Sims 4 Elf Ears

Sims 4 Elf Ears CC: Download the best custom ear (Updated) 2024

The Sims 4 Elf Ears is a Custom Content that allows for the Sims characters to look somewhat like Elves by having ears like them. The Elf ears are a complete set and can be used with different kinds of skins, overlays, and skin colors.

One thing you need to remember is the fact that only the ring version for Elf ears is allowed for the random sims. It is okay to be used with both adult as well as child versions. Others aren’t allowed for the RANDOM sims.

Make sure you do not use any of the ring versions if one day you don’t want to wake up with a view of your neighbours in the Sims game with elves ears. When deciding on the Elf ears sims 4, you need to shape them in accordance with the accessories being worn at the time.

Sims 4 Elf Ears CC Unlocked

Imagine a face that comes without any ears. It seems a bit weird, right? So, in order to complete your Sims Face Pack with CC, you need to download the Sims 4 CC Elf Ears.

This particular CC is completely usable and highly compatible with all the faces that are available with the Sims game. If you need to attach the ears to the random sims, you need to seek the Elf Ear’s ring version that comes with the Pointy Ears CC. It allows use with both the adult as well as the child versions.

You get access to different types of ear shapes that are setup to suit various face types. Additionally, you get access to fancy ears like the Dragon Horn or Mermaid Ears. The latter in this case might seem somewhat like the face of the demon.

Sims 4 Elf Ears CC Unlocked
Available as Earring, Left Bracelet, Right Bracelet, Glasses, Ring.

Sims 4 Blood Elf Ears

With each Sims 4 elf ears, there comes a new elf ear for the sims character, the latest of which is the Blood Elf Ears. These ears are rather on the triangular pointy end that goes sideways as opposed to the traditional upward pointy look.

Sims 4 Blood Elf Ears
Available as Earring, Hat, Glasses, Ring.

How can you make the Sims 4 Elf Ears?

The Sims 4 elf Ears cc is a base game that was created in order to maximize its effects over the face. As you have unlocked all of the ears, you will successfully extract the mod package for Sims 4 Elf Ears.

After this, you can easily make the custom elf ears for your Sims character. All of the CC details can be acquired within the presets for Elf Ears and adjust the same with existing sims human ears.

Sims 4 Fantasy Ears

If you are wondering what can be termed as Sims 4 fantasy ears mod, the CC includes Pointy ears, WDIF horns, Antennae, as well as other alien ears. The collection also involves fantasy characters from age-old stories which include the Sims 4 Pixie ears as well.

Sims 4 Pointy Ears CC

This is a simple Sims 4 mod for TS4 Elf Ears that ensures the growth of pointy human ears. Since this brings about changes in the minimum and maximum value of the modifier, it might be similar to the aliens in terms of genetics. Also, it might lead to the appearance of townies.

Versions of Pointy Ears CC


This Sims 4 CC Elf ears for pointy version serves as the prime mod which helps unlock any type of direct ear manipulation. Further, it can be termed as a genetic trait. The ears on the sims might not appear in the way of the CAS presets. However, it can be created in a direct manner & edited via the zoom into detail option in the edit mode.

EarPresets GP04 Random:

It is an optional add-on which helps unlock the presets for Vampire mode and shows up in the CAS. It is allowed for townie as well as random generation given a chance close to 50 percent.

EarPresets GP04 NoRandom

Similar as the vampire preset defined above. However, this mod variant has for now been disallowed to be used among the random. Technically, it is still possible and doable for the townies to possess pointed ears. However, the chances are particularly rare.

EarPresets EP01 Random:

It is an optional mod add-on which helps unlock the alien ear GTW presets that show up in the CAS. It is allowed for both townie generation and the random one with 50 percent success chance.

EarPresets EP01 NoRandom:

This one is same as the GTW alien based preset defined above. However, this mod for Pointy ears has been disabled for random. In technical sense, it is still possible to provide pointed ears to the townies. However, the chances are extremely unlikely.

How to use the Sims 4 Pointy Ears CC?

In order to use the Sims 4 Pointy Ears CC, you need to download the file. Now, extract the same into the Mods folder. Additionally, you can also download one among the EarPresets that is based on the installed GP/EP. Now, unzip the same into your folder location.

If you happen to use your add-on package, there will surely be a pointy ear as default in the CAS. Additionally, you can also take them to the edit mode and modify the details according to your needs.

Latest Update to Sims 4 Pointy Ears CC

This is the latest update for Sims 4 Pointy Ears CC with the version This is a complete rebuild for the broken file. The problems listed for Island Living was solved with this mod update.

For those who are more interested in other modules like curly hair cc, then they can find them easily.

File NameSize
Khitsule Pointy Ears24.9 KB
Ear Presets EP011.2 KB
Ear Presets EP011.2 KB
Ear Presets GP041.2 KB
Ear Presets GP041.1 KB

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