Sims 4 Disney Prompts

Sims 4 Disney Prompts & Gameplay (Updated) – 2024

As you might be aware, Disney is celebrating its hundred years of existence, and even the Sims 4 is grateful for it because many ideas and prompts have been inspired by Disney movies over the years.

There’s not a single person who can not relate to these characters, so to commemorate this celebration, here are all the ways you can incorporate Disney into your game. 

Sims 4 and Disney Relationship

Sims 4 and Disney Relationship

This game’s relationship with Disney has been a long one. It started with the Journey to Batuu in 2020 when players could have Star Wars themed characters.

There are three factions that you can choose from to run Batuu; you can either join the Resistance, the First Order, or the Scoundrels. However, you’d have to accomplish missions to achieve unique rewards, new outfits, build your own Lightsaber or Droid, and so on. 

Those who haven’t downloaded the Journey to Batuu game pack can still enjoy the perks of Star Wars themed gameplay because it’s part of the base game. You can dress your avatars as the characters in the movie, and there’s also a child statue that you can add to your home decor. 

Now, let’s see all the characters and movies that you can get inspired from and create an avatar resembling them. 

Classic Disney Characters

  • Mickey & Minnie Mouse
  • Donald & Daisy Duck
  • Goofy & Pluto
  • Chip & Dale

Pixar Characters

  • Finding Nemo – Nemo, Dory, Marlin, Coral, Bruce, Crush, Nigel, and Darla
  • Toy Story – Buzz, Woody, Jessie, Andy, Rex, Bo Peep, Mr & Mrs. Potato Head, and Hamm
  • The Incredibles – Helen Parr, Bob Parr, Violet, Dash, Edna Mode, Frozone, Jack-Jack, and Syndrome
  • Up – Carl & Ellie Fredrickson, Russell, Charles Muntz, Dug & Kevin
  • Coco – Ernesto de la Cruz, Miguel, Mama Coco, Mama Imelda Rivera

Disney Princesses & Villains

  • Ariel
  • Mulan
  • Snow White
  • Jasmine
  • Rapunzel
  • Pocahontas
  • Ursula
  • Cruella de Vil
  • Scar
  • Maleficent
  • Gaston
  • Hades

Disney Movies & Television Shows

  • Encanto
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Lilo & Stitch
  • Robin Hood
  • The Little Mermaid
  • Frozen
  • Raya & The Last Dragon
  • Big Hero 6
  • Wreck it Ralph
  • Winnie the Pooh
  • Peter Pan
  • The Princess Diaries

Disney Channel Movies & Television Shows

  • High School Musical
  • Hannah Montana
  • The Suite Life of Zack & Cody
  • Lemonade Mouth
  • Descendants
  • Camp Rock
  • Wizards of Waverly Place
  • The Lizzie McGuire Movie
  • Shake it Up
  • Liv & Maddie

Marvel & Star Wars

  • The Avengers: Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, Dr. Strange, Scarlet Witch, Thanos, Vision, Hawkeye, Loki
  • Guardians of the Galaxy: Star-Lord, Gamora, Rocket, Groot, Mantis, Drax
  • Ms. Marvel/Kamala Khan
  • Moon Knight/ Mr. Knight
  • Hawkeye/ Clint Barton, Kate Bishop
  • Ant-Man and Wasp
  • Spider-Man & MJ
  • America Chavez & Wong
  • Luke Skywalker
  • Princess Leia
  • Anakin Skywalker
  • Padmé Amidala
  • Kylo Ren
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
  • Boba Fett
  • Rey
  • Yoda
  • Grogu (Baby Yoda)

Disney Locations

  • Magic Kingdom & the Disney Castle
  • Galaxy’s Edge – Star Wars
  • East High – High School Musical
  • Wonderland – Alice in Wonderland
  • Casa Madrigal – Encanto
  • The Waverly Sub Station – Wizards of Waverly Place
  • The Hundred Acre Wood – Winnie the Pooh

Disney Inspired Content in Sims 4

Disney Inspired Content in Sims 4

So, those who want to play challenges related to Disney should go for the following options. 

1. Disney Princess Challenge

This challenge is one of the most loved ones in the game because it’s a mix of the Disney princess storyline with the legacy challenge. You can either trace the same path of the princess as in the movie or let the game take its course, but don’t forget to follow the challenge rules

2. Custom Content

There are several CCs that are inspired by Disney, such as clothing, poses, and so on. You can find every single thing related to these movies and characters. 

3. Gallery

You can even check out the gallery in the game because you’ll find a lot of creations there, from minor aspects to significant ones, such as Disney inspired households. You can either search Disney in the search bar or filter the content by typing the name of specific characters, movies, etc. 


So here we’ve come to the end of this Disney inspired article, and I hope we’ve convinced you to try out some of these features to celebrate the hundred years of Disney because it deserves nothing less. Add magic and childhood innocence to the game through these ideas and make your gameplay fascinating.

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