Why Is PS4 Controller Blinking Orange Light?

PS4 Controller Flashing Orange? Here’s What It Means and How to Fix It (2024)

Console gaming is now even more fascinating due to the various colors that glow on the PS4 DS4 controllers! Although it’s vital to comprehend that each PS4 controller light color has a specific function, the orange light on the controller may be slightly annoying.

What makes the PS4 controller’s orange lights turn on?

In certain circumstances, malfunctioning hardware or firmware is to blame for the orange light on it. Another potential reason is an issue only with the controller’s connectivity to the console. Moreover, it has an orange flashing light during rest mode.

Is the orange or yellow light of the controller blinking or flashing? What does this mean? This might not be easy to cope with due to the flashes in a variety of colors.

Users may have noticed an orange light mostly on the controller flickering or flashing whenever the PS4 is already in standby mode.

Also, it’s possible to have a connection issue between your PS4 system and your controller. This seems to be unworthy of bother. Let us examine what every color means and the solution to the issue.

When you continue to read, we’ll explain the reason for PS4 Controller Blinking Orange Light, and how to cure them.

What Does the PS4 Controller Blinking Orange Light Mean?

The PS4 orange/yellow light would indicate one among two issues based upon whether it’s unblinking or blinking. The controller has already been turned off because of charging and is currently not being completely charged. This indication is solid and, therefore, not flickering, meaning that the PS4 seems to be in standby mode.

If the orange light on the PS4 controller blinks or flashes, it is merely connected to power. Once the charging procedure has finished, it’s supposed to switch off.

In some circumstances, the orange light upon that typically does not indicate a malfunction or an issue. It’s simply a typical sign, so you must not be concerned.

What Does the PS4 Controller Blinking Orange Light Mean?

How does a PS4 Controller Function?

While using a PS4, the Dualshock controller will act as the primary gameplay controller. It’s a wireless controller and links to the consoles through Bluetooth.

The controller has a tiny USB port, an extension port, as well as a headphone port. It includes distinctive twin shocks as well as vibration functions like the eighth-generation controllers Sony has launched.

Although there are numerous keys on the PS4 controller, they may be broken down into action, movement, choices, and PS buttons.

One may turn off the PS4 and enter the home screen with the PS button. Movement keys are the keys on the joysticks, whereas action buttons are utilized in video games and allow players to select options.

In addition, the PS4 has a touchpad that, according to what game you’re playing, may be employed in various ways. You may connect browsers, YouTube, and other programs using the controller as a remote extender.

You must link a USB console with such a newer PS4 controller if you already have one. You may attach a controller by automatically switching on the PS button after it has been matched as well as linked.

The controller contains many next-gen gaming features and is significantly more sophisticated than Sony’s earlier controller releases.

What Do the Several Light Colors Mean on Your PS4?

What Do the Several Light Colors Mean on Your PS4?

Several individuals are aware of the meanings of the white or blue lights that flash on the PS4 controller, despite the fact that most individuals are familiar with them. Sometimes, depending on which game you’re enjoying as well as the PS4’s function, one might see colors like orange or green.

Regardless of what you’re doing with your PS4 console, various colors offer varying meanings. It becomes a little complicated because certain colors may vary based on your ranks in a specific match, while others could signal console faults. 

Whenever playing multiplayer games, the controller on various controllers may change. Moreover, a unique hue will indeed be given to any other gamer. These options for changes in color throughout a game seem to be unlimited, and the console’s color may react to in-game activities.

Understanding its various colors can assist you in recognizing any issues using the console. You’ll become accustomed to the numerous color changes and gain a greater awareness of what these correlate to if you are playing certain games frequently.

How to fix the PS4 controller blinking orange light?

Users shouldn’t be overly perplexed if the orange light on the PS4 controller is flickering and it seems difficult to solve. We think you could be interested in looking into several approaches to solving the problem. Just before trying any of the techniques listed below, make sure to determine the exact reason;

Method 1: Link your controller to a different device

We should check the controllers on a different device, including a computer or perhaps another PS4 system if anyone experiences the “orange light PS4 controller” problem. Through this process, one can determine whether the controllers are to blame for the problem.

If the problem goes away on a different gadget, the PS4 console is the source of trouble. If somehow the problem goes away on the Computer yet persists on that other PS4 machine, it really is possible that it isn’t compatible with the system’s settings.

The standard DualShock 4 controller must be used in such a situation. Sadly, one needs to contact your controller’s repair shop if the problem affects multiple gadgets.

Method 2: Substitute your DualShock 4 cable

Occasionally, the “PS4 controller orange light” problem may manifest itself when the DualShock 4 cord sustains breakage. Throughout this situation, users must switch out the cord for a fresh DualShock 4 wire or even an android charging wire.

If the lights on the controller change to blue once you plug inside the replacement USB cable, your problem has already been fixed, and the device may now function correctly.

Method 3: Continually click the PS button

Users might additionally be able to turn off the orange light mostly on the PS4 controller by simply hitting the PS key. Please adhere to the directions provided.

