Sims 4 Explore Mod

Sims 4 Explore Mod | Kawaiistacie – Download (2024)

The kawaiistacie ks explore mod in Sims 4 is a rabbit hole-based game that enables your players to leave the group through this hole and have a look around other aspects like shopping, gambling, part-time, a hospital visit, grooming, and many more!

And when these sims return, this mod even facilitates them with modified characteristics like buffs, increased motives, improved skills, and better relationships.

This kawaiistacie explore mod even adds other features that could only be utilized by players who have subscribed to a particular pack.

How to Download Explore mod sims 4?

Follow the steps below to download and install this mod:

  1. Visit Kawaii Stacie’s Website: Head to Kawaii Stacie’s website using the link below.
  2. Download the Mod:
    • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “DOWNLOAD NOW.”
    • Opt for the “Public Release” for an ad-free and quicker experience.
  3. MediaFire Download:
    • Open the download link, ensuring compatibility (green checkmark).
    • Click the prominent “Download” button.
  4. Unzip the Folder:
    • Use WinRAR to open the downloaded file.
    • Double-click on the “KS – Explore Mod” folder.
  5. Move the Files:
    • Navigate to your Sims 4 Mod folder (Documents>Electronic Arts>Mods).
    • Create a new folder named “Explore Mod” for organization.
    • Move “KS-Explore Mod.ts4script” to the new folder.
    • Drag files from the 4 folders into the “Explore Mod” folder.
    • Move items from “Slime & Clay” (inside “Explore Mod Accessories”) to the “Explore Mod” folder.
    • Ensure “KS-Explore Mod.ts4script” is inside any new folder you create.
  6. Enable Mods in Sims 4:
    • Turn on custom content and script mods in Sims 4 Game Options.
    • This is crucial for the mod to function.
  7. Troubleshooting Tips:
    • If the sims 4 explore mod 2024 doesn’t run, check Sims 4 settings for custom content allowance.
    • Confirm the correct setup of your “Explore Mod” folder—no nested folders allowed.

SIMS 4 Explore Mod: Working Of The Explore Mod

After you install one of this best sims 4 mod, you’ll see a modified pie menu suggesting “explore” when you click on your Sims. It would lead your player to all the places that are already mentioned in the menu, even without your permission.

If you want your sims to go shopping, make sure they stay there for a while and comes out by itself. Some of the features might cost money, so don’t lose all your money in gambling.

Sims 4 travel mods

The travel mods present in the game enables you to move around with other sims by using the option “Explore with” mentioned in the pie menu.

Before you could utilise this module, you should send your sims to the DMV or the transportation center for a bus pass or a license to experience the explore mod.

The new explore mod v5 has more upgrades like the outfits. Even places have official names and have open and close timings.

SIMS 4 Explore Mod | KAWAIISTACIE Mod - Download

The Best Features Of The Sims 4 Explore Mod


The Sims 4 Gambling mod introduces your sims to a new characteristic in the base game, i.e., gambler, as it also initiates your interaction with the card table.

Gambling at home:

  • You get to chose your sims for gambling. It’s more like a practice game session. You won’t lose money when you play at home but you’ll gain money if you win. It would only improve your skills as you won’t earn as much as you earn at rabbit holes.

Gambling off lot (rabbit holes) :

  • You get to choose your sims for gambling. It requires a lot of practice and luck to win the game, as you will lose money if you don’t win, but if you don’t lose, you could end up earning a huge amount.

Skills to improve

This ks mod sims 4 will help you improve and better your skills in different facets like:

  • Cooking
  • Dancing
  • Photography
  • Yoga
  • Guitar
  • Gardening, and many more!


This mod would even help you provide certain services that you might need, like:

  • Sims 4 visit hospital mod feature
  • Get massages
  • Opt for various types of surgeries
  • Get your grooming done
  • Couples therapy.

