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Sims 4 First Person | Camera Controls – Tilt Camera(Updated) 2024

You know how The Sims 4, a game that gives you the freedom to play with your life, drives everyone insane? Well, back in 2018, on November 13, a major update was added to the game for free_ the sims 4 first person mode. Playing The Sims 4 from a first person view means that you get to look around in the game through the eyes of your Sim.

Excited enough?

Check out, below, all the shortcuts, controls, and hot keys that’ll help you play in the sims 4 first person mode.

The Sims 4 Camera Controls List

  • Ctrl+ Any number from 5 to 0 (5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 0):- Save the sims 4 free camera position, and then press the number key that you just did, to fly to that camera position. For example, if you save the camera position by pressing Ctrl+ 5, and then you press 5, you’ll directly move to that particular camera position that you just saved.
  • Enter:- Centre the camera on an active Sim
  • Home:– Walls Up
  • End:-Walls Down
  • Page Up:-Go up to the next floor
  • Page Down:-Go down to the previous floor
  • Press ‘Z’ or ‘+’:- Zoom in
  • Press ‘X’ or ‘–‘:-Zoom out
  • Mouse scroll:- Zoom in and out
  • Left Arrow or ‘A’:- Move the camera to the left
  • Right Arrow or ‘D’:- Move the camera to the right
  • Up Arrow or ‘W’:– Move the camera forward
  • Down Arrow or ‘S’:- Move it backwards
  • Shift+ Camera Movement:– Move the camera faster
  • Press ‘C’:- Take screenshots of the game
  • Press ‘V’:- Record videos while playing The Sims 4. On the upper-left corner of the screen, you’ll see a small camera icon appear, which means that your gameplay is being recorded.
  • 1, 2, 3:- Control the speed of your camera
  • Ctrl+ Shift+ Tab:– Change the camera type
  • Right-click on your Sim’s portrait or icon:- Make the camera follow your Sim
  • Press ‘F4’:- Open the Gallery, where you can check out the creations of other players, like Sims and homes, and then insert those into your own neighbourhood.
  • Press ‘T’:- Toggle top-down view
Sims 4 First Person | Camera Controls - Tilt Camera(Updated

How to Access and Use the Sims 4 First Person Camera on PC

Take a look at how you can enter the first person view, and lots of other sims 4 controls:-

  • Shift+ Tab:- Enter the sims 4 first-person camera mode. Once you’re using that, you can exit the mode by pressing Shift+ Tab again.
  • Right-click:- Get to the other side of doors, floors, walls. Basically, it allows you to move through obstacles like doors and walls so that you can traverse between different rooms and floors.
  • Left-click:- Interact with the rest of the world in the game.
  • Space key:- Cycle through all of your Sims.
  • Ctrl key:- Recentre the camera based on the direction in which your Sim is looking.
  • Hold the Shift key:- Use the mouse cursor and control the game’s User Interface without moving the camera.
  • Use the mouse wheel:- If you feel like you’re experiencing motion sickness, using the mouse wheel can help you adjust the Field of View (FOV) settings.
  • Right arrow/ Left arrow:- When you have multiple Sims, these hotkeys can change exactly which Sim you’re controlling while in the sims 4 first-person camera mode. These keys also let you look at everything inside the game world through the eyes of your pets! But this is possible only if you have access to The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs.

How to Go First Person Sims 4 with Console

If you thought that you could play The Sims 4 with a first person view only on your PC, you were wrong. There’s nothing to stop you from accessing the camera even on your gaming console!

  • Xbox One:- Keep holding the RS button or the right analog stick on your controller till you’re able to access the sims 4 first person camera
  • PS4:- Press the R3 button or the right analog stick on your controller till you can access the sims 4 1st person camera

To exit the first person view on The Sims 4, follow the same things listed above for your respective controllers until you enter the normal camera mode.

How to Tilt Camera Sims 4

When you’re playing the game in build mode while using first person view, you need to change your camera angle.

For example, if you want to build lights under some counters, you can’t do so unless you tilt the sims 4 first person camera the way you want.

And if you don’t know how to enter the sims 4 tilt camera mode, you’re bound to get frustrated. Anyone would!

How to avail the sims 4 tilt camera on desktop

You can tilt the camera angle up and down on your desktop by following these steps:-

  • Click on the Options Menu on the upper-right corner of the screen.
  • From the menu that appears, click on ‘Game Options’. A dialogue box will appear on the screen.
  • Select ‘Controls & Camera’ on the left side of the dialogue box.
  • Under ‘Camera’, check the box beside ‘The Sims 3 Camera’.
  • Ensure that the ‘Edge Scrolling’ option is also checked.
  • Click on ‘Apply Changes’ and close the dialogue box and the options menu.
  • Click the scrolling wheel on your mouse and hold it.
  • While holding your mouse scrolling wheel, drag your mouse back and forth to tilt the screen.
  • In case your mouse doesn’t have any middle scrolling wheel or a centre button, hold Ctrl+ any directional key to tilt the camera angle.

Other Controls You Can Use in the Sims 4 First Person Mode

You can use these game controls while using the sims 4 first person camera, or while playing the game in third-person mode. It’s up to you!

Live Mode keyboard shortcuts:-

  • F1:- Access Live Mode.
  • Ctrl+ Shift+ C:- Access the Sims 4 Cheat Console.
  • M:- Access the Map Mode.
  • G:-Make the Aspiration Window appear. Go to Rewards by clicking on ‘Gift’. If you want to change an aspiration, click on ‘Star’.
  • J:- View the Career tab.
  • O:- View the present need levels of your selected Sim. Click on one of the need icons to make your Sim satisfy that need.
  • I:- View the Inventory of your Sim.
  • R:- View the Relationship panel.
  • L:- View the list of Skills.
  • Y:- View Simology like Age and Traits.
  • Esc:- Show the main menu or cancel a particular thing.

Wrapping Up

Playing The Sims 4 in Live Mode is addictive in itself. But experiencing the Live Mode through your Sim’s eyes just takes the game to a whole new level! And what if those were heterochromia eyes?

The controls and hotkeys listed above will definitely help you do things that you didn’t know you could do. Most importantly, you’ll be able to play the game more efficiently by using these hotkeys.

Here’s to an entertaining sims 4 first person experience!

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