How To Fix White Light On PS4?

How To Fix White Light On PS4? (Repair Solution) – 2024

Did the PlayStation 4 switch on and display a white light without any data on that TV? This “white light of death,” or WLOD, is all this occurrence.

Unfortunately, the harsh reality would be that the PS4 probably needs repair because it has become defective. This may be rectified, which is wonderful news. Let us start by glancing at How to fix white light on PS4? 

A White Light on a PS4: Is It Normal?

White Light on a PS4

The PS4’s display of white light will determine how this is going to appear. White light isn’t necessarily harmful. Simply stated, a solid white light on the PS4 means that the system has been turned on.

Even just a flashing white light may appear harmless, despite being a considerably greater hazardous indicator. The method for turning on the console includes a white light that blinks, eventually turning steady blue.

Afterward, there’s no reason to be alarmed whether this white light starts flashing when you switch off the console. In simple words, this constitutes a step within the shutdown procedure.

Whenever the white light flashes continuously or blinks and changes to blue, it indicates an issue. That’s the PS4’s approach of alerting users to something like a computer glitch, which means you ought to investigate the issue to identify its main cause.

PS4 White Light Troubleshooting

PS4 White Light Troubleshooting

The HDMI cable can be moved around and sometimes simply removed as well as reinserted into the PS4 for the initial step. Whenever the TV displays “No Signal,” it essentially means that it’s not receiving the notification from the PS4 console via the HDMI wire.

You are trying to establish a certain connection by once again shifting the wire around or withdrawing as well as reinserting it. The poor connections can occasionally be brought on by the wire being shifted or struck.

Users should also verify that they’re connected to the TV. It’s conceivable that the TV’s cable connection is problematic. Simply give it a little wiggle or attempt withdrawing and replugging it through the TV connector.

At this point, you must also check the TV’s HDMI port with a torch to make sure everything is in working order. You’ll need to ensure that the tiny copper pins are already in position and that the port appears to be functioning normally.

Users also should consider that item as a possible cause of something like the issue if the HDMI cable connects to anything other than the console as well as the TV. Connecting your PS4 HDMI cord directly to the TV is a fantastic way of testing it. If it continues to not function, you can be sure that now the signal isn’t being interfered with by that specific device.

There’s another option that could assist regardless of what others do (although not likely). It is indeed conceivable that now the HDMI cable you’re using has a problem. However infrequent, it is still conceivable.

Therefore you may choose to pick a different cable within the home which you’re certain is in excellent condition instead of buying a brand-new HDMI cable. You might also attempt to use the cable on a different gadget to see if it functions there if you haven’t got a spare cord.

What is the Cause of PS4 White Light

Though it’s connected to the blue light that blinks, a flickering white light is frequently an indication that there is a less significant issue. If anyone notices blue lights, check out the dedicated troubleshooter to fix significant PS4 and PS5 difficulties.

These specifically suggest problems also with HDMI port, HDMI cable, or TV connection. In other terms, this indicates that the PS4 and TV are not properly connected.

Users may not receive a connection on the TV as a consequence. As an option, users might see pixelated, glitchy, or “No Signal” messages on your display.

Here is a list that follows consists of potential problems you could be facing:

1. Malfunctioning HDMI port

Malfunctioning HDMI port

These port pins are particularly vulnerable to breaking as well as bending since they rest on a flimsy plastic foundation. The HDMI cable did not connect throughout this situation.

If the internal copper pins are physically damaged, one may determine an HDMI port isn’t functioning (pushed out, crooked, unattached, bent, etc.).

Almost always, the port’s metal casing is also twisted or fragile. The HDMI cable can’t even fit inside the socket as a consequence.

The port needs to be completely replaced to address these problems. Fortunately, both PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro feature significantly improved borts, although they may sometimes exhibit the very same faults.

2. PS4 motherboard ic chip

PS4 motherboard ic chip

The motherboard has an IC chip that analyzes the HDMI signal.

Throughout time, it may burn out, in which case a white light would blink to alert your PS4’s body. There isn’t a definitive way to determine this, yet if the ports as well as connection are ok, you may wish to submit the PS4 to an expert.

3. Energy surge

Energy surge

Your problem could also be caused by a power surge. This could particularly harm the electronic connections that transmit the AV signal.

Electrical surges, for instance, could be brought on by electrical or lighting storms. The power failure potentially damages the PS4 by passing through to the TV as well as HDMI.

For instance, it might burn the IC chip, interfere with both connections, wreak havoc on the resistors and diodes, or result in an irregular power fault.

4. Rust, grime, and dust

Rust, grime, and dust

A much less major issue seems to be the gathering of dirt as well as rust here on PS4’s port. You may take care of this by getting it clean with just an air blower and just a microfiber wipe.

Nevertheless, the PS4’s inside also becomes covered in dirt. The HDMI transmission can potentially be blocked by particles of dust within the device’s circuits.

If you do not possess the necessary knowledge and equipment, experts frequently advise against removing the PS4 for tasks like replacing the CMOS batteries just on the motherboard.

So, one may wish to bring the consoles to something like a professional for an effective cleaning procedure.