One-day vacation

This mod even enables you to take a one-day vacation to the places given in the options below:

  • Jurassic Park
  • Disney World
  • Cruise
  • Beach


This mod has some exciting and entertaining activities to provide your Sims in the game, like:

  • Arcade
  • Comedy club
  • Fishing
  • Gym
  • Karaoke
  • Movie
  • Zoo
  • Playground
kAWAIISTACIE Mod - Download


There are some more mods created by kawaiistacie to explore in Sims 4. They’re as follows: kawaiistaciemods . Also check kawaiistacie preschool Mod

  • Drinkable pouches for humans: This option allows your characters to have drinkable pouches, which satiate their hunger and limit their bladder needs. Each pouch can contain up to 20 calories, and you can store them in the inventory.
  • Tea lover: Just like us, Sims also crave tea; therefore, this mod serves this need of theirs by producing tea. It has a positive effect on their mood and increases their buffs.
  • Acne-prone trait: We can’t run away from acne breakouts, even in virtual reality. So whenever there’s a breakout, you’ll see it on your character’s skin. It’d also increase buffs.
  • Baller trait: Some people have an interest in basketball, so this module would help them bring out their A-game by improving their skills. This game is a matter of status for them, so it’d boost their mood.
  • Singing trait: These characters are born with a nightingale’s voice, so this mod enables them to inspire others with their singing. They are at their happiest while singing, and might even wish to visit karaoke venues.
  • Appearance trait: This module comes in three types –
  1. Handsome and Beautiful attribute – The ones with this trait are a treat for sore eyes. They are attractive, which makes it easier for them to create friendships and bonds with others.
  2. Hideous trait – It’s the complete opposite of the previous mod. These sims are ugly; therefore, they have a hard time forming friendships and connections. Plastic surgery is not an option.

Activating the explore mod by getting a driver’s License or bus pass:

Once you’ve seamlessly integrated the Sims 4 Explore Mod into your game, it’s time to kick off your exploration journey.

Click on your sim during gameplay to reveal the pie menus. Navigate to the “Explore…” option, and within that menu, find “Services.”

Some might initially spot “Services…” and assume the mod isn’t functioning correctly. Rest assured, if you see this option, the mod is successfully installed. The mod creator designed it for sims to visit the DMV or transit depot first. Click on “Services…” to reveal further options.

Now, under “Services,” you’ll encounter “Try for License ($75)”—my character is a fascinating adult fish woman. Opt for this, and your sim will vanish for a few in-game hours. For children and teens, the more budget-friendly option is to purchase a bus pass.

Once your sim returns from the DMV or transit depot, check the traits menu (accessible by clicking on the face icon at the bottom right). Adults will boast a “Fully Licensed” trait, while children and teens will gain the bus pass trait.

Having completed these steps, the entire wheel is at your disposal. Go for “Explore With…” to invite fellow sims on your adventures.

Keep in mind, adults may find certain options locked, like the “Study at the Library,” whereas children and teens are restricted from adult-only places such as nightclubs.

Explore Mod Download


Are mods allowed in Sims 4?

Mods are allowed in Sims 4 because the developers understand its significance in the game. As a result, you don’t face difficulties while installing them. Only Maxis is an exception as it doesn’t endorse, pre-screen or support any modifications.

What are the best mods for Sims 4?

Here is a list of the best mods of Sims 4.
• Emotional Inertia
• Private Practice
• MC Command Center
• Have Some Personality Please
• Meaningful Stories
• Life’s Drama

Where do Sims 4 mods go?

Your installed mods go to the Mods folder that is usually present in the Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods. However, you might have stored them somewhere else as well.

How do I put CC in my PC Sims?

To put CC in your PC Sims, go to Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods and paste your .package file in it by clicking on an empty space. Once you start the game, these CCs or mods would be a part of the gameplay.

Can you Mod the Sims on PS4?

No, unfortunately you can’t Mod the Sims on PS4 because it isn’t compatible. Modding options are fairly less in consoles and not a lot of games allow you to make changes. Therefore, till the time the developers don’t update this issue, nothing can be done.

How does explore mod work Sims 4?

Once you’ve installed the module, you’ll notice an altered pie menu which contains options of places to explore. When you click on a sim, the “exploring” option pops up which lets you explore these places given in the menu.

What is explore mod?

Explore mod is a module which enables you to go to the DMV under the drivers license mod, indulge in gambling, or get your nails done. Your skills boost as you take part in these activities.

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