How To Reset PS4 Controller

How To Reset PS4 Controller (Updated) – 2024

Does your PS4 recently had issues? Are you considering getting a new one in its place? You could be inclined to reevaluate the next move.

However, what if you could fix the PS4 system rather? The Dual Shock 4 controllers, in particular, are highly regarded for their great durability and high quality in the PS4 controller.

Even with this, a bad sequence of occurrences could always happen and cause problems with the gadget.

The product’s problem might be fixable. Knowing how and where to reset the PS4 controller is helpful in certain circumstances. Both a hard reset and a soft reset are available. This article will explain to you how to reset PS4 controller. 

What Happens When the PS4 Controller Fails?

You’ll experience issues using the PS4 systems if the controllers start to glitch or are close to failing. Whenever the PS4 abruptly stalls or halts throughout gameplay, this can indicate a controller’s problem. When it doesn’t stop, the PS4 will occasionally move extremely slowly and act strangely.

 The PS4 system may occasionally not adhere to the operator’s commands even if none of the indications are present. No matter how frequently you hit the PS4 operator’s button, anyone can immediately tell they’re not functional.

On the contrary perspective, damaged PS4 databases can prevent the console from obeying commands first from controllers. The PS4 controllers throughout this instance seem to be in pretty good health and working properly, even though the PS4 system cannot appropriately interpret the controller’s inputs since the database is corrupted.

Last but not least, a malfunctioning PS4 hard drive might make your device malfunction and stop responding to controller inputs. If you’re tech-savvy or knowledgeable throughout this situation, you’ll have such a technical sense and can identify its issue without delay.

Five common issues you’re likely to be dealing with:

1. Unidentified software flaw

The vast majority of PS4 connection problems are not catastrophic but are brought along by sporadic system failures or Bluetooth connection disruption. If the DualShock 4 controllers suddenly stop working, there might be a glitch to blame.

To determine if it helps, turn the console off and then again. If the problem continues, a reset could prove to be the resolution.

2. Hardware malfunction

A small number of users may experience severe PS4 controller issues as a result of hardware failing or malfunctioning. It’s also not unusual for the PS4 controllers to stop functioning after just fallen, or when they’ve been introduced to weather conditions like warmth or moisture.

3. Battery problems

The battery capacity of the PS4 controller is between five and seven years. It will not last forever and eventually won’t be capable of being charged.

4. Issues with console firmware

The console’s sporadic system and power problems could affect the controller signal.

5. Damage to console hardware:

Internal parts, such as the hard disc, may be broken or damaged and cause problems.

No matter what the problem is, a reset remains the initial thing that you should try to fix. This is due to the fact that it is quick, simple, and damage-free.

How to Reset PS4 Controller?

How To Reset PS4 Controller

A PS4 controller can be reset via two distinct methods. The console would control one and the other with a controller reset key.

1. Soft reset:

Roughly speaking, the term applies to switching a gadget on or off. It cleanses the RAM and fixes a number of problems. Enabling the PS4 “forget” the controller entails performing a soft reset upon that controller. After that, connect the console as well as the controller once more.

2. Hard reset:

The term implies returning toward the default configuration. Clicking on a button on the peripheral’s back would accomplish this.

Power Cycle the Console

Please attempt a power cycle before resetting your controller. This should aid in removing errant bugs from the systems further:

  • By pressing the power button down, you can turn the console off.
  • Its wires should be all unplugged for at least 5 minutes.
  • Reconnect well all the cords.
  • Connect the PS4’s USB connection to the gaming system. Similarly, use a different USB port.
  • Activate the console.
  • Verify whether the controller works with the console and has been charging.

Soft reset PS4 controller

Soft reset PS4 controller

The connectivity between your PS4 console as well as the controller will indeed be completely restored if you soft reset the PS4 controller. Make sure that you’re carrying a backup PS4 controller before starting your soft reset process.

The steps to soft reset a PS4 controller would be as follows:

  • One must choose “Devices” and afterward “Bluetooth devices” in the Settings page of the PS4’s menu page when users start it.
  • Each one of the controllers that already have previously or are now attached to the PS4 should show up in the window which follows.
  • On the exact same display, users will be seeing two grey and green dots adjacent to the controller that’s currently in operation alongside the one that’s no longer operational, correspondingly.
  • Once selecting the inactive controller, users should now hit the Settings tab just on the controller they are currently utilizing. Selecting “Forget device” would eliminate the controller, which is no longer compatible with your PS4 from the system.
  • To ensure that your PS4 system turns off, continue to press and hold the key. The “Quick Menu” would eventually show on the screen.
  • The PS4 is switched off at the moment. Grab the broken controller, connect it to the console with a USB cord, and afterward, power on your PS4
  • By pressing and holding the PlayStation key on the controller that is currently linked to the system via a USB wire. That LED bar would appear blue if something connected to the PS4, indicating to you that the soft reset was successfully carried out.

