How to Resolve PS4 No Sound Problem

How to Resolve PS4 No Sound Problem – (Troubleshooting Guide) – 2024

What the hell! Why isn’t the Audio playing? Avoid becoming anxious if the PlayStation 4 system doesn’t produce sounds when you initially turn it on; this is something that numerous other PlayStation 4 owners experience. Inappropriate audio options, TV input, and firmware issues might have partially been responsible for this problem.

HDMI cables are frequently the cause of PS4 audio problems. If changing HDMI cables do not assist, keep in mind the PS4’s audio settings are set correctly by checking the output of the device. Next, make sure the audio input options are established properly. Remember to check that the speakers have not been muted as well.

The majority of the time, if the Audio on the PlayStation 4 console isn’t working automatically, just a few easy do-it-yourself methods ought to be able to swiftly detect the problem. So let’s get started to examine the potential causes for your PS4’s sound system failure in addition to solutions for this issue.

In this article let’s learn about how to resolve PS4 no sound problems.

Possible Roots of PS4’s No Sound Problem

If the PlayStation 4 turns on and displays video with no sound, a problem with the software will probably be the cause. Less frequently, the issue could be from the HDMI cable as well as the connection, so we’re going to begin from the fundamentals!

TV muted or on the incorrect input

The excellent news will be that you are on the right input if you’re able to perceive the PS4 video on display. Attempt to find it on the TV if you aren’t. If you’ve gotten beyond this, double-check that your TV is not mute!

When you frequently make use of the mute option on the television, there is a significant probability that this is what’s initially triggering your trouble. It’s also the most efficient and straightforward thing to take a look at.

Wrong settings for Audio

The sound adjustments on the TV including PS4 both ought to be checked immediately.

Verify the PS4’s Audio Output configuration initially to ensure that sure Audio is being sent to the appropriate location. Remember that the data provided to the PS4 is linked to is chosen in the TV’s Audio Devices Configuration after that. On every device, these two characteristics will be found under Options beneath Settings.

Firmware Issue

Although the firmware is a relatively uncommon cause of PS4 audio issues, however, it has been observed that firmware problems with code could lead to audio failure. You must keep your PS4 updated at all times to reduce system software-related issues.

Think about connecting the PlayStation 4 console to the internet to download the most recent version if you primarily utilize it offline.

Its HDMI cable or port is damaged

The HDMI port on your PS4 could become dented or damaged in any way if you incorrectly and rigorously plug in or unplug your HDMI cable. This might possibly be the cause of your audio issues.

Try connecting your HDMI to another PS4 to check if it offers good Audio; if it undertakes, the issue may be with the system itself. If not, your HDMI cord may not be operating properly. 

How Can You Fix the PS4’s No Sound Problem?

To resolve the PS4 no Audio difficulty, attempt each of the following recommended fixes separately at a time.

Solution 1: Change the PS4 display’s input channels

The initial strategy point one should keep in mind entails the fact that the PS4 is the root cause of any audio troubles.

One must swap the input channels of the PS4 screen twice in order to correct this.

When the PS4 is currently attached to the HDMI 1 port, one can switch it to an HDMI 2 connection. Switch it back to HDMI 1 for a while.

Remember to relaunch the game after doing this to see whether the PS4 no-sound issue has been fixed.

Solution 2: Verify the sound controls

Unmuting your volume setting is a different, incredibly simple solution one could attempt to solve the PS4 sound problem issue.

Everyone may unintentionally muffle the noise or reduce the system intensity. The instructions below can be used to solve this issue quickly:

  • Hit the PS4’s Home button using your controller.
  • Three seconds of pressing the Dualshock 4 controller will bring up the XMB panel > Click Adjust Devices.
  • The “Volume Control (Speaker for Controller)” ought to be currently set to achieve the appropriate volume.
Verify the sound controls

Solution 3: Adjust the settings on the audio device

One must set the audio device’s configuration in order to fix the PS4 audio problem.

  • If you want to access the functionality section from the PS4 system center display, use the Up arrow button on the controller. Opt for Settings.
Adjust the settings on the audio device
  • After selecting the gadgets tab, select Audio Gadgets. Select Output to Headphone as well as All Sound by tapping it presently.
Audio Gadgets
  • Following the completion of these steps, you must relaunch the game to see if the PS4 no sound issue has been resolved.

Solution 4: Adjust the Sound Output Options

The PS4’s no-sound problem is also caused by incorrect audio output parameters.

For setting up the sound output parameters, adhere to these steps:

  • Select Sound as well as Screen from the Options menu.
Adjust the Sound Output Options
  • Next, select the primary Output Port & DIGITAL OUT (OPTICAL) options within the Audio Output Settings.
  • Choose the file type that is compatible with the device you’re using currently, and afterward, hit the “ok” key.
  • Return to the particular Audio Output Settings as well as choose Audio Format (Priority) from the menu. Then select Bitstream (Dolby) from the menu. 
Audio Output Settings
  • To inspect for issues, adjust the Audio Output setting and relaunch any of the games. 

Check to see whether or not the PS4 no-sound problem has been successfully fixed at this point.

Solution 5: Verify the Link Between your gadgets

The primary root cause of PS4 audio issues is an unreliable connection between the console as well as on display. Verify that all of the gadgets are correctly connected before using PS4 to ensure seamless operation.

