Sebille free forever.

Ifan – Ben Mezd romance

He is a former fighter turned mercenary. He works for ‘Lone Wolves,’ a group of mercenaries. While serving ‘Lucian the Divine,’ he was commanded to use the weapon Deathfog leading to many deaths.

Now he is determined to take revenge against Lucian’s son. Being a wanderer, he can call out a wolf to help in the fight. Your actions would determine whether he’d love you or despise you.

Ways to attract him

The first step is to speak with Zaleskar outside Fort Joy.  Ifan will talk to Gareth in the Sanctuary of Amadia who would let him interact with Bishop Alexander.

To know about the whereabouts of Alexander, meet Roost at Reaper’s Coast. The quest would end once Ifan kills Alexander, but if you turn Lucian divine again, he’d detest you.


She is a singer and artist but with a dark past. Lohse is governed by a demon that comes and goes at will, which is why most of her time revolves around figuring out who is the demon.

She tries hard not to lose hope so it’d be beneficial to encourage her from time to time. She possesses powerful spells being an enchantress and she’d always be your companion wherever you go.

Lohse romance guide

While meeting with Saheila, the demon would appear leading to a battle. Ensure that Saheila doesn’t get hurt during this clash. Drain Lohse’s vitality enough to not kill her but to set off the next episode.

Your next task would be to visit Fort Joy wherein a prisoner would advise you to pursue Jahan, a character from the Original Sin game. You’d be led to the Bloodmoon Island where you’d come to know the devil’s identity and the final battle would ensue in Arx where he’d disguise himself as a doctor.


He is a fierce barbarian class fighter who’s a rebel and declared a war against the Dwarf Queen. But he failed and was exiled as a wanderer.

Beast wants a second chance at a fight. He is an excellent narrator and would have some interesting to say every time. But if he accompanies you at the end, he’d only be suitable for a tale narration, and he also doesn’t mind going on his own path.

How to charm him

He can be found either in Fort Joy or on the Western side of the Island. If he’s present in your party, when you visit the fort’s arena, you will receive a key to the Fort Joy’s prison.

When you travel to Lohar in the undertavern at Driftwood, make sure he accompanies you. The quest would be completed when you help Queen Justinia in Arx. Remember his priorities and make a wise decision at the end.



He is a special one since he can acquire anyone’s face around him or keep it hidden at times. He has got bad fame of being impulsive and insensitive, but it isn’t true.

His goal is to explore the history of Rivellon and come to terms with the world. He isn’t an ideal choice as he’d choose to go on his own way despite your intimate relations, as he’s a wizard.

Requirements to charm him

You have to travel through a hidden path north of Fort Joy to find Fane. Kill Kniles the Flenser inside the Fort and take the Face Ripper.  You’d encounter Windego while leaving. Kill her as well and obtain the shape-shifter mask of Fane.

Keep him with you when visiting the Blackpits and do not use healing potions or spells on him as it might harm him and turn him bitter towards you.

In the Crypt of Lucian in Arx, a colleague of Fane’s would convince him to convert into Divine to re-establish his species, but you persuade him otherwise.

Red prince

He belongs to the royal blood of Lizards. He was exiled before he could sit on the throne, but he is determined to win back his position.

He is associated with the fighter class and can dig without a shovel. But he is already committed to someone else; therefore there is no chance of a loving relationship with him. He’d consider you his slave.

How to allure him

Interact with Stingtail and with Bahara after that in Amadia’s sanctuary. As you leave Fort Joy to travel to Driftwood, meet the Dreamer’s ghost at Stonegarden Graveyard.

The Red Princess and Prince would mate near her camp after which she’d vanish. You must rescue her by slipping into the consulate. Only a Swombreaker can free her after which the Red Prince would give birth to a dragon.


He plays a cameo role in the game. He is a group leader and fighter, and you might develop feelings for him since he is an emotional man who stands with what’s right and truthful. His strong personality and beliefs make him a passionate man, but he is off-limits as he can’t be charmed.

Sin 2 malady romance

She is a charming and sweet talker and would be by your side the entire time, but you can’t be your love interest. She would help you the whole time and won’t get annoyed as well. She’d gift you a Morrigan from Dragon Age, once she feels comfortable around you. It isn’t easy to not fall for her.


We can’t consider him a romantic interest, per se as he is a dog. But who doesn’t love a furry friend who would trust you and wouldn’t complain throughout their journey? But he can’t provide you company the whole time and has to be left behind.


She is a loving character who develops an attraction towards you immediately or vice versa. She promises of a later encounter wherein you’d run away and marry, but it isn’t possible as you can’t have an intimate relationship with her.

The Narrator

He charms us with his honey-like British voice. Reciting lore and stories to us and even makes terrible things seem sweet. You can’t resist but fall in love with him and trust him. Unfortunately, it would remain one-sided.


Divinity Original Sin 2 romance options have been provided to you along with their rankings. But the heart works in mysterious ways so, you can’t always control who you fall for. At least you’d know what to expect.

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