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Sims 4 illness | Doctor Career Illness List – Download 2024

The article below considers the Sims getting sick in the game. The Sims 4 illness has been more fun and exciting of all the versions. Different types of sicknesses and their cure have got informed in the article. Read along to know about the various kinds of illness and how to cure them in Sims 4. 

Also, know about how to order and take medicines. The article got some frequently asked questions too, which might clear your queries at the end of the article or things you face while playing the game. Know more about the sicknesses and its cure in detail in the further segment. Download the game to experience such a wide variety of events and happenings in the game.  

Sims 4 Illness

Illness has always been the talk of the town in all the versions of the game. Hence, The Sims 4 illnesses bring more fun than before to the game. These Sims could get affected easily and can get sick due to the accidental causes present in the town. The Sims could get found thrusting in pain due to Llama flu, triple threat, itchy plumbob, burning belly, and lot more.

Your Sim could also get into this trap of illnesses. But don’t you worry we got you all covered. Learn about the diseases and their cure in the following segment. Make sure you keep your Sims disease-free.

What Are The Types Of Sims 4 Sicknesses? 

The following would be some specific types of illnesses, which are commonly faced by the Sims in the game. The classes are as follows:

Nausea: The Sims mostly suffers this particular type of sickness. These Sims 4 sick sim feel nauseous if they’re either pregnant or squeamish. The squeamish trait would make them feel dizzy all the time, and it has almost 100% possibility that the Sims may puke, literally all the time. These sick Sims would feel like puking every time someone or the other walks on them for a fight. Also, they could feel nauseous when they eat bad or spoiled food.

Poison: This type of illness is affected to the Sims who has experienced the Sims 4 Jungle Adventure. The Sims is getting poisoned when they’re in Selvadorada. If the Sim is lucky enough, then the poison won’t harm much, and the negative feeling would stay for 12 hours only. If the Sims 4 sick sim is unlucky, then they could die because of the poison. But you could surely afford Medicine for the cause and get cured.

Food Poisoning: Inadequate or spoiled food mainly causes food poisoning at the restaurant. As the Sims 4 has Dine out services which may affect your Sims. The wasted food makes them feel nauseous and uncomfortable, but fortunately, you could sometimes call the restaurant for the refund of your money.

Rabbit Rodent Fever: This type of sickness occurs when you have rodents as a pet. Make sure you clean its cage very often as the dirty cage spreads many diseases and makes the rodents angry. These pets tend to bite your Sim if you don’t maintain good relationships with them and hence the biting causes rabbit rodent fever. If your character does die, you can work on their last rites with the funeral mod.

Homesickness:This type of illness gets caused when your Sim has been on an extended vacation. This homesickness lasts for some hours and disappears once you’re backing home.

How To Cure Illness In Sims 4?

The Sims 4 illness can be cured by medicines, which are available to you in your Sim’s inventory. Sometimes, the Sims 4 sick Sims need to take drugs more than once to feel better. As the Sims would get rid of the sickness but it has chances of affecting the Sim again. So they need to take the medicines twice. 

After taking the medicines, the Sims would feel 4h energized, which would not just make them feel sick but would feel rejuvenated instead. Make sure you’re not giving medication to a standard sim as it would make them feel dizzy. 

You could also prepare yourself some tea from the Tea Magic Personal Brewer, as it would reduce the feeling of illness. Also, you could drink some orange juice to feel the same. 

How To Order/buy Medicines In Sims 4?

You could order/buy medicines in Sims 4 through your computers easily. All you need to do is 

  • Click on your computer screen> order>medicine, where each medicine bottle costs you $50. There is just a single medicine which would cure all the diseases.
  • After you’ve bought the medicines, it would get stored in the inventory.
  • Go to the inventory, search for the Medicine and choose to Take Medicine. If you feel the illness is returning, then retake the Medicine but make sure you’re not giving it to a good sim as Medicine would make the healthy Sim feel dizzy.
  • Illness could get decay faster by drinking Tea or orange juice.

faqsRelated To Sims 4 Sicknesses

What if the orange juice or the Tea doesn’t help to cure it? Also, if the medicines don’t work correctly. What to do to cure my Sim?

The disease from one-time dose doesn’t immune the Sim from the illness. The disease could catch the Sim again. Also, try ordering the treatment cure from your computer. If your Sim remains ill all the time, then try repairing the game as single dose usually works.

The illness has spread to the whole town. How does it happen? What to do now?

Mainly occurs in the hospital where a lot of infected sims reside and it tends to spread the germs making every other Sim ill. Rare contact with other sims may not lead to the spreading of germs. Try keeping your Sim away from the crowd and treat them in private, covering them from the group. 

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