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How To Install & Use XML Injector in the sims 4 – (2024)

A lot of players would have come across this notice that they must download the XML Injector before downloading a particular mod, and players were curious and cautious about this feature.

Therefore, they avoided downloading it, but this would no longer be the case when you understand what an XML injector is and what it does. So let’s learn more about it through this article. 

Creator of XML Injector Sims 4

Those who’ve been playing the game for a long time would undoubtedly know Scumbumbo and would have downloaded his mods at least once.

However, he, unfortunately, passed away in 2019, but his mods are updated, and new ones are still created under his name by other modders.

Scumbumbo was the one who created the XML injector, and there was no looking back after that. It made things so much easier. 

Sims 4 XML Modding

Sims 4 XML Modding

So the whole concept behind this feature is that there are specific mods that require an additional script, and you can’t simply copy paste them into your mod folder. Mods include lines of code that get things done on the computer, and this programming code also consists of scripts. 

Scripting Mods

So, as I mentioned earlier, some modules that aren’t simple clothing or re-mesh of build/buy objects related, then you’d have to add additional coding to make the mod functional.

This script could add a minor detail or a completely new mechanic to the feature, which was the best part. You need to reprogram a lot, especially when it comes to more extensive modifications. 

What Is A Xml Injection Sims 4?

So an XML injector is a script library where modders can find scripts for minor or significant additions instead of writing them on their own. This makes scripting the mods easier and quicker, and it also allows modders to be consistent across all the modules. 

Here are its advantages – 

  • Conflicting mods, what’s that? When all the modules have the same script code, then there’s no point in them clashing. For instance, sometimes you get a warning that “will conflict with any mod that does so and so.” If you want to add an interaction to the character directly, then you’d have to override the object_sim file for it. 
  • The highlight is that these codes are updated from time to time by those who handle the XML injector, so you won’t encounter the issue of using outdated or old scripts for your modifications. Now, when a new update is released, all your modules will be updated at the same time.
  • These codes function effectively because they’ve been tried and tested, and they are maintained as well.  
  • Modders can even add new scripts and update their modules and later on find these scripts in the XML library when it becomes common knowledge. For example, functional spiral staircases are in the process of being developed, so the scripts used in them would become a part of the library so that other creators and modders can also use them. 

Don’t worry; not all modules require the XML injector because new modules come with their own distinctive coding. You only need this option if the modification page asks you to. 

How to Use the XML Injector?

So as a player, all you have to do is download this feature for any module that you want it for and add it to your mods folder. Don’t paste it in a subfolder, though. After this, when you install the modification for which this was needed, that’s when it’ll start functioning.

The injector downloads files would consist of two scripts: XmlInjector_Script_v2.ts4script and XmlInjector_Test_v2.package, and you must add them both to the mods folder. Its 3rd version, which is the latest one, is compatible with the University patch. 

You must also enable the script mods in the settings for this to function. There’s also a test package with several interactions for you to try to make sure the injector’s working correctly. Here are the 6 interactions that you can test it on –

  • On a household’s mailbox
  • On any of the game’s computer objects
  • By clicking on any Sim
  • By clicking on another character and going for the “Friendly” chat choices
  • From a Sim on the relationship panel
  • On the “Household” phone category

For modders, this XML Injector makes things easier because it saves time in writing, compiling, and maintaining these scripts. Here are all the changes you can make using this library of script codes. 

  • You can include interactions to the game objects. The game objects can be selected by number, for instance, such as an existing interaction (e.g. sink_washHands) or by opting for a partial name search.
  • Players can add interactions to a character’s object.
  • Adding interactions to the relationship panel is possible.
  • Including phone panel interactions are also available. 
  • You can add interactions to AffordanceLists (“Friendly” mixers, etc.)
  • It’s compatible with Version 2 of the game.


So this is what an XML injector Sims 4 is, and it’s one of the most valuable tools you’d come across because it makes everything easy for modders and players alike.

You no longer have to be cautious about downloading it because it’s a boon for you, which would make your gaming experience smooth and efficient.


Where do I put the XML injector Sims 4?

You must download the XML injector and place it in your mods folder, and not a subfolder, so that you can quickly locate it if you want to update it.

What does XML injector do?

The primary purpose of an XML injector is to make sure that the modules function perfectly in the game without conflicting with each other or becoming outdated.

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