Sims 4 Childbirth Mod

Sims 4 Childbirth Mod (Download) – 2024

Pregnancy in the game is quite an exciting and immersive feature for the players, but it’s still lacking in several aspects. However, there have been specific updates in this whole feature, which makes it a wholesome and complete Sims 4 childbirth mod.

You can relate to it and even get engrossed in the entire process when your character becomes pregnant, and that is the whole point of the game. So let’s learn more about these features and the updates that have been added. 

Sims 4 Childbirth Mod

Sims 4 Childbirth Mod

Earlier in the game, pregnancy features and interactions were quite unrealistic, such as your avatar popping out a child into the bassinet directly or going into a hospital machine, which takes out their heart instead of the baby, and so on. These aspects made the whole pregnancy feature funny and strange. 

However, Pandasama introduced the childbirth module in the game, which was a saving grace for the players. Its attributes consist of the following – 

1. Call Your Sim’s Obstetrician

This is one of the most fundamental aspects of real pregnancy; calling your obstetrician. Unfortunately, this option wasn’t available in the game, but once you add this mod, your avatar can talk to their obstetrician when they reach the second trimester. To do so, go to the phone and navigate to the household menu, and select “call obstetrician.” 

2. Different Birthing Options

Now, your character can decide the way they want to give birth to the child. When they talk to their obstetrician, they can choose between a surgery machine, natural delivery, and a c-section as the birthing options. They can choose any one of the options by clicking on it, and once it’s time for delivery, they’ll give birth the way they want to. 

3. Allow Another Sim to Attend the Birth

To add a more realistic layer to the gameplay, this option allows your character to ask someone to accompany them to the hospital during childbirth. They can do so by clicking on a character and selecting the “ask to accompany childbirth” option.

However, you can only do this before they go into labor. This option isn’t available for any sim, though. Yes, there’s a twist. You can only ask a character who either has a +70 friendship or +30 romance relationship with your avatar.

You can also undo your choice by clicking on the “ask to not accompany childbirth” option and then choose someone else to go with your character. Your character would have to ask someone to support them during childbirth; otherwise, no one would.

4. Take Family Leave Before Giving Birth

Your pregnant avatar would get 2 days’ leave from work before they give birth; however, it’s also essential for the person accompanying them to be there during the delivery as well.

Therefore, you can choose the “take family leave” option for the person you decide to go with you so that they also receive leave for 2 days. 

5. Ask For An Epidural

Those who chose c-section as the birthing option can click on the obstetrician and “ask for epidural” before the surgery. This is a vital step, which only works 60% of the time, but without it, your character might be in labor for a long time. 

6. Use a Yoga Ball to Induce Labor

Sometimes, the third trimester extends for a long time, and your avatar’s nowhere close to giving birth. In such cases, your character can either go for a walk or use a yoga ball to induce labor. To go for a walk, you can click on the pregnant character and select “go for a walk.”

Otherwise, purchase a yoga ball from the build mode. This module includes the yoga ball, so you can search for it in the catalog. 

7. Weight Gain After Birth

I cannot believe the realism this option adds to the game because gaining weight after childbirth is quite normal and natural. Also, if your avatar went through a c-section, you’ll see a patch on their lower abdomen indicative of the surgery. It’s quite an immersive experience when you try all these features. 

New Updates

Apart from these additions, there have been several new updates in the Sims 4 realistic birth mod, and they are as follows – 

1. Pregnancy Announcements

Pregnancy announcements in the game have always been strange because the other person always has a happy reaction to the news. However, the new update allows your character to click on their partner and select the “share pregnancy news” option.

The highlight is that if both the sims don’t have the “Hates Children Trait,” then they’d be happy about this news, whereas if one or both the characters have this trait, then they’d feel upset about this announcement. 

2. Napping Together

Having a nap together is such a cute moment, and your character can experience this with their partner or friend by clicking on the couch and choosing “nap together.” However, they can only do so with those they have +30 friendship or romance. The animation makes this whole feature more adorable and wholesome.

