How to Fix a PS4 that Won't read Discs

How to Fix a PS4 that Won’t read Discs (Solution) 2024

Although the PS5 is Sony’s brand-new platform, most of us are simply delightedly using our PS4s. Until the device is unable to read the CDs, that is. Whenever the $60 game is just put inside the disc drive and won’t start on the PS4, it’s annoying rather than upsetting. 

Even though you can acquire and play online games online on the PlayStation 4, it’s likely that, somehow, a sizable amount of the game and film library remains stored on discs.

You can discover that the PS4 disc reader isn’t working correctly if it stops accepting new discs, reading discs, or ejecting current discs. This article will help you to know why PS4 won’t read discs.

Causes why a PS4 may not read discs

Why PS4 Won't Read Discs

Physical hardware, with an all-device firmware, or broken discs can all contribute to something like a PlayStation 4’s disc handling problems. There could be a defect or malfunction inside the software that prohibits the device from recognizing, scanning, or ejecting discs, a malfunction with both the disc drive mechanism physically, a malfunction with the disc sensors or the eject key, or indeed any combo of such issues.

One should first identify the precise situation in order to determine why the PS4 is experiencing disc handling problems.

1. Simple console error

Certain PS4 systems could cease to be capable of reading discs as a result of sporadic issues. Such issues typically appear after a console has been operating for a while.

Rebooting the PS4 is what you’re able to determine if this is, in fact, a temporary issue. Suppose the panel resumes regular functionality afterward when you realize that the problem is not severe.

2. Disc drive issue

If a disc is unclean or has flaws, your PS4’s optical drive could have difficulty scanning and retrieving the data from all of this. Ensure that the disc you are attempting to play remains scratch-free and spotless. 

While little blemishes are typically acceptable, significant, profound scratches and splits may indicate that the disc is now defective. The optical drive won’t be capable of obtaining the data it requires to engage in gaming or perform its duty throughout this circumstance.

3. Software error

An unidentified software problem has caused certain PS4 disc recognition troubles. This can occasionally occur following a software patch or a software upgrade.

Make careful always to install software patches as they become accessible, as obsolete software systems could potentially become a contributing factor in particular issues.

4. Need adequate hardware

The disc drive may fail when a PS4 is subjected to conditions like temperature, wetness, or physical violence. The console’s optical drive can be impacted when it’s unintentionally dumped or exhibits mechanical damage.

If the PS4 continues evacuating discs or won’t eliminate a disc trapped within, it indicates a different problem that needs to be fixed.

When Won’t a PS4 Accept, Read, or Eject a Disc, How to Repair It?

PS4 wont Accept, Read, or Eject a Disc

Use these troubleshooting steps to fix disc management problems with the PS4 if something refuses to accept, read, or eject a game or movie disc.

1. Turn off your PS4 now

Could such a procedure go wrong? Sure. And even though it is indeed crucial to start with both the most straightforward alternative while moving towards more difficult choices. Additionally, the PS4’s “rest” function makes it simple, just not completely, to shut down the device. The PlayStation is not a breach of the rule that almost all technology occasionally has to be rebooted.

If you have not turned off the PS4 since 2013, you are able to do so by repeatedly pressing and holding the device’s power switch while selecting Power > Turn Off PS4. The PS4 can be completely turned off just by pressing and holding its power switch for 3 seconds.

2. Tap the PS4 device

Based on anecdotal evidence, tapping the PS4 is indeed a genuine fix for such a situation. First, you must enter the disc into PS4 in order to operate, and then when the disc is just being first scanned, press just on the console just above the disc drive.

Although many individuals on just this Reddit thread believe that this tactic succeeds for many, there is disagreement over how the PS4 should be held during tapping. Many claim that the PS4 must be level to function, whereas others assert that it must be erect.

Do not lose heart when it fails to work immediately; attempt all directions for yourselves. Eject your disc as well as try once more if everything occurs. Prior to the PS4 ultimately reading the disc, many people claimed this could require as many as ten tries.