  • Step 1: Totally shut down your PS4 system.
  • Step 2: Use a charging wire to attach to the gaming system.
  • Step 3. Try to start the console.
  • Step 4: Press and retain the Power button to restart, turning off the console after seeing “Hold the PS key to activate the controller” just on display.
  • Step 5: After restarting the console and observing the identical error notice as in Step 4, disconnect the wire off the controller’s micro USB connector.
  • Step 6: Hold off for a few seconds. After that, reconnect your cord and keep pressing your PS button.

The controller might flicker blue light just after the procedure and afterward stay reliably blue light.

Method 4: Re-sync your PS4 controller

Users might be able to fix this “orange light PS4 controller” problem just by re-syncing the controller.

  • Step 1: Attach a different PS4 controller that really can function effectively to the PS4 system. Now switch the console on.
  • Step 2: Choose Bluetooth Devices under Settings > Devices. All of your console’s linked devices will be shown.
  • Step 3: For approximately five seconds, hold down both PS as well as Share buttons just on the faulty controller. Afterward when, the controller will show up on display, indicating that the sync was completed.

Re-syncing the PS4 controller might resolve the problem. You have to seek the subsequent solution if the problem doesn’t disappear.

Method 5: Reset the controller

The “PS4 controller orange light” problem typically arises as a result of faulty firmware. In this situation, you might attempt to reboot your PS4 controller and fix the issue.

  • Step 1: Remove the console from the controller, then switch that off.
  • Step 2: Insert a small object, like a pin, into the slot just on the back of the PS4 controller and press its toey.
  • Step 3: Press the key for three to five seconds. Finally, use a USB cable to link the controller to the console, and afterward, hit the PS key.

This issue has been resolved if somehow the light is turned blue. And even though, if the light is still orange, you must continue in a different way.

Method 6: Replace your PS4 controller’s battery

The controller batteries will likely have aged if you’ve owned the PS4 for an extended period of time and might not even operate correctly. As just a consequence, it’s possible that the “PS4 controller orange light” problem may arise. Hence, throughout this case, one might consider switching the old battery with just a fresh one just to fix what’s wrong.

You must keep trying various approaches if this approach does not work to address the problem.

Method 7: Reinstall the PS4 Database

Oftentimes, corrupt data on the PS4 console may constitute the root of the “PS4 controller orange light” problem. One must attempt to reload the PS4 databases to fix the problem.

  • Step 1: To switch off the console, hit as well as retain the Power button for approximately 3 seconds.
  • Step 2: Once fully shutting down the system, click and press the Power button once more until a second sound is audible.
  • Step 3: Plug in the controller using a USB connection, and afterward, power on the system in Recovery Mode by pressing the PS button.
  • Step 4: While entering Recovery Mode, Step 5: Select Restore Databases

The procedure is likely to take users many hours to finish it. Throughout this procedure, do not really shut down the PS4 system, or new errors may likely appear.

Once the database has been properly rebuilt, verify for signs that the PS4 controller’s orange light has been fixed.

Method 8: Set Up Your PS4

Initializing the PS4 is indeed the final thing that one may attempt to help & resolve the “PS4 controller orange light” problem. One must save up all game information prior to the procedure since the entire contents of the console would be erased.

The information may be restored to PS Plus’s online backup. From the console, navigate to Settings > Application Data Management > Stored Data in System Storage > Upload to Online Storage. Visitors are then able to select which documents to publish.

How to Properly Care for Your PS4 Controllers 

The controller will last longer, along with a lower chance of breaking down when you treat it right. Never wait until the controller is completely dead prior to charging it; however, recharge it as soon as the power reaches less than 25%.

Users won’t really have to change the batteries as frequently if they charge the controller regularly.

Furthermore, keep the PS4 controller away from harsh surfaces to prevent internal parts from being harmed. Secondly, pay close attention to the controller’s motions and colors. Find your issue or call PlayStation Support if the controller suddenly displays a red or orange light.

Your PS4 Controllers Need Cleansing

The controller might appear neat from the outside, but it likely contains dust in difficult areas. Maintaining your controller on such a routine basis helps stop dust accumulation and safeguard this from harm.

Wipe off your controller with a gentle, damp cloth. Don’t forget to check the space underneath the controller as well as the analog stick. For your controller, stay away from using harsh cleansers as well. Use isopropyl alcohol to assist you in removing dirt unless you’re having trouble.


When the controller suddenly began blinking an orange/yellow or another kind of indicator, it’s fairly obvious as well as reasonable to be concerned. It is indeed important to realize this because various colors correspond to various PS4 or controller conditions.

We’ve attempted to compile a variety of responses to the essential problem throughout this article, as well as we believe you’ll find them useful.


What Does the PS4 Controller’s Orange Light Mean?

The Dual Shock controller’s orange light indicates that the controller is in rest mode because otherwise, it won’t connect to your system.

How should a PS4 controller look while it is charging?

Your controller should display amber and white colors while it is charging, answer. After the device is fully charged, the light bar goes off entirely.

Can I unplug my PS4 when the orange light is blinking?

If you unplug the PS4 while it is blinking orange, your data may become corrupted or lost. Avoiding this could prevent system damage from occurring.

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