5. Faulty motherboards

Faulty motherboards

The problem may be caused by a motherboard error.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a method to pinpoint the issue from the current place because it is so widespread. An expert could determine this by examining the PS4’s parts with such a different setup.

6. Driver bugs for controllers

Driver bugs for controllers

Although it’s uncommon, buggy controller drivers may occasionally become the source of both the PS4’s white light flickering.

It’s not necessary to upgrade the controller’s firmware. Unfortunately, it is susceptible to bugs, necessitating a device reset.

In essence, faulty drivers prevent your controller from establishing a connection with the system. In response, it leads the PS4 to believe the motherboard is defective. The system just didn’t record the peripherals correctly.

7. Outmoded firmware and software

The firmware for the console may be out-of-date. Although it’s uncommon, it could lead to unforeseen errors and breakdowns.

When the internet access is unreliable or even the PS4 is unable to connect to the web, these might be the underlying causes. In the event this is the situation, the console might not have received an automated upgrade from the server.

How To Fix White Light On PS4?

How To Fix White Light On PS4?

1. Verify your TV’s HDMI connection.

Examine all visual output ports of the PS4 as well as TV as well as the quality of the connection as soon as possible because a loosened HDMI cable could be the primary cause of both the PS4 light of death mistake. This is the process:

  • Remove your HDMI cord from the TV as well as console games.
  • After that, check whether or not the ports are clear, as well as look for breakage or even other damages in the wiring.
  • Check the console as well as TV ports carefully. Make absolutely sure things also are spotless.
  • Check your problem after reconnecting the cords.

2. Examine Hardware Problems

One should investigate potential hardware issues that could have caused the issue. And even so, you must exercise caution to prevent accidentally detaching parts from the console from causing additional harm. Everything you should be doing is:

  • Check the exterior of the console first for just any obvious blemishes or indications of a malfunction.
  • Take into account using a T-13 screwdriver to unscrew the top tray so you can look inside.
  • Inspect the hard drive as well as other hardware pieces in their appropriate slots. A T-13 screwdriver is also necessary for this.

3. Upgrade the controller driver software.

This PS4 white light of death problem could be brought on by software and firmware. Thus, upgrading your drivers may be the solution to the issue. How and where to upgrade the driver is as follows:

  • To use a USB A cable to link the PS4 controller to the desktop, start your run dialogue box by pressing your Win + R keys. As in the run dialogue box, type devmgmt. msc and press Enter.
  • Next, inside the Device Manager, right-click the gaming system and choose Remove. As well, select the choice to delete that device’s driver program, then click Uninstall.
  • Visit the manufacturer’s website to find the most recent drivers after reconnecting the device to your PC.

4. Restart the PS4 controller.

To resolve the white light of death problem, you could also attempt to factory reset your PS4 controller. Do the following things:

  • Switch off your PS4.
  • Afterward when a little button appears on the controller’s back. Hairpin the key as well as keep it in place for 5 seconds.
  • Remove it, reattach your USB cable, then turn the PS4 on.
  • Click the PS button one last time to sync this with the console.

5. Restart the Console 

One might possibly be able to fix the white light of death problem by restarting your device. Take the following steps to achieve all these:

  • To start, depress the power switch on the PS4 and switch it off. Don’t disconnect the electrical supply or unplug the cables.
  • Unplug all connections together when the console turns off now and allow it around 30 seconds to relax.
  • Once you have each of the cables reconnected, as well as the power is turned on, the system will function continuously.

6. Go to Safe Mode

Finally, one might consider starting the PS4 through safe mode. Execute the following steps:

One may completely reset the console by starting it in standby mode. The PS4’s data will be completely deleted as just a result.

  • Switch off PS4 first.
  • Till you get a second beep, continuously hold down the Power button.
  • When your PS4 controller is linked via USB, continue to hold down the PS key.
  • Now, the PS4 is in safe mode. This is where one could restore the PS4 to its factory settings.

Bring the PS4 to something like a professional when none of the previously mentioned fixes worked. Before doing so, though, users may wish to back up every piece of information on the PS4 in the instance the expert decides to perform a factory reset.


Restarting the system might seem like the easiest fix again for the white light problem, yet it cannot guarantee that the PS4 will work properly once it has rebooted. If all of the proposed repairs helped you, users can bring the consoles to a specialist to determine whether or not they could make the necessary repairs.

The majority of professionals are equipped with state-of-the-art tools as well as troubleshooting software to identify the PS4’s problem swiftly. Although if the gadget isn’t repaired, one may relax knowing that the valuable information is secure using recovery software.


Is the PS4 simple to fix?

Although Sony requests that owners refrain from opening their systems, the PlayStation 4 is easy to disassemble, reassemble, and repair. As a final resort, you ought to take your console to a professional. Within a few days, an expert will fix your smartphone and revive it.

Is the white light on my PS4 the result of a corrupt hard drive?

It is less likely that a PS4’s hard disc would malfunction and cause white light to appear.

Would all of my games be lost if I changed my hard drive?

Before changing the hard drive, you must recover and extract all data, then move your game files to the new drive.

What does the PS4’s solid white light signify?

Your PS4’s solid white light just signifies that the device is turned on. Even a sign with a blinking white light, which is significantly more harmful, can appear harmless. The process for turning on the console includes a flickering white light that then turns solid blue.

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