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Best Sims 4 Foundations CC & Mods – (Download) – 2024

A building is nothing without its foundations, and therefore we have some of the most detailed and gorgeous Sims 4 foundations cc for you that would enhance your building’s vibe and appearance and would make people stare as they walk past.

So are you ready to add some much needed foundations to your virtual house, buildings, and so on? Let’s go!

Sims 4 Foundation Mods

Using foundations in a building has never been easier. Just a few clicks, and you can change the structure of your building the way you want. 

1. In Game Invisible Foundation

In Game Invisible Foundation

Have you ever heard of a hidden foundation? Well, this feature offers you precisely that, where your house’s foundation would become invisible.

There’s not a lot of use for it, but if you’re inclined toward creative and innovative ideas and wish to add the same to your virtual house, then why not?

After all, this is only possible in a virtual space, so make the most of it. You can use the showhiddenobjects cheat for it because it’s not a cc but an in-game feature.

2. Brighter Foundations

Brighter Foundations by Lotharihoe

As the name suggests, this cc would make everything brighter and clear in the game, which would eventually improve the graphics.

The vanilla game offers quite dark and shady exteriors that make everything look dull, but downloading this mod would add brightness while also keeping this natural and realistic.

The shading effect is reduced from 50% to 10%, and the textures of the foundations are in sync with the rest of the objects. 

You can choose from the two versions available, where one modifies the shading, and the other gets rid of the white outlines added to some of the objects after the Dream Home Decorator patch was released.

3. No Deco Foundations

No Deco Foundations

If you have the Awesome Argyle, Vintage Vista, or Punk Rock Foundation, then you might have faced this issue that the pattern doesn’t adjust according to the foundation, which makes it look glitchy and unappealing.

However, this module is an override that removes such parts that don’t fit in and offers a clean and organized look. So it’s a must have for players who are using this foundation.

4. Brick Foundation 2

Brick Foundation 2 by CarolDesign

There are varied brick foundations in this cc, which features 6 designs in gorgeous colors, and you can choose the one that you prefer. The options include – 

  1. A classic clay roof with 6 color options in red and brown shades.
  2. Classic brick foundation in 6 red and brown shades.
  3. 1 false ceiling in the brushed metal gray tone override file.

5. Love Of Lattice & Vintage Vista Foundations

Love Of Lattice & Vintage Vista Foundations

If you’re looking to build a romantic lot, then this is the right foundation cc for you. There are 30 breathtaking and vibrant swatches to choose from. It’d add such a beautiful appearance to the whole lot.

6. Seamless Masonry Build Set

Seamless Masonry Build Set

With this mod, you’ll have a collection of 2 walls, 2 flat, and 2 ridge foundations. The first two options are in 5 swatches each, whereas the third one comes in 10 swatches with 5 white and black color options.

It’s base game compatible as well and makes for an excellent addition to any building because of its popular design.

7. Greg Foundation

Greg Foundation

If you’re one who’s more into modern designs and foundations, then this is the cc for you. Players can now have matching walls, floors, and foundations with a chic and contemporary design. You’d want to instantly download this mod because of how attractive it’d make the whole place look.

8. Foundation Pack

Foundation Pack

Pralinesims is famous for custom content, and this is another masterpiece by her, which includes several swatches for the foundation in tiles, solids, stones, and other works.

It’d significantly enhance the building, and you’d undoubtedly find something worth your while because of the wide variety it offers. You can expect nothing less from this creator.

9. Walls and Foundations

Walls and Foundations

It’s evident from its name that this Sims 4 foundation build cc includes options for walls and foundations.

These swatches are available in red or gray brick and wooden slats because they work well together and would turn out beautifully when used. The exterior would be elegant yet bold, and that’s precisely what we want. So download this mod asap!

10. Foundation Pack

Foundation Pack

Similar to the pack we discussed previously, this one also includes numerous options for you to choose from. There are several colors available as well, so you can go for the one that fits perfectly with your ideal perception and the vision you had in mind. Here are the swatches it consists of – 

  1. 2 Brick Options (4 colors each)
  2. 3 Concrete Textures (3 color options each)
  3. 2 Mixed Swatches (3 colors each)
  4. 2 Pebble Designs (4 colors each)
  5. 3 Stone Textures (3 swatches each)

11. Stone Collection

Stone Collection

Here’s another cc by this creator with 6 stone textured designs to use for foundations because it’s a classic when we think about designing our walls, terrains, floors, or foundation. It’s an absolute treat to the eyes, and you cannot miss out on it because of its simple and modest appearance.

12. Natural Stone Foundation

Natural Stone Foundation

This is quite detailed custom content and comes in 4 swatches. It’d add a vintage or old vibe to the whole building, so if that’s the look you’re going for, then great.

Also, this option is sturdy and resilient, so it exudes a strong vibe and holds a presence on people who visit or pass by. So it’d be a great choice if you go ahead with it.

13. Starboard Foundation

Starboard Foundation

This is one of my favorite options in the game because of how fun and beautiful they are. The texture and the colors fit seamlessly, and it’s a feature that is ideal for beachy shops, houses, or other such quirky places.

Apart from the original light brown color, there are 13 unique and vibrant swatches to take pick from, and they are all base game compatible. I’d highly recommend you get your hands on this beauty.

14. Gingerbread Wall And Foundation Set

Gingerbread Wall And Foundation

Holidays call for themed decorations, and by that, we mean themed foundations as well. So to add that Christmas cheer to the virtual world, you can go for this mod, which creates a fantasy place for the sims. The whole building would look like a gingerbread house; isn’t that amazing?

So to make some changes in the way your home looks, this is the right way to do it.

15. Helsinki Neoclassical Build Set

Helsinki Neoclassical Build Set

You might have guessed it already; this cc is inspired by the creator Marble’s hometown of Helsinki in Finland.

It includes several foundations and build items in pastel and muted color tones to match other objects perfectly. There are 7 items to choose from ranging from 8 to 24 swatches, and they are as follows – 

  1. Stucco Wall & Stone Block wall in 17 swatches.
  2. Foundation in 21 options
  3. A Tin roof is available in 8 swatches.
  4. Tower Turret in 24 colors 
  5. Dormer in 24 swatches, but it requires the Get Famous Expansion Pack. 
  6. Pediment is available in 17 swatches, but you require the Felixandres Georgian Pediment. 

16. Staggered Toned Brick Foundation

Staggered Toned Brick Foundation

Since brick foundations are such a popular foundation choice, this cc with 40 swatches comes in several brick sizes to fit in with your building’s structure in the best way possible. The texture and the quality are top-notch, so you should certainly consider downloading them.

17. Bamboo


Now we’ve covered a lot of brick and stone options, but this cc is a unique one because its look and texture resemble that of bamboo.

There are a lot of items in it, such as fences, foundations, doors, railing, etc. It’d be a refreshing change, so I’d recommend you download this mod right away!

18. Washed Gravel

Washed Gravel

Here’s another content for you that is distinctive and beautiful because it has a gravel appearance in 10 swatches, and each one’s better than the previous one. They’d look excellent on any building; therefore, we’re ending this list with this remarkable cc.



These were all the Sims 4 foundations cc that you can add to your game, except the base game ones, because why should we choose vanilla features when they are enhanced ones?

So download the one you prefer the most, and that would blend in seamlessly with the rest of the objects.

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