3. Cuddling

Here’s another way for your pregnant character to bond with their partner. They can cuddle on a double bed with them by clicking on their partner and selecting the “Pregnancy Cuddle” interaction under the Romance social category.

The partner would even rub the pregnant character’s belly, and if both the sims don’t have the “hates children” trait, then they’d enjoy this part. 

4. Ultrasound Examinations

Your character can get an ultrasound anytime they want. All they have to do is call their obstetrician over the phone and select the ultrasound option.

To get the custom ultrasound machine, you’d have to enable the “bb.enablefreebuild” cheat in the build/buy mode once your character’s in the hospital room.

You can search for “ultrasound machine” in the catalog, and it’d come up. Remember to place this machine in a place where it’s accessible. 

Now, move back to live mode and click on the ultrasound machine to get the ultrasound done. You can bring your partner with you for the ultrasound, or you could shift control to them and command them to join your avatar by clicking on the pregnant character.

After the scan, you’ll find a copy of the ultrasound in the inventory, and they can show it to their friends, frame it, and put it on display on a wall or a surface. 

Once the ultrasound is done, you can share the news with friends and family under the Friend Social category, but the ultrasound should be in your inventory for this option to appear. 

5. Birth Complications

Those who choose home birth might have to give birth suddenly, and they may also encounter a stall in labor. There’s a 10% chance if your avatar is giving birth to a single child that they’d face stalled labor, and those having multiple babies would have a 30% chance.

You’d receive an orange pop up notification informing you about it, and you must keep an eye on your avatar because they might need an emergency c-section if the labor doesn’t start. 

A stalled labor would lead to a slow dilation, which resolves itself at times after an hour, and the labor would start. You can hire a midwife to check on your avatar and inform you if they require an emergency c-section.

If they do need to go for surgery, then players would receive a notification about the same, and you can decide on canceling this prompt if you don’t want them to go to the hospital. This choice won’t have any negative consequences, and your character’s labor will eventually progress normally. 

However, if you do decide to go to the hospital, then you’d have to visit the hospital lot, and they’d receive an epidural and would be prepped for surgery. If your character isn’t tended to immediately, then you can ask a doctor to perform the operation. 

6. Unassisted Birth

For more variations in the birthing options, your character can also give birth without anyone helping them in the process.

To opt for this feature, buy a bassinet and put it somewhere at home. Click on it and choose the “unassisted birth” option. Your character would kneel down wherever they are and give birth when it’s time, and they won’t have to go to the bassinet.

The only issue is that the animation only shows the delivery of one baby, so if they are giving birth to multiple babies, then they’d show up, but not in the animation. 

7. Stretch Marks and Surgery Scars

It can’t get more real than this because your avatar would now have stretch marks in their third trimester, and they’d fade away gradually 3 days after their child’s birth.

However, there’s an option to make this a permanent option in the settings if you want a more natural experience. Characters who gave birth through c-section would have a scar on their lower abdomen, and it’ll fade away eventually four days after childbirth. 

If you don’t want these scars on your sim’s body, then you can disable this feature by enabling cheats by entering “testingcheats true” and then Shift + Click on your avatar. You’d find the option to remove this feature under Childbirth Settings. 

Also, the flashing heart on top of the character’s head when they go into labor has now changed into sparkles under their feet.


The updates in the Sims 4 childbirth mod make it one of the most immersive and engrossing modules in the game because it adds an extra layer of realism that the players were waiting for. It’ll make the gameplay more complex while also retaining a fun and entertaining aspect, which is the perfect combination.

Now that your avatar’s pregnant, you’d also have to plan a celebration to welcome their baby. So now’s the time to plan it.


How do you give birth on Sims 4 mod?

To give birth, your character can call their obstetrician once they enter the second trimester and choose the birthing option you want from home birth, natural birth mod, and c-section options.

Is there a more realistic birth mod Sims 4?

Yes, the realistic pregnancy mod sims 4 pandasama is one such module, which includes several attributes for a natural and relatable childbirth feature.

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