3. Restore the database on the PS4

Restore the database on the PS4

The PS4 makes use of a rotating hard drive to keep the whole of your files unless it’s equipped with an SSD. Whenever the computer stores documents on the hard disk drive, it typically fills any free capacity without consideration for where the information is stored. 

But since software must devote additional resources to searching the entirety of the drive for similar files, randomized storing throughout time may hinder system memory. Future disc reading may potentially be impacted by this hard drive problem.

Restoring the databases becomes necessary in this situation. Whenever the PS4’s database is rebuilt, every single one of the current files is arranged logically. Because they’re currently kept in the very same location, the computer no longer needs to search everywhere for various linked documents.

In some kind of sense, this resembles assassinating birds, including one stone since it might be helpful to restore the database, although if your PS4 is really not experiencing difficulties recognizing discs.

Users have to start their PS4 in safe mode so as to reload the database. Beginning by turning off the PS4, then just be certain you are using a wired controller instead of a wireless one. Press the power switch on PS4 until you hear the two beeps.

The usually typical sound heard while turning over the machine is going to be the initial beep; the subsequent one should sound after roughly seven seconds.

Use the power button on the console when prompted. One can choose from a variety of options found below. Keep choosing “Rebuild Database,” then relax and allow the procedure to be completed. You’ll be required to be persistent because it could require somewhere between three and twenty hours to complete everything.

4. Reset the PS4 to its default settings

Factory resets constitute the final resort software fix as well as the sole viable choice for any software-related issue. Trying to erase all that and reinstalling a fresh software update should solve any OS-related issues that are preventing your PS4 from recognizing discs.

Go to Settings > Initialization > Initialize PS4 to begin. To completely clean your PS4, one may restart in standby mode and select “Reinstall System Software.”

5. Fix the disc drive on the PS4

Check the disc drive on the PS4 for any abnormalities. Manually examine the disc drive on your PS4 by taking off the top panel. You might discover these trapped from the inside of the disc drive whether any strange things were permitted into the disc space.

Stickers, tape, and some other objects that are affixed to video game and movie discs may additionally become adhered in the drive, therefore, stopping this from functioning properly.

Eliminate anything foreign objects you discover inside the disc drive with care. Use precaution and refrain from contacting whatever component you may.

If you can, avoid damaging the sensitive components of something like the drive by removing anything foreign bodies using forceps or perhaps another similar device.

What Should You Do If Your PS4 Still Refuses to Accept, Read, or Eject Discs?

Following completing every one of the repair methods, if the console’s disc management issues persist, you probably have a hardware issue that is best left to the experts.

You’ll undoubtedly need to repair or replace the disc drive; however, seeking to carry out the task yourself may prove to really be expensive if the incorrect parts are repaired or replaced. Contact Sony customer support for more information and assistance.


How can you tell when your PS4 is dying?

It is a warning sign that your PS4 is failing if you frequently crash while playing your game or see strange graphical artifacts.

How long is the hard drive life of a PS4?

Hard drives typically endure between three and five years, though they frequently last longer. The hard drive in your PS4 shouldn’t fail until it is mistreated.

How can I tell if the disc in my PS4 is damaged?

In doing so, check for scratches. There’s a considerable likelihood the disc is unreadable if there are scratches (either significant or numerous, numerous, numerous minor ones), in which case you’ll need to buy a new one.

On a PS4, how can I force a disc?

Placing your console on a spotless, level surface is the next step. Flip the console over and flip the PlayStation logo to the opposite side. To release the disc, insert a screwdriver into the manual eject hole located directly above the PS4 logo and turn anticlockwise.

Is it difficult to change the PS4 disc drive?

It’s a rather simple swap. All that is required is the removal of the drives’ metal shields and the three ribbon wires connecting the daughter boards to the mechanical portion of the optical drive. Just transfer the board to the new drive and confirm that all three ribbon cables are connected.

What discs can the PS4 read?

Before you can play any BDs or DVDs, your PS4TM system must first enable the disc playback feature over the Internet once. Your PS4TM system won’t need to be connected to the Internet in order to play BDs or DVDs once this option is enabled. Hybrid discs can be used.

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