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Best Sims 4 Male Hair cc & Mods – Download (2024)

A person’s hairstyle says a lot about their personality, and it’s essential for you to choose the right hairstyle; otherwise, it can mess with your gaming avatar’s appearance.

So here’s a list of some of the best Sims 4 men hair that you should try for your character and give a massive makeover to them. 

Sims 4 Male Hair CC

Now, let’s dive into the various looks that the creators have curated for you to try on your avatar, and you might find the perfect one. 

1. David Hair

David Hair

Let’s start with this basic and most loved hairstyle for men, which features a burst fade haircut. It’s quite a manly look and a simple one, which makes it a favorite of most of the players as it suits almost every face type.

It’s base game compatible and available in 16 EA colors. It’s suitable for teens to elders, so download it for your avatar now.

2. Pedro Hair

Pedro Hair

This is one of my favorite hair CCs because of how cute and stylish it makes your avatar look. The messy beachy waves exude a don’t care look, which usually suits a creative person, like an artist or a painter.

It also fits a person who is a surfer because of the unruly and laid back appearance. So get this base game compatible cc, which is available in 24 swatches. It’s hat compatible as well. 

3. That Trio!

That Trio!

When it comes to this Sims 4 male hair pack, you will gain three stylish and lustrous hairstyles, including blonde curls, sleek hair, and slicked back hair.

There are 24 swatches for each style, and they are base game + hat compatible as well. Players with teens, adults, or elder sims can use any one of these CCs for them and see the magic it works on their appearance.

4. Sylvester Hair

Sylvester Hair

This cc is giving me serious Chuck Bass vibes with its elite and rich look, and what more could we ask for? It’s such an effortlessly sexy look with a sleek fade and two to three strands of hair falling on the forehead that anyone would want it for their character.

So pick one out of the 24 colors of this base game and hat compatible option, and you’re all set. Let your avatar make heads turn as they walk past.

5. Yuji Hair

Yuji Hair

If your character’s all about fun, then it should show in their appearance as well. Therefore, this look is quite a bold and whimsical one and doesn’t suit everyone. This short hairstyle features a different colored top with the sides and back remaining black in color.

As I said, it’s a funky look, and there are 16 colors to choose from. This base game compatible hair is located in the Face Paint or Accessories category and is suitable for teens to elder characters. The highlight is that you can download this cc as separate packages.

6. Fabio Hair

Fabio Hair

Now, here’s a custom content for hair that looks like that of a Greek god with shiny and voluminous blonde locks in medium length. How can you not be charmed by a person with this hairstyle?

The wavy locks are the showstopper, and it accentuates a character’s features in the best way possible. It’s available in all EA colors and is base game + hat compatible.

7. Mosie Hair

Mosie Hair

Whenever a tall, dark, and handsome man is described in books or movies, this is the hairstyle they usually have, with straight Sims 4 black male hair cc featuring a middle parting. It gives them an intense vibe, which draws people to them.

So download this mod in all EA colors, and it’s also compatible with the hat section, so go ahead and make your avatar the next romance king.

8. Reina Maz Hair

Reina Maz Hair

How can we not feature a man bun in this list? After all, they are one of the most popular hairstyles to ever exist.

This messy man bun with locks of hair coming out of it and framing the face of your character in a near perfect way is what we are looking for. It’s available in black color for males and white for females.

The wavy texture of the hair in the front makes all the difference. The attention to detail is what makes it an excellent choice.

9. Adonis Hair

Adonis Hair

Dreadlocks aren’t for everyone because it’s a pretty bold look to sport, but when it comes to this Sims 4 guy hair, it’s an evolved version of dreadlocks. It features smooth textured dreadlocks and includes a separate rose accessory as well that players can find in the hat section.

It adds that extra touch of uniqueness. Both male and female avatars can try this base game compatible hairstyle, which is available in 24 colors.

10. Golden Hair

Golden Hair

This cc is somewhat similar to Yuji Hair, but the primary difference is that this hairstyle falls over the avatar’s eyebrows and has more of a Korean vibe, which we absolutely adore. Players can change the colors of the top hair to any of the 10 colors available.

This maxis match cc is suitable for all age groups and is hat compatible as well. So, make your avatar look like a person from the BTS band with this hairstyle.

