Sims 4 Weather Mod

Sims 4 Weather Mod | Seasons Mod | Rain Mod – CC (Download) 2024

Sims 4 represents an everyday life, and one of the most significant influences in our lives is ‘climate.’ Therefore, Sims 4 seasons mod would be the way to incorporate it.

Sims 3 weather mod

This feature was a big hit with everyone, but it had some issues; there was a slight change in the weather, and the thunderstorms were a summer thing.

So the new modifications would make the Sims 4 weather overhaul. The expansion packs yield cool features, and if you do not prefer a function, you can go for Sims 4 cc seasons.

The improved weather mod

  • Willow creek – it is near a swamp, like Louisiana, which leads to hotter weather. Spring time is more humid, whereas it’s slightly more torrid in autumn with the possibility of rainstorms. 
  • Oasis spring – here, the weather is heated throughout the year except for mid-winter. The temperature can soar in late spring and early-mid fall.
  • San myshuno – the weather is pretty cold in late fall, winter, and early spring, similar to New York and San Francisco. There is a possibility of rain and thunderstorm in spring. There are fewer chances of rain in summer and no rain in mid-summer. 
  • Windenburg – it has cold weather usually with the occurrence of blizzards in early and late winter with some snow in early spring. 
  • Brindleton bay – it is rainy throughout the year with rainstorms in spring and summer. The weather is cold and windy, except in summer. It is cloudy or partly cloudy days with snowfall during late fall and early spring. 
  • Forgotten hollow – here, the weather is colder comparatively with warm or cool summer, except mid-summer. The autumn time is colder with chances of snow in mid and late fall. Less blizzards are expected here and guaranteed snow than other worlds. There is little possibility of snow in spring with freezing weather until mid-spring. It is cold and warm in late spring. 
  • Granite falls – the summer is hot, and sunny. There is cool-weather in fall, but snow in late-fall is possible. Snowfall and blizzards in winter are likely whereas spring begins with snow but ends by late spring.
  • Selvadorada – there is change in weather due to jungle climate. The rain begins in late spring and intensifies during summer with almost no rain in winter and mid-spring. More rain in early and mid-fall can be experienced. There are high temperatures from mid-springs to early-fall and chances of thunderstorms from late spring to mid-fall.
  • Newcrest – there are fewer chances of rain in spring and a slight possibility of thunderstorms in early-spring, hot days in late spring. Thunderstorms appear in late summer with hot weather only in mid-summer. It has less rain in fall, more of the cloudy days with a slight chance of a thunderstorm in late fall. The blizzards occur in winter. 
  • Del sol valley – it has hot weather during mid-summer to early falls like in California between a mix of Los Angeles and San Jose. In mid-fall and late fall, the weather is warm and colder by the end of fall, with a small chance of rain. In winter, the weather is cold with the potential of rain. The thunderstorms occur only in mid-spring.
  • Sulani – the weather here resembles Tahiti. Mid-summer to early fