latest feature added to Sims 4The Sims 4 life simulation-based video game is the fourth in line for the developers and its epic fan base. The game has been crafted by the master artists from The Sims Studio. Now, this unique game is decked with several tools for customization as required by each user of Sims 4 Studio download.

Use of this tool allows you to create your own custom accessories for any Sims character. You can easily recolor the items like clothes, tattoos, hair, etc to your liking.

sims 4 studio download

How to use Sims 4 Studio?

This particular tool comes with a sleek built-in type model viewer that eliminates any need for the user to launch Sims 4 game. This game tool comes with 4 additional features that include an easy integration along with Blender for the mesh modification. It also includes a sleek re-coloring UI. If you are wondering how you can use this tool for creative customization of your game content, you can go through the tutorials listed by us in the website.

How to download sims 4 studio?

If you are looking for ways to get this magical tool for your system, you can easily opt for Sims 4 studio free download by registering at the official Forum. Registration at the forum allows you the scope to post any reports related to the issues being faced by you.

Make a note of the fact that the company has listed out two versions for the users. The first being Sims 4 Studio Mac  and the second being Sims 4 Studio Windows . Both these versions come with the same varieties of the batch –fixers. This means you can easily fix the content as required regardless of the system you are using.

How to install?

You can download the community tested tool at the official forum. If you opt for the installer version to download, it will automatically guide you through the entire process. However, for the Zip version, you need to download the file and extract all its content into a folder created in your system. Now, open this folder followed by a double click on the file named S4Studio.exe. This will initiate automatic installation if you are wondering how to install this tool.

Mac and Windows Installation

If you plan on installing this application over the Mac or Windows system, make sure you meet with the minimum system requirements. However, make sure that the Studio is allowed an exception to the security settings.

Community Tested Sims 4 Studio

The community tested download is a version that was posted as the best version before being listed as community version. After being tested out for the beta version, Sims 4studio batch fix allows the users to use a tool with bugs stripped out.

Minimum System Requirements to Install Sims 4 Studio


Sims 4 Studio Mac (Candy Apple) Installation requires the following things:

1-Mac OS (El Capitan) 10.11 or above

2-The Sims 4 Game (General system requirements for the game)


Sims 4 Studio Windows Installation requires the following things:

1-Windows OS 7, 8, or 8.1 with 64 Bit

2-The Sims 4 Game (General system requirements for the game)

Latest Sims 4 Studio Window  (Wishes)

This latest Sims 4 Studio update adds support for inclusion of the Umbrellas coming with the seasons. This particular version helps add any necessary tuning based resources to be used with the Accessory Enabler of Sims 4 Studio. You will also require having the mod folder decked up with S4S Accessory Enabler in order to make the umbrella work inside the game.

This update also introduces the ability for editing object meshes with geo-states. Additionally, it comes with menu options that allow the users to un-merge the package files. Also added to the platform is the tool for Color Palette. This tool allows the user to save colors as well as colour tags as a reusable, shareable from the package. The new tools added to Wishes include Drag 7 Drop Swatch Reordering,

  1. Screenshot Manager
  2. Colour Palette Manager
  3. Model Viewer Settings
  4. DLC Packs Support
  5. Batch Fix
  6. Un-merging package
  7. Object-mesh for Geometry State Support.

             Click Here For Window Version

Latest Sims 4 Studio for Mac Candy Apple)

This new version comes as a versatile Sims 4 Studio tool meant for making the custom content in Sims 4, .packages editing, Sims 4 content merging, and batch fixing. It also comes with added support meant for Seasons umbrella. This also adds necessary resources tuning to be worked with Sims 4 Studio Accessory Enabler. Some of the caveats need to be noted before opting to download this particular version of the Sims 4 Studio. This tool for Mac is the very first custom content meant for Sims 4. It is the beta tool that might carry some bugs around which will be corrected with time as the community users for Mac run into any issue.

The interface meant for the Sims 4 Studio Mac version is similar to that of its Windows version. However, there are some small noticeable differences that can be felt while using the latest update.

Click Here For Mac Version

Creative features with Sims 4 Studio Tool

This latest feature added to Sims 4 carries several facilities for the players. With the use of this tool, one can carry out the following custom changes to the game which include:

Users can create their very own stylized hair along with accessorized meshes for their game. They can also have multiple varieties of recolor swatches included in the very same package.

Players can also pick an item that needs to be replaced or re-colored by picking from the thumbnail list which filters various searches or categories using keywords.

Another feature highlighted in this tool is the preview option for the newly created mesh or the re-colored texture. This preview is available through a viewer that is designed with the use of the 3D dynamic model. It accurately expands in order to fit the computer screen of the user.

Users can also create default re-colors for the replace as well as pitch for standalone re-colors. The tool also allows the addition of multiple re-color swatches for each package/ project.

The beta release of the tool might have some issues that need to be worked out. However, this tool has been tested extensively during the alpha phase. 

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