PS4 Controller Red Light

How to fix PS4 Controller Red Light Error (Updated) – 2024

The lighting indicator on the PS4 controllers may display a variety of hues, including blue, orange, white, and others, but several users are bewildered by the red color. Whereas the red light bar is not frequently a warning of a dysfunctional console, it rarely could be.

Nevertheless, if someone’s Console is stuck on a red light and it isn’t connecting to their PS4, users could attempt several of the solutions we’ve put together in this article and let hope one of them is going to solve the problem.

Unless your Console is functioning normally but still displaying a red light, it’s really nothing to bother regarding.

Let’s look into the article and learn how to fix PS4 Controller red light.

PS4 Controller Red Light

What does the PS4 Controller red light signify?

When the console lighting on the PS4 turns red, one of two factors might be happening in your situation:

Perhaps your PS4 controller technology is defective, or even the PS4 Controllers work properly; however, the Red Lighting is caused by the malfunctioning USB port adaptor.

But whenever the PS4 Controller displays red light, it’s indeed obvious that something is definitely wrong. Normally, PS4 consoles display an assortment of colors, including such as orange, blue, white, and many more.

The PS4 Controller is red since the USB port or adapter is damaged. Since being fixed, even though the red light continues to illuminate, a controller technology issue has existed. Your Console’s internal ribbons could require to be changed.

Several of us are nervous about putting our devices away. We know that we’re not trying to destroy anything at all because you harmed the Controller when you were trying to fix it.

The issues related to the PS4 Controller’s red light

The issues related to the PS4 Controller's red light

There’s a wide variety of major problems regarding Red Lights on PS4 Controllers. However, we’ve listed a few of the problems here, along with solutions:

1. Red Light on PS4 Controller, But It’s Functional:

Certain PS4 Controllers work perfectly despite the fact that the red light strip is constantly flashing. You must carefully inspect for just any loose connections and then connect it all in firmly to fix this. To resolve this problem, one might try to switch its USB connector.

2. The red PS4 controller light While Connected:

If somehow the red light appears whenever the Controller’s power is being charged, you should get a patch cord. Users really have to reboot both the Controllers & Console if somehow the problem yet occurs.

3. Red Light on PS4 Controllers Won’t Go:

You should attempt to factory reset the PS4 Consoles to see if that solves this issue. If it fails, users can solve that problem by pressing the Controller’s reset key. You must restore the consoles in standby mode if this procedure has not worked.

4. Playstation 4 Controller Has A Red Light And Did not Connect:

If somehow the USB port or cord is broken, users cannot not use a DualShock Controller to play any of the games. Throughout this situation, users must swap out the broken ribbons flex wire with a new one of these in order to allow their PS4 to work correctly.

5. Red Light on PS4 Controller Is Not Functioning:

Certain PS4 Controllers are inoperative whenever the PS4 displays a red light. The Controller’s problem can be resolved by both rebooting the Controller as well as the PS4 consoles in standby mode.

6. Red Blinking and Vibrating PS4 Controller:

One can have vibration issues if users touch the Controller irresponsibly or if they drop it all in water. If any of this occurs, just let the battery go totally flat, then check to determine if the issue still exists. One must get in touch with a local customer service department if it continues.

After learning about the typical causes as well as associated issues, let us just talk about the best & time-proven fixes for the red light issue, mostly on PS4.

How Do You Fix Your PS4 Controller Red Flashing Lights?

How Do You Fix Your PS4 Controller Red Flashing Lights?

There are numerous fixes for PS4 controllers that start flashing and also to find out whether the USB is the problem or you have to purchase a replacement.  

Method 1: Keep an eye on the Console’s USB port

It is fairly evident that if you continue to operate your PlayStation, pc, and other equipment without providing them with the necessary maintenance or attention, they will eventually become damaged.

A broken or damaged USB port is the main reason why the PS4 Controller’s red light is already on. When there isn’t any power, the USB port stops functioning, and the Controller on the strip displays a red light.

Thus, it really is recommended that users attempt to disinfect & charge the battery prior to attaching the USB connection. Try to insert the cord into a different USB port if, somehow, the issue persists.

If somehow the situation continues after the above-mentioned fix, or if you can’t solve the problem, proceed towards the following stages beneath.

Method 2: Replace the USB cable

It’s also preferable to purchase a new USB cable to power the play station device’s batteries if somehow the existing one is malfunctioning or damaged.

You’re unsure whether you’re employing a DS4 controller cable or another cable. Nevertheless, you want to make sure. Just use a cable for powering an Android device after checking it. The USB cable is defective or damaged if your batteries charge properly, but still, no red light shows on it.

Method 3: Firmly insert USB cables

If the aforementioned methods are unsuccessful in resolving the PlayStation 4 device’s red light of doom, you should inspect your cord because it may be plugged in improperly.

The depletion or disconnecting of the Controllers may result from a loose connection between both the battery and ports. In order to properly power the batteries and perhaps cure the problem, one needs to connect or plug the wire tightly.