The things that one must do in order to verify the connection’s settings are listed below:

  • Turn down the PS4, including the screen.
  • Unplug the HDMI including the power cables.
  • Inspect the device’s ports plus the attached wires right now.
  • Check whether the HDMI cables are correctly attached to their respective ports as well as are functioning correctly by reconnecting the wires. If otherwise, get a brand-new HDMI cable and substitute the old ones.
  • Reboot your PS4 system.

After carrying out the methods listed above, the PlayStation 4 audio ought to begin functioning normally if the issue is with the HDMI connection.

Solution 6: Upgrade the PS4’s operating system to the latest version

It has been discovered that upgrading the PS4 system firmware can also resolve the PS4 sound problem.

Therefore, update the PS4 system software as instructed to restore the console sound.

  • Push the Up key of the controller to enter a function section after going onto the PS4 system home page.
  • Afterward, select the System Software Update options from the Settings tab and adhere to the steps that appear on the display to update the PS4 system firmware.

Reboot the PS4 console & play any game you want to check for problems following installing the most recent system firmware.

The following remedies should be applied if the audio problem on your PS4 persists despite the setting up of the most recent system software update.

Solution 7: Change the headphones’ configuration

Despite making a few adjustments, 3.5mm audio jack headphones also function on the PS4. With a converter, incompatible headphone cables can still be used.

How to link the compatible wired headphones to the PlayStation 4 the following:

  • Turn on your PS4 device, and afterward, employ the controller to navigate to the options.
  • Swipe down to select a gadget now.
  • Users are going to find a list of all potential gadgets that they can use for connecting their PS4 on the devices tab that has been displayed.
  • Select the Audio Devices option to connect your headphones.
Select the Audio Devices
  • The PlayStation 4 controller and wired headset should then be connected.
  • Select the Headset Connected to Controller radio button under Output Devices.
Output Devices
  • Check the headset microphone, after which return to the website of Audio Devices as well as select Adjust Microphone Levels. By using a slider, users may additionally alter the microphone’s volume.
  • Once more, select the output to Headphones >All Audio option within the Sound Devices screen.
All Audio

Solution 8: Reset The Play Station 4 Console To Factory Defaults

Updating the default settings from the factory on your PS4 in secure mode is a different solution that you may attempt to solve the PS4 no sound issue.

Refreshing the settings is all that will happen during this procedure; therefore, do not fret about the game data. The existing saved data stored on the PS4 hard drive won’t be harmed.

Implement the simple instructions below to return your PS4 to its original factory settings.

  • If you want to turn off the PlayStation 4, press the power button on the front panels.
  • Soon after, the play station 4 has been totally turned off. Till and unless additional the PS4 console emits a beep sound, continue to push the power button.
  • Use a USB cable to connect the controller to your PS4.
  • Pick the PS button available on your gaming device.
  • Select the “Restore to Default Settings” option.
  • Select “Yes,” then hold off until the procedure is complete.
  • Restart the game to see if the PS4 no audio issue has been fixed or not.

Solution 9: Restart the PS4

A thorough restart of the play station 4 might quickly resolve this challenge if the cause of your PS4’s no sound trouble is within the system’s configuration documents.

Remember that initializing your PS4 will permanently delete all of your data and then restore it to its original factory settings.

Therefore, it would be best if you created a complete backup of the data prior to doing this action.

  • Keep in mind that the PlayStation 4 is turned down and in standby mode.
  • Press the power button for approximately 7 seconds to trigger the appearance of white light.
  • Utilize the USB connection to connect the controller. Press the PS button following that.
  • Press the X button after scrolling to the Initialise PS4 options.
  • Press the X button after scrolling to the Yes radio button.
  • The console you are using is now going to begin initializing, as you can see. Always remember to reactivate your console after the entire process is finished.
  • The Initialise PS4 (Reinstall System Software) option is a substitute. You need to set up the System software stored on the USB stick following selecting this selection.

Solution 10: Replace/Repair the PS4 Hard Drive

The primary cause of the PS4’s sound issue is its hard drive.

If the PS4’s hard drive already has the system software as well as information stored. So, if any part of the hard drive becomes defective or corrupted, the information and files stored on the PS4 will also be corrupted as a result.

In the end, resulting from this, many problems as well as lags in PS4 system efficiency. Therefore, it is advised to swap out the PS4 hard drive along with resolving the no audio emanating from my PS4 issue if nothing of the mentioned above solutions are successful for you.


There’s only a single reason remaining if the sound remains unresponsive at this point in time: the control panel might be experiencing a hardware issue. It’s possible that the sound chip is being affected by a motherboard issue.

Even an expert can assist at this stage. Contact the nearby Sony Store or Service Centre as a result. It is going to be affordable to fix if it is covered by a warranty.


On the PS4, what Does Audio Format indicate?

The PS4 system’s output format for Audio is automatically modified for the particular gadget whenever you link it to a home theater system, TV, etc. As a result, changing the Audio format settings on a PS4 is not required.

Why doesn’t my PS4 have sound?

Signal problems should be taken into account if your PS4 is experiencing sound problems. On your PS4 monitor, change the input channel, then change it back to fix the issue. 

For example, you can change the input channel from HDMI 1 to HDMI 2, then back to HDMI 1 if your PS4 is attached to the HDMI 1 port.

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