Sims 4 Preschool mod

Sims 4 Preschool mod | Daycare mod (2024) Download

The article below focuses on the Sims 4 preschool mod that enables your toddler to attain skills and mannerisms. It also focuses on different aspects of the mod, which would help you and your child sim. Also, it tells about the pros and cons of the mod. Read along to know the detailed information.

Sims 4 Preschool Mod

The Sims 4 Preschool mod, which is formally created by Kawaiistacie Mods for your toddler sims. This mod helps your toddler to improve their skills and character values at School.

They have many activities and interactions to perform at School, which you will choose for them. This way, the Sims 4 toddler preschool mod enables you to have a free time for yourself and decreases the effort of teaching your each toddler all day.

A thing you need to remember is, your toddler won’t skill up while they are at School, but the skills are increasing continuously in the kindergarten mod.

How to enroll toddler in preschool Sims 4?

You could obtain the Sims 4 daycare mod by clicking on the toddler sim and search for enrol/join preschool button to make them enter the daycare lot and your query of “how to send toddler to preschool Sims 4” is also solved.

You again have a facility of a day-off leave, which is known as PTO (Paid time off) in The Sims 4 preschool mod, but you could only opt for the day you’ve submitted the leave. Otherwise, a without notice leave penalty is 5 points, and it also deducts 100 points to get demoted.

The better schools mod requires that your child must go to the preschool and return home after the daycare time is over. If it’s not back yet, that means your toddler has something in his hand like food or any other thing, but even you can’t see it. Then all you have to do is reset your child sim and click on the ground/road, which makes the toddler come home or go to the preschool.

Sims 4 Preschool Mod

Pros Of The Sims 4 Toddler Preschool Mod:

The Sims 4 toddler preschool mod includes some considerable pros, which are as follows:

  • Building character values and skills, 
  • Making friends,
  • Taking naps and
  • Pay attention/ relax.
  • Also, Prekindergarten timings: 8 AM-12 PM (Monday-Friday)
  • Kindergarten timings: 8 AM-12 PM (Monday-Friday). 

Cons Of The Sims 4 Daycare Mod:

The Sims 4 daycare mod has some appropriate disadvantages as well. As the game is set to think that your toddler has reached home while every other sim is heading home. So all you can do is:

• Pay a nanny to wait for the toddler at home while the sim is at preschool.
• After the preschool, the toddler will head to daycare.
• The toddler sim will be at home till 2 PM.

Some of the major cons of Sims 4 better school mod are

Ask for help: increases the bladder, attention and hunger needs and also stops the sim from attaining the skills and values.
Take a nap: increases energy and decreases the manners they would receive and also stops from attaining skills and values.
Don’t listen to the teacher: increases fun motive but decreases manners, skills, and values.
Leave the School early: let the toddler leave the School early and go to the daycare.
Normal: slowly increases the skills and character values but decreases the fun motive.
Play with toys: increases fun motive, mannerisms, movement, and imagination but decrease the skills and values.
Listen to the teacher: quickly increases character values, manners, and skills but decrease the fun.
Make friends: increases the fun motive, relationships, and interactions but decrease the skills and the values.

As your character grows older, you’d have to look at other school options like the ones in homeschool & Private School Mod

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