Method 4: Change your PS4 battery

How long you’ve been playing with the PlayStation 4 controller? The current battery shelf life also may have passed. The battery drains and stops charging when the cable is disconnected following prolonged usage.

The red light here on the PS4 Controller is flashing because of this. Thus, as an initial solution, we advise that users purchase a brand-new battery and swap it out for a cell currently in use. Doing so should fix the PlayStation device’s red-light difficulties.

Ensure that now the batteries you change satisfy the specifications for the PS4 controllers as well; alternatively, the PS4 Controller won’t sync.

Change your PS4 battery

Method 5: Simply remove the power cord

Several people occasionally notice a red light on the PS4 Controller when it is charging. We must unplug the PS4 Controller charging wire at a certain area to determine whether the issue is still present.

Disconnect the charger wire if the Console displays a red light. If the issue persists after the Charging cord has been removed, the issue has nothing to do with the power cord.

Method 6: Restart the PS4 device

We advise users to reboot their PlayStation 4 console with such a method. This indicates that numerous customers have been able to resolve their red controller light issue.

To reset your PlayStation 4, follow the directions below:

  • First, briefly press the “Power Button.”
  • Disconnect the cord from the PS4 device at this time.
  • Re-insert the Power Cord into Device only after time has elapsed.
  • The PS4 Console will now turn on when you hit the power button.

It is thought that the problem has been successfully addressed, but if it still continues, move ahead to the next proposed solution.

Method 7: Replace the PS4 Controller Ribbon Flex Wire

In addition to the previously mentioned fix, the red light here on PlayStation 4 controllers may not turn off if you utilize a defective or bent ribbons connection. That might be a manufacturing fault.

The PS4 controllers didn’t charge if the ribbon cable has been damaged since users won’t be capable of recharging the PS4 Console’s batteries. Also, your PS4 gaming device’s low power will prevent you from playing.

One may employ the techniques listed underneath to resolve this problem:

  • Disconnect the Ribbon Flex Cable and PS4 back cover next. Try to charge the batteries now and after cleaning the wire with alcohol & reinstalling it.
  • Maybe after cleansing, you nevertheless can’t get the PS4 to charge. Therefore it’s advised to get a fresh PS4 Ribbon Cable.

Method 8: Restore the DualShock controller

When the PS4 Controller still displays a red light following rebooting the Console, users may resolve this issue by resetting the DualShock Controller.

To reboot the DualShock controller, follow these steps:

  • Next to the L2 button on the Controller’s rear is a little restart key.
  • One needs to have a small needle to push the small button, which activates the reset.
  • Link the DualShock 4 controller and PlayStation 4 controller together by means of a USB cable.
  • By pressing the PS Button, the PS4 system can be turned on.

Also, ascertain whether the PS4 Dualshock red light problem has indeed been completely resolved before moving on to the subsequent fix.

Restore the DualShock controller

Method 9: Restart the PS4 in Safe Mode

The PS4 consoles should be restarted in Safe Mode to resolve this PS4 controller red light flashing problem if neither of the other options works for you. To assist you in fixing potential hardware problems with the Controller and Console, restart your PS4 system in safe Mode.

To accomplish this, adhere to the directions below:

  • Turn off your PS4 if it is currently on.
  • Press and hold the power button once more to hear the Beep sound.
  • Whereupon, attach the Charging cable from the PS4 Controller to the gaming system.
  • By pressing the PS (PlayStation) key, switch on the PS4 device and start it in safe Mode.

Verify if your PlayStation controller’s red light problem has been effectively fixed whenever your DS4 (DualShock) controller is turned on.

Is It Possible to modify the PS4 Controller’s Color?

Allow the users to alter the color of a PS4 controller since various PS4 settings correlate to various colors. The very first player is blue, followed by red, green, yellow, and then purple. To change color, subscribe to multiple users while logging in.

  • The PS4 controllers can be colored differently.
  • Set four unique accounts on the PlayStation 4 for each player.
  • Log in as one account, then, without checking out, change to another.
  • To discover the color you prefer, keep signing in there and swapping among accounts.


It is acceptable to be worried about the PS4 Controller, particularly when it’s started flashing red, which is typically a bad indicator. We made every effort in this article to allay your confusion regarding the red light on the Console. This clear and concise instruction is intended to be useful.


Can You Change the Color of the Light Bar on the PS4 Controller?

The PS4 Controller doesn’t have a setting to alter the light bar’s color, but you can change the user to do so. Players 1 and 2 are blue, 3 and 4 are green, and player 4 is pink. You can make multiple user profiles without signing out of your account and switching between them.

How can You link my PlayStation 4 controller to my computer?

Plug the PS4 Controller into the computer’s USB port or pair wirelessly using Bluetooth to connect a PS4 controller to your PC. With Steam, you might need to adjust the controller settings. Install the DSWindows driver for non-Steam games.

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