Sims 4 Style Influencer

Sims 4 Style Influencer | Fashion Career,Stylist career (2024)

The Sims 4 style influencer profession is a hectic task to keep up with, but it also gives you some alone time to lay back as your sim goes to work. Most of the work can be done from home at the right amount of income.

Sims 4 fashion career

To choose a branch, you need to be at level 5 of the Sims 4 style influencer career. But your daily tasks would be to discuss fashion with your fellow mates. It is present in the friendly interactions and to fully complete it; you’d need to do it with more than one sim.

Impression moodlet can also be received, and by putting them on the ‘Trending Style Board,’ your character will get inspired. Also, at level 4 you’d be able to write articles related to fashion which would enhance your performance.

Sims 4 Style Influencer | Fashion Career
Sims 4 Style Influencer

The various job ranks you can hold are –

DesignationRag reviewer
Hourly pay§19/hour
ScheduleM, T, W, T, F (9 to 5)
Daily pay§152
Advancement tasksDiscuss outfits or fashion
Promotion rewardsNone
DesignationConsignment commentator
Hourly salary§30/hour
ScheduleM, T, W, T, F  (9 to 5)
Daily pay§240
Advancement tasksDiscuss fashion, achieve level 2 writing skill
Promotion rewards§370, Barely Better Digital Camera
Job titleWearable wordsmith
Hourly remuneration§38/hour
TimetableM, T, W, T, F (10 to 6)
Development tasksAnalyse style, reach grade 2 charisma and grade 3 writing
Development rewards§465, digital sketchpad
LabelEnsemble author
Hourly wage§48/hour
TimetableM, T, W, T, F (10 to 6)
Furtherance tasksExamine style, achieve stage 2 photography and stage 4 writing
Furtherance rewards§582, all in one powerful pc
LabelCulture columnist
Hourly wage§77/hour
TimetableM, T, W, T, F (10 to 6)
Daily pay§616
Promotion tasksExamine outfits, reach stage 3 painting, charisma and stage 5 writing
Promotion rewards§676, Willowdale high boy dresser

Sims 4 fashion career : Trendsetter branch

In the Sims 4 trendsetter branch, you’d need to focus on various tasks such as charisma, writing, painting and photography. All you have to do is collect impressions. To do so, search for art on your computer, see the artwork on your phone or talk about trends in fashion with others.

When you receive an impression, pin it on the Style Board and collect another to fulfil your daily job.

Job titlePosh profiler
Wage per hour§93/hour
CalendarT, W, T, F, S (11 to 6)
Boosting  tasksSims 4 gather impression, attain grade 6 writing, grade 5 charisma, grade 4 painting and stage 3 photography
Boosting rewards§901
JobFashion figure
Pay per hour§225/hour
CalendarT, W, T, F, S (11 to 6)
Support tasksCollect impressions, attain position 7 writing, position 6 charisma and position 5 painting
Support rewards§1,210, new ability – make trends, OTP split mirror
DesignationBest self helper
Hourly payment§319/hour
ScheduleT, W, T, F, S (11 to 6)
Advancement tasksReceive moodlet, secure degree 8 writing, degree 7 charisma and degree 6 painting
Promotion rewards§1,788, new ability – give makeovers
JobIt Sim
Pay per hour§401/hour
Calendar T, W, T, F, S (12 to 6)
Furthering tasksGet moodlets, secure stratum 9 writing, stratum 8 charisma and stratum 7 painting
Promotion rewards§2,467
Job nameIron o’class
Hourly income§451/hour
TimetableT, W, T, F, S (12 to 6)
Daily income§2,706
Recommended tasksReceive moodlets, attain stage 9 charisma, grade 8 painting and stage 4 photography
Rewards offered§3,100

Stylist branch:

It is somewhat similar to the trendsetter branch as you need to gain skills in all spheres, but you can do this by updating your social media status on their phones.

Job nameDedicated dresser
Income per hour§110/hour
TimingsT, W, T, F, S (11 to 6)
Total pay§770
 TasksRefresh status, reach stage 6 writing, 4 in painting, 5 in charisma and 3 in photography
Rewards§921, new feature – make over sims and OTP split mirror
JobTextile tactician
Pay per hour§242/hour
TimingsT,W, T, F, S (11 to 6)
Total salary§1,694
TasksRefresh status, degree 7 writing,  6 in charisma and 5 in painting
DesignationWardrobe wiz
Hourly remuneration§341/hour
TimingsT, W, T, F, S (11 to 6)
DutiesUpdate status, degree 6 painting, 7 in charisma and 8 in writing
Profits§1,999, crystal clear digital camera
LabelMake over miracle worker
Hourly wage§418/hour
ScheduleT, W, T, F, S (12 to 6)
  Duties  Reform status, stage 9 writing, 8 in charisma and stage 7 painting
Job titlePersonal re-imager
Hourly wage§500/hour
ScheduleT, W, T, F, S (12 to 6)
Daily pay§3000
Promotion tasksUpdate status, grade 9 charisma, grade 8 painting and 4 in photography
Promotion rewards§3,720, new trait – make trends

Sims 4 stylist career

You can give a makeover to other sims you deem ugly when you reach level 6 of the stylist career. The option is provided in friendly interactions.

Sims 4 fashion career update

As you progress in this profession, new features would be available to you. One such example is,

Sims 4 ps4 how to create a trend

Achieving level 10 in the stylist sphere or level 7 in the trendsetter field would allow you to create a statement. These trends are for both the genders, and you would come across others wearing your creation. You can create 5 feminine and masculine patterns each.

Career cheats:

To increase your rank in the world of fashion,

  • Press Ctrl+Shift+C
  • Type ‘testingcheats true’ and hit enter.
  • Input, careers.promote styleinfluencer.


The Sims 4 style influencer is a fun addition to the game and opens up new opportunities for you. You can aim for any particular rank and work hard to reach there. Since you’d be a style influencer with this, you might want to change career outfit as well.

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