11. Bad Romance

Bad Romance

Don’t judge this cc by its name because this pack includes two unique maxis match hairstyles, with one featuring droopy hair that falls to the eyes of your avatar and one with an off center parting with a few locks of hair falling on the forehead and eyes. Both the options exude a relaxed vibe and are compatible with the base game as well.

12. Elio Hair

Elio Hair

Here’s a Sims 4 curly hair cc male, which would look fabulous on every avatar as it features a mesh from the Cottage Living expansion pack.

It comes with voluminous locks of curls, with a few of them falling on the forehead as well. It’s a look that would make your character look nothing less than a model.

All the EA colors are at your disposal, so choose any of them for this base game and hat compatible option.

13. Streetboys


This male hair set of 5 flaunts a casual and sporty look, with haircuts ranging from curly and wavy to fade and droopy. You’d find them all in this pack, which is what makes this a must have.

There are 3 swatches accessible to the players, and they can also add bandanas with this cc for a more authentic look. This base game compatible cc is for teens to elders.

14. Calisto (Male Hair)

Calisto (Male Hair)

Now, here’s a hairstyle that I absolutely love because of its unique and majestic vibe. It features a side parting with the majority of the wavy hair on one side, and the volume of this shoulder length hair is the highlight of this entire cc.

There are 26 swatches to take a pick from, and they are compatible with the base game. It gives a rugged look to your character, which makes other sims swoon over their appearance.

15. Edga Hair

Edga Hair

This cc is made for every face shape and adds a confident and edgy element to the character’s looks. Those with a square face can carry off this hairstyle with ease.

A few fringes fall over their forehead, adding a sexy vibe, and you can take your pick from the 24 colors available that are base game compatible and work for teens to elders. This option has the ability to make your character look like an actor or a celebrity, trust me.

16. Henry Hair

Henry Hair

Here’s one of the everyday hairstyles that men usually opt for and why shouldn’t they? After all, it makes them add that charming quality to their personality.

With an off center parting and a sway on one side with hair touching the forehead, a little is as pretty as a picture.

This maxis match content is accessible in 24 colors for teens to elders and is also base game compatible. Apart from subtle and natural colors, there are also some bold color options available if you’re in the mood for some fun.

17. Dreadlock Hairstyle

Dreadlock Hairstyle

So this hairstyle features dreadlocks, but in a cool and tamed fashion, with them tilting to one side of the head, flaunting a fade on the side, with some incredible detailing. There are 24 EA colors, including base game compatibility.

It’s also hat and HQ mod compatible, so that’s a bonus point as well. It’s a pretty relaxed and badass look that you can use on your avatar. It’s available for females as well.

18. Kamui Hair Original Mesh

Kamui Hair Original Mesh

Looking at this hairstyle reminds me of an anime character with smooth and shiny hair falling over the forehead in a cute and trendy way.

With 58 swatches and base game + hat compatibility, this cc is quite a catch for all the players, especially for anime lovers. It’s HQ compatible as well, so download this cc without a second thought.

19. Vatore


If your character is or wishes to be a part of the fashion or makeup industry, then this hairstyle is made for them.

Other avatars can also sport this short and long hair look with confidence, with the long side of the hair cut in layers and the other side remaining short. It’s quite an emo look, in my opinion, and exudes a punk rock vibe.

There’s a lot going on in this hairstyle, and you can either go for a single color for the hair or two shades as well; it’s up to you. There are 32 swatches for teens to elders.

20. Curly Male Hair

Curly Male Hair

As is evident from its name, this option features curly hair but with a cute element. It gives me professor vibes, honestly, like the one we see in movies or read about in books. The disheveled look is what makes it one of the most attractive male hairstyle Sims 4.

There are several EA colors, but it’s not hat compatible. Apart from that, there’s nothing that goes wrong with this hair cc.

21. Ponytail for Male Sims

Ponytail for Male Sims

What do you think about a long ponytail on your male avatar? Looks cool, right? So here’s this cc, which offers a unique element to your character’s appearance and personality; their entire vibe changes.

The best part is the stray strands in the front, which give it more of a casual look. It appears like a hairstyle that an artist might try who doesn’t have time to care about their hair.

22. Male Hair CC Pack

Male Hair CC Pack

We can’t get enough of these hair packs because you get the goodness of so many hairstyles in one download. There are 9 hairstyles in this Sim 4 male hair cc folder, featuring slicked back, curly, dreadlocks, and so many more, with 24 swatches.

