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Sims 4 homeschool Mod | Private School | Drop Out | Better (Updated) 2024

This content is all about the better school mod sims 4 and how to go about it. The focus is to familiarize you with the new school features and the ways to download it. For detailed information, read the article.

Sims 4 School Mod

The Sims 4 has another new module that has arrived to impress you all. The life simulation game has yet again proved that it would be one of the best mods for you and your toddler players.

We all have been to pre college institutes, and now it’s time our child players to explore the schooling and education systems. So, don’t wait longer and download this 2024 version of the mod now.

In the modified version, Sims 4 comes up with two different education systems – ‘Elementary School’ option and for the teens’ High School’ choice. It gives you the chance to send your player to the academy and monitor its progress. You would have the opportunity to choose your school, learn necessary skills, institutional interactions and so on.

A few Sims 4 better school mod, you’d come across.

Sims 4 Private School module

Can Sims go to private school Sims 4? Yes, they can.

It includes a private institute instead of the original one and adds Preschool for toddlers as well. But you need to pay tuition fees for your players. The Sims 4 Private school mod asks you to pay following tuition fees:

  • For High educational institute: $250
  • For Grade Schooling: $150
  • For Preschool: $50 

Click Here For Private School

Sims 4 Homeschool module

If you can’t figure out “how do you use the homeschool mod in Sims 4?” read this section.

It involves your characters to attend virtual or online classes. Although this feature gets based on your character value. Just the way you used to participate in classes, likewise your child characters are supposed to do while homeschooling. After completion, the Sims 4 homeschool mod grants you your degree. Feels like a homeschool cheat, right?

Click Here For homeschool

Sims 4 No School module:

It is a quit school mod as it allows your sim to quit the academy and rejoin it if needed. The auto-enrol feature would not be available in the no school mod so you’d have to send your character to institute manually.

To quit the institution, select ‘Quit After School Activity’ option or ‘Quit a Job’ option for teens. This module has two versions: ChildOnly and ChildTeen.

If you want to leave the teen institute, then opt for the ChildTeen module, and this won’t affect the schooling of your child. Also, if you’re going to leave the child institute, then choose the ChildOnly module.

Click Here For No School

Sims 4 Dropout of School mod

It is beneficial if you decide to engage in a specified career field as soon as possible. There are three subsections, adult career outfits, adult career jobs and high educational institute dropout. The dropout of school mod is similar to the no school in summer mod to some extent. 

Click Here For Dropout

Sims 4 Shorter School Hour mod:

It lets you enjoy with other character teens. 2 hours get shortened from the regular 7 hours institute in this module.

Sims 4 No Bad Grades mod:

It is for the time if your player fails due to bad grades. It is considered one of the best module in Sims 4 school mod. 

Click Here For Bad Grades

Sims 4 high school mod

The high school mod includes professional teachers with all genres of modern studies. 

The following would be some of the other modules that include in the higher education modules and they are: 

Sims 4 Quit School mod

Quit school leads you to choose either the Sims 4 no school mod or to download the MCCC mod. 

Sims 4 homeschool Mod | Private School | Drop Out | Better

Sims 4 Boarding

It is technically not an option, but other Sims 4 mods such as public and elementary institute serve the same purpose. There are two types of the Sims 4 boarding school mod:

Click Here For Boarding

Sims 4 After School Activities:

These are for both children and teen Simpson the Seasons with getting Famous Expansion Pack. These activities are unpaid and include Scout, Drama club, E-sports competition and Soccer team player.

Amenities provided by schools

Sims 4 Elementary School:

It comprises of 3 floors and eight separate rooms devoted to each subject such as music hall, craft room, painting room, history room, computer room, gardening hall, science room along with two basic rooms for other purposes. 

Sims 4 Public School:

It is for small towns or suburbs. Basic schooling needs such as kids kitchen, music room, crafting room and much more is available here.

Sims 4 Newcrest School mod: 

It is for both elementary and high institute students. It has a modern design and consists of 3 floors with a basic schoolroom and a new academy pool, a small clinic, cafeteria, locker room and a vast ground.

Sims 4 Better High School mod:

It takes inspiration from the Harvard academy building. It consists of 13 rooms and two big halls. Also, three classrooms, a laboratory, an office, a gym, cafeteria and other activity rooms are a part of it. 

Click Here For Better Mod

Sims 4 vacation: 

The Sims 4 School Outfit

It includes summer as well as winter styles. To accessorize your players you are available with two berets, four ties, two socks and a bolero jacket get provided. Mid and long skirts get also included. 

Sims 4 Child Outfit:

It is for both male and female child characters and has four colour schemes accompanied with complete CAS access and modified outfits.

Click Here For Child Outfit

Sims 4 Elite Way Uniform:

It is a collection of exceptional institutional uniforms for teenage boys in two different samples. These samples are present in the game CAS menu with custom thumbnails. 

Building a boarding school

Sims 4 doesn’t offer the option of a boarding school for your characters, but that shouldn’t stop you from building one. Here is how you can build one and add students in it.

  • Firstly, build a school or download it from the gallery. You can choose any type of a building as long as it covers all the basic necessities.
  • Next step is to add an adult sim in the building that either you created using CAS, downloaded from the gallery or picked a random sim.
  • Click Ctrl+Shift+C and input”freerealestate on” in the cheat console, so that your sim can enter the building for free.
  • You can add students now using the “Manage Worlds” option.
  • Navigate to the “Manage World” option in your household. On the World select screen, click on “Household Management” in the top-right corner. You can now view your active, played, unplayed and boarding school households.
  • Choose a household from the unplayed tab and select a child to send to the boarding school. Another screen would appear wherein you’ll see the option to “Transfer Sims between households.” From “Select the household” option, pick a boarding school and a sim to send there.
  • Then, click on transfer sim.

How do you get the school mod in Sims 4?

Follow the points below to install the modification, and they are:

  • Download the mod from the link mentioned
  • Then, place it under the Sims 4 default mods folder.
  • Next up, go to the game settings and then enable the game and script modules.
  • Now, restart your game to enjoy this exciting feature. 


Are Sims 4 mods dangerous?

Sims 4 mods are not dangerous because the modders ensure that they provide the best work to simmers. They wouldn’t want any malware or virus to affect your game and in turn, impact their hard work.

Can you build a school in Sims 4?

Yes, it’s possible to build a school in Sims 4 through a modification in the Get to Work expansion. A modder, Zerbu introduce “Go to School” module wherein you can build schools and go there with your sims. It follows the GTWs active work lots concept.

Do grades matter in Sims 4?

Yes, grades matter in Sims 4.

Can you go to school with Sims?

You can go to school with Sims by clicking a sim and selecting “Go to School” or “Go to High School” for kids and teens respectively.

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