Sims 4 Change Career Outfit

Sims 4 Change Career Outfit, Clothes, Work Outfit (Latest) 2024

Are you tired of watching your character wear the same dress every day? The base game uniforms are given in an unplanned manner. Therefore they might even look weird on your sim. But the Sims 4 change work outfit can help you out in this case.

Sims 4 edit career outfit

There are a few things you need to keep in mind for the Sims 4 change career outfit mod.

  • If you turn off the career filter, the sim’s current occupation clothes might not be shown in the list of items. Therefore, if you edit work outfit Sims 4 then you wouldn’t be able to go back to the default costume using this technique if it’s not available.
  • You might find work attire due to CAS in the closet, but your sim doesn’t use it yet because they haven’t moved further in their job to wear that uniform.
  • If you are unable to view a sim, the job ID won’t work. It could also happen if they are in the same household. It is not tested, though.

Sims 4 how to change work outfit

You can install a mod to alter the clothes, but if you are not willing to do so, there is another way. Create an ensemble that you want your sim to wear to work. Once you reach the workplace, remove the attire, and wear the desired one. But it’d be best to remember this every time they go to their jobs. 

Sims 4 edit work outfit: Modify career outfit

Instead of cheats, you can also use the ‘Plan Career Outfit’ interaction, available for all the packs. A CAS would open up wherein you can switch your clothes. After doing so, save the adjustments, and the next time, your character would go to their job in a different uniform. 

Sims 4 Change Career Outfit, Clothes, Work Outfit (Latest)
Sims 4 Change Career Outfit

Sims 4 career outfit cheat

Another way to change work clothes Sims 4 is by using cheat commands. 

  • Select the sim of whom you want to modify the attire and then use Ctrl+Shift+C to open the cheat console. 
  • Write – sims.modify_career_outfit_in_cas and press enter.
  • It would lead you to the CAS with the present uniform of your sim. Make sure not to restyle from the ‘casual’ unit while you are in CAS. 
  • Alter the clothes according to your preference and then click on the check mark on the lower-right. 

Sims 4 change work clothes

The Sims 4 change career outfit gives you a chance to modify the same boring costume in a hassle-free way. All those stuck with this issue can now feel relieved because these cheats would come in handy. However, if you’re still not satisfied, then go for style influencer instead.

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