You’d undoubtedly find at least one hairstyle matching your character’s face shape and personality. It’s base game compatible as well, so check it out now.

23. Two Tone Hair

Two Tone Hair

Now, this Sims 4 custom content hair male is so distinctive and eccentric that it requires a bold character to pull this off. As the name suggests, the hair features a middle parting with both halves in different colors; therefore, the two tone hair.

No doubt, it’s a cool look, more of a rockstar vibe, and comes in 24 colors to choose from, and they are base game + hat compatible. So start mixing and matching colors to create a gorgeous hairstyle for your gaming avatar.

24. Michael Hair

Michael Hair

This cc has everything that you need to add that edgy look to your character with dreadlocks, cornrows, and braids. It’s a pretty uncommon haircut, resembling a pineapple’s texture but excellent, nevertheless.

Also, there are so many colors to choose from, ranging from neutral shades to quirky ones. Teens to adults can try this hat compatible cc, which would make your avatar stand out from the crowd.

25. Closure Hair

Closure Hair

I love this hairstyle on my avatar because of how gorgeous it makes your character look with that long and lustrous beachy hair.

It’s a must have for players who are more inclined toward Sims 4 male long hair cc than shorter ones. Sims with a sharp jawline and cheekbones would ace this look like no other. It’d accentuate their features, making them look like a Greek god.

Also, there are 90 colors available for this HQ and hat compatible cc. So all the players with teen to elder avatars must get this asap!

26. Sex Pistols Hairstyle

Sex Pistols Hairstyle

It’s quite obvious by its name that this mod is what you need to spice up your avatar’s look. With short, spiky, and windswept hair, this haircut would make them bring out the sexiness in them and make people get jealous of their good looks.

It has a bad boy vibe but with a hint of decency because of the neatly cropped hair, adding a gentlemanly vibe to their personality. It’s BG and hat compatible and comes in 58 swatches. So what are you waiting for?

27. OE0818 Hair

OE0818 Hair

The moment you lay your eyes on this mod, the first word that comes to mind is soft. Yes, this cc looks so silky and smooth with its luscious locks and wispy hair drooping on the forehead a little, adding a gentle touch to your character’s features.

They also have a bounce and fluffy property, making it look lightweight and silky. So get this hair cc in 20 colors and let your sim be the highlight of any event.

28. OS1114 Hair

OS1114 Hair

Here’s a remarkable hairstyle with a faded undercut and a voluminous braid on top, with stray hair falling on the forehead, adding a natural and realistic look. This cool and edgy look is what your avatar is missing to make them look irresistible.

With 20 colors to choose from, this custom content would become the showstopper of your CAS menu. The detailing in it is impressive, so there’s no reason for you not to download it right away.

29. Nightingale TS3 To TS4

Nightingale TS3 To TS4

Dangerous is the word that comes to mind when I look at this option because the low man bun with the rest of the medium length hair is let loose, and a few wispy strands framing the face add a modern appearance.

It makes your character look detached and emotionless, and if you’re going for that look for your avatar, then you must download this Alpha cc without a shadow of a doubt.

It’ll look perfect on Vampire or other supernatural avatars and is available in several colors. You can even pair it with a hat.

30. Male Hair G88

Male Hair G88

Those who are looking for a haircut that gives a neat and clean look to their sims, making it look like they belong to the working class, then this cc is the one for you. It features a short haircut with face framing wispy strands, and it’s quite an effortless look.

It’ll make your avatar look smart and dapper when paired with formal or casual clothes. It comes in 21 base colors and 9 ombre shades and is hat as well as HQ mod compatible. Teens to elder avatars can flaunt this look anywhere.

31. Barom Hair

Barom Hair

Ending this list with one of the most excellent hair custom content, which looks feathery and soft with mid length wavy hair and middle parting.

The swaying hair in the front frames the face beautifully. There are 30 colors to choose from, and they are all HQ compatible and include hat chops as well. It has a Korean vibe to it, which a lot of players would love to have.


We’ve covered some of the most stunning Sims 4 men hair in this list that is a must have for players who want to give their characters a makeover.

There’s something for everyone here, so take a look and choose the ones that you think would compliment your avatar’s appearance and personality.

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