Hard reset PS4 controller

Hard reset PS4 controller

Simply put, hard resetting the PS4 controller aims to return all of its configurations to their original state.

In spite of the absence of such an additional PS4 controller, several individuals are unable to execute the soft reset. But, a hard reset is available to anyone and everyone.

The following procedures will enable the PS4 controller to reset:

  • Make absolutely sure you totally shut off the PS4 console and disconnect the controller from the system before attempting to reset it.
  • Then, flip the controller over again and look for the little reset key next to L2’s shoulder.
  • Going ahead, we would require a little instrument, such as a paperclip, to precisely hit the reset button into the socket.
  • by briefly depressing and keeping the reset button in position.
  • The PS4 controller must now be connected to the console and use a USB cable.
  • You must switch on the PS4 and then wait until it finishes for the next step to be accomplished.
  • The PlayStation key just on the controller you have been currently utilizing is now required to be pressed and kept. The light bar needs to become blue once it has successfully established a connection with both consoles.

The appropriate solution to solve a number of problems caused by PS4 DS4 controllers has already been found to involve performing a hard reset just on the controller.

When to Reset PS4 Controller?

As we have mentioned earlier, five main issues could be to blame for unusual controller actions. Here are a few indications that there may be a firmware malfunction to assist you in discovering it:

  • The PS4 controller functions; however, it doesn’t function very well. One might observe, for instance, a thumbstick that drifts as well as keys that don’t function.
  • The controller’s red, white, or blue light never stops blinking.
  • The console and your controller cannot sync. Alternatively, it is unable to turn on.
  • When opening an application or engaging in a game, the controller stops functioning. The application appears to be working properly, though.
  • Controller power problems exist. For instance, the battery dies in even less than 4 hours after just a “full charge,” or it’s unable to begin charging completely or at all.
  • While you play, the PS4 stalls or stops. Moreover, the console might operate poorly or irregularly.
  • The analog sticks, or only one of the sticks, autonomously manipulate various elements just on display. Take into account that this could be another indication of stick dust accumulation. If it does, one may cleanse the controllers using isopropyl alcohol and trigger pointers or a dry wipe.
  • No matter how often people press the buttons, the PS4 won’t actually obey your commands.

Another similar issue could make it difficult for your system to respond. For example, a damaged PS4 database prevents your system from rendering controller signals correctly.

Similar indications of a broken controller can additionally be seen on a malfunctioning hard drive. A broken hard disc can be replaced but cannot be repaired.

Other techniques for PS4 controller troubleshooting

There seem to be various methods one may attempt to determine whether they perform for you in the event the PS4 controller is performing troublesome; Generally, a soft or hard reset of your controller usually fixes the issue;

1. Charging of the controller

An important consideration is the controller’s battery capacity. Verify the charging status of the PS4 controller. If the battery levels are insufficient for it to operate regularly, it can act strangely. This will consequently display connection issues.

2. USB ports and cables

Be careful to double-check all of the USB ports and cords. Use a new USB cable to join the controller, and attempt another PS4 console port. Consider using the controller on a separate PS4 system if you think the issue is with the console.

3. Verify Wi-Fi

It’s indeed important to keep in mind that problematic Wi-Fi could be the cause of the PS4 controller’s connection troubles. Consider disconnecting the routers from the main power source and replugging everything before you proceed to reset the controller. Check to determine whether or not Wi-Fi seems to be the issue.

Does this deal with the issue?

Hardware issues could happen if the controller keeps causing issues. No matter if it’s the controller or the console, anyone may inspect it. Check your controller on a friend’s or a coworker’s PS4, or experiment with different controllers.

You are welcome to get in touch with the Sony customer service department as well as describe the scenario if you’re unsure if the issue originates from the console or the controller.


In summary, this article has demonstrated two different methods for resetting a PS4 controller. One can attempt the following fixes if you desire to reset the PS4 controller.


Is a PS4 controller reset necessary?

The PS4 controller doesn’t need to be reset until something develops issues and quits working. That is the top priority on your list of things to do.

What does it mean to reset the PS4 controller?

Resetting the PS4 controller entails restoring any previously modified controller settings to their original state.

Why won’t my PS4 controller work?

If your PS4 controller won’t connect, try an alternative USB cable in case the previous one has failed. You can also restart the PS4 controller by pressing the button on its back.

Does the PS4 controller reset the correct drift?

Occasionally, a straightforward reset will fix your controller. Switch off and unplug your DualShock game controller. On the back of your controller, close to the L2 button, and you’ll find the reset button.

What’s the difference between a PS4 controller’s soft and hard reset?

The PS4 controller’s soft reset just restarts the device in the hopes that doing so may fix any minor electrical problems. The PS4 controller, on the other hand, is reset firmly to its default settings.

Can I reset it at home?

While having a professional reset and calibrate your PS4 controller is advised, it may also be done at home if the instructions are carefully followed.

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