How To Fix PS4 Unrecognized Disc Error

How To Fix PS4 Unrecognized Disc Error (Troubleshooting Guide) – 2024

Some of the best-selling video game systems of any era, the PS4, have sold millions of units worldwide. Following the introduction of the PS5, the system is still well-liked by consumers and programmers. 

Has anyone ever tried to operate the disc on their Sony PlayStation 4, but the device failed to recognize it?

Being faced with this mistake when you’re looking to make the most of your leisure time enjoying a game is annoying.

Unrecognized PS4 Disc errors can happen for a variety of causes.

This scenario could arise if the disc is scratched or unclean as a result of a system update, game upgrade, console glitch, scratched or dirty disc drive, or despite the fact that the system firmware is out-of-date. 

This article will tell you how to fix PS4 unrecognized disc error.

How to fix the PS4 Unrecognized Disc Error?

How To Fix PS4 Unrecognized Disc Error

What exactly ought to be accomplished to get this fixed problem is the query that now arises. Similar to the previous reasons, this issue can be fixed by a number of different methods.

Each approach is dependent on the cause of the problem.

Relax; in this article, we’ll walk you through every conceivable debugging method that you might take to resolve the PS4 unrecognized Disc problem. 

1. Clean the disc as well as the disc drive

Clean the disc as well as the disc drive

Cleaning the optical drive and the disc drive is the initial action you can do. Usually, unclean discs and filthy disc drives are among the more frequent causes of this type of issue.

Some of you are able to drive after cleaning your disc’s surfaces with a new microfiber cloth.

Whenever the disc has been thoroughly and completely cleaned out, then may attempt to operate it a second time with your PS4 to see whether the problem persists. 

2. Restart the console that you are using

Restart the console that you are using

Restarting the game console may help with fixing the problem if it is caused by an unimportant problem. In order to do so, stick to the instructions below:

  • Switch off the game console first. 
  • Remove the console’s power cord at this point. 
  • Additionally, unplug each connection that is attached to your console. 
  • After a little interval, move on to the following procedure. 
  • Attach all the cords to their respective console while plugging the console through a power source. 
  • Start using the console, as well as see if the issue you’re experiencing continues to be persistent. 

3. Update System Software

Update System Software

Users might also have this type of issue whenever their computer’s firmware has to be upgraded. To resolve this particular issue, users can upgrade the system firmware.

The instructions that are next ought to be followed in order to upgrade the system software:

  • In the beginning, switch off the game console. 
  • Immediately after you hear two beeping sounds, hold the power button of the game console for a short time before releasing it. 
  • Click the PS button on the controller for the PS4 after connecting the device to the system. Your PS4 will enter safe mode after doing this. 
  • Update System Software can be chosen from a collection of alternatives.
  • Right now, you have two choices:

      Upgrade Utilizing USB: The latest version will be downloaded utilizing the USB disc in this instance.

      Use an internet connection to update—This will initiate the installation of the latest version.

  • Choose one of these two alternatives based on how you like to update the system software. 
  • Reboot the PlayStation 4 when the system software has been upgraded. The following is supposed to fix the problem. 

4. Transform the Disc

Some of you may get this issue if the disc that you are attempting to operate with the PS4 contains a format for files that is unsuitable for the system you’re using to play games.

For example, if you’re having trouble accessing a Blu-ray or DVD file on the PlayStation 4, you may try converting it into a 1080p file first.

The PS4 is supposed to be able to play the disc without any difficulties. 

5. Rebuild the database

Rebuilding your database is the subsequent phase in the procedure for solving problems that an individual may undertake. This is unlikely to resolve the PS4 Unrecognised Disc Error, yet you won’t lose your information.

In order to accomplish this, follow the directions that are provided below:

  • In order to turn off the game console, hit the Power button. 
  • When you sound the second beep, push as well as press the power key on the game console for a brief moment before letting go.
  • Push the PS button when the controller is connected to the game system.
  • Choose Rebuild Database from the available choices. 
  • The actual process is going to start. Restarting the console after the procedure is finished is recommended. 
  • The problem you were having should now be resolved. 

6. Start the PS4

Attempt establishing the PlayStation 4 if the PlayStation 4 Unrecognized Disc problem persists.

In order to achieve this, refer to the instructions as follows:

  • Initially, switch off the controller.
  • Following a second beep, continue pressing and holding the power switch on the gaming console while releasing it. 
  • Utilize the cord for connecting the PS4 controller to the system, then push the PlayStation (PS) button on the controller to activate it.
  • The PS4 goes into safe mode after doing this. 
  • Choose Initialise PS4 here, which will kick off the procedure.
  • Restarting the PlayStation 4 when the procedure is finished will ensure success. 

7. Download the system software again

If the problem persists, you must reinstate the computer’s operating system. Be aware that doing this could erase everything associated with saved games, including settings. Therefore make certain that you’ve got a copy of the game you are playing before continuing.

If you want to do so, go through the instructions below:

Start your PlayStation 4 in safe mode first.

You may reinstall again and restart the PlayStation 4 in safe mode by following the directions provided in the procedure described above (Initialise PS4).

  • Choose Initialise PS4 (Reinstall System Software) from the menu provided. 
  • Eventually, the procedure is going to begin. Patiently wait until it is finished because it could take some time to finish. 
  • The PS4 is going to restart whenever the procedure has been completed then the issue is expected to be resolved. 

8. Repair the Damaged PlayStation 4

If none of it succeeds, you have to get the PlayStation 4 fixed. For more assistance, customers have to go to a Sony Service Centre or get in touch with customer service.

Customer service can counsel you more about whatever could be accomplished if the PlayStation 4 has a problem (which might include internal harm being caused). 

If the damaged component can be repaired, experts will do so instead of replacing it. You won’t be billed for the servicing if the console is still covered by warranty, assuming the damage wasn’t caused by you.

The repair cost will fall on you, on the other hand, if a guarantee doesn’t cover the console or the damage was brought on by your carelessness. You can learn about additional aspects of it from customer service directly.


This might be extremely aggravating if you see an unrecognized disc error on the PlayStation 4. The initial action to take is to determine whether the problem is technical or software-related.

When you discover that your problem is with the program itself, restart in safe mode and run a system upgrade. Rebuild the database structure after starting in safe mode because this procedure has been demonstrated to fix problems.

The PS4 software should then be fully initialized, and this has been determined to resolve disc issues.


Can a PS4 disc become corrupted?

Many different things can result in a PS4 file becoming corrupted. In the worst instance, it might be a problem with the console’s hard drive, but more often than not, the installation procedure is to blame. The installation of a game may be stopped in the middle of it.

On a PS4, how can I force a disc?

Placing your console on a spotless, level surface is the next step. Flip the console over and flip the PlayStation logo to the opposite side. To release the disc, insert a screwdriver into the manual eject hole located directly above the PS4 logo and turn anticlockwise.

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