Sims 4 Heterochromia Eyes

Sims 4 Heterochromia Eyes | CC – Mod – Updated (2024)

The content below is suggesting you look at the new Sims 4 multi-coloured eyes, which might interest many of you to apply these over your Sims. The article further tells you about some of the guidelines and things that you must remember about the mod.

Also, about the Sims 4 heterochromia eyes, maxis match. Read the article below and get to know more about them and download the mod. 

Sims 4 Heterochromia Eyes

As the name suggests, “hetero” means multiple and “chromia” intends colours. So, it means multi coloured. The Sims 4 heterochromia is the dreamy eyes, which got made to overlap one eye at a time.

The preceding statement means you must have your base level eyes with the same set and texture. Also, if you use both the left and right eye meshes at the same time, you might not get the desired result as they would have the same texture.

Things you Must remember in Heterochromia Eyes in Sims 4

Things that you need to take care before you use the mod are listed below: 

  • The link provided to you in this link should not be copied and named as yours. 
  • The Sims 4 heterochromia eyes, whose link gets provided to you have got taken from Toksik’s and Teanmoon’s mesh.
  • There are two types of the mod, which are V1 and V2. So, be careful and download the mod.
  • Last but not least, the mod is available for Toddlers to elders, male & female, and humans. Also, all the Maxis Match Colours are available and stored in the Rings category. 

*Important Note– The mod’s skin detail structure still uses the ring texture spaces. Hence can’t be adopted with the rings.*

Sims 4 cc Heterochromia

Toksik’s mesh

Toksik’s mesh

The CC used in these two versions of the Toksik’s mesh is:

  • The hair credits go to “Nor’Easter”, which is further recoloured by “Stargirl Sims”.
  • The Skin details are done by “BrntWaffles”.
  • The Face Highlight is perfected by “Dewy Skin Pack, which is initiated by Reticulates.”
  • For Eyelashes, the reliance would be for “3D Lashes V2, which is programmed by Kijiko”.
  • The Eyeliner credits go to “Elegant Cat Eyeliner N05, which is initiated by PralineSims”.
  • The Lips are done by “modthesims”.
  • The Freckles are implanted by “Lost At Sea: Moles and Freckles, which is perfectly crafted by modthesims”.
  • The apparels got taken from “Overalls Jumpsuit, crafted by Rusty Nail”.


Teanmoon’s mesh

The Teanmoon’s mesh is the CC for Yahline’s eyes 2.0, these are another set of the Sims 4 multi coloured eyes, which has no dots in the iris. As mentioned earlier, even this mesh requires the base level eyes of EA (defaults, non-defaults) as these Yahline eyes 2.0, would overlap the base one. Even this won’t work with the rings and the skin details. 

Teanmoon’s mesh

Some details about Yahline eyes, 2.0 are: 

  • It is the Sims 4 heterochromia eyes maxis match and also a custom content (CC). 
  • It has the base game compatibility. 
  • It adds one more option to the base game ones, which are Default, Non-default, and Heterochromia.
  • It has 30 Swatches, which includes 18 EA defaults and 12 custom colours.
  • The Speculars got detached for good.
  • It has a shadowed scelera.
  • It is accessible to all the genders and age-groups.
  • The Heterochromia option would be stored and found under the skin detail category.
  • It accurately categorizes and tags the appropriate things.
  • It is enabled for random too.
  • On top of it, the recolouring is allowed. 

Now that your character has different colored eyes, first person mod becomes much more riveting.

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