How to Age Up Sims 4

How to Age Up Sims 4 | Toddler | Age up Cheat (Updated) 2024

To watch your children grow up into beautiful adults is a fantastic feeling, but the whole growing up part takes up a lot of the parents’ time and energy, which might not sound fun. Therefore, this article about ‘how to age up Sims 4’ will let you know the easy way to develop your children. 

How to Age up Sims in Sims 4

There are two ways to evolve your kids into adults; one is the primary, conventional way to follow the rules and wait for your infants to mature. But there is a shortcut method as well where you can cheat your way into aging them up. 

Sims 4 Age up Toddler

A child goes through seven stages of blossoming, baby, toddler, child, teen, young adult, adult, and elder. To boost the years of your child, manually, one of the things you can do is send them to a birthday party or choose an adult and click on the oven, this would do the trick. 

How to Age Up Sims 4 | Toddler | Age up Cheat (Updated)

How to age up toddler Sims 4

Another technique is to go for the ‘cook’ option and choose a cake that the adult sim would bake. Decorate it with birthday candles, and the adult could go for the opportunity to assist the toddler in blowing out the candles. Your child would evolve from a toddler to a child. You might also receive reward traits for raising your child. 

If you aren’t interested in the Sims 4 birthday cheat, then let things flow on their own accord. 

Ways to earn toddler reward traits

Your preschooler must have these five life skills to be eligible for a reward trait: imagination, communication, movement, potty, and thinking.

These values prepare them for their upcoming years. To enhance these characteristics, ensure that they are correctly looked after, clean, fed, and watered and interactive. Be strict with them when they misbehave, read to them, and play with them as well. 

Even if you reach level 3 in all these life skills, a happy toddler reward trait will await you as soon as you turn into a child. It would act as a buff for them to have efficiency. 

But if your little one completes all the level of every skill (level 3 in the potty training and level 5 in imagination, communication, thinking, and movement), you can expect a top-notch toddler reward trait when they transition into a child. 

Sims 4 Age up Cheat

The first thing in age up cheat Sims 4 is to enable the cheats by pressing Ctrl+Shift+C and type ‘testingcheats true’ in the console and then insert ‘cas.fulleditmode on’.

Shift-click on the player you want to choose and select ‘Modify in CAS.’ It gives you a chance to decide your sim’s span, and as soon as you input it, the transformation would take place. 

This cheat also has another feature wherein you can also reduce your infant’s years and make them younger. 


I hope it is clear how to age up Sims 4, and you can have fun with this feature as there are things your sim isn’t old enough to do, but that won’t be a problem now. It also improves ‘Create a Sim’ features due to the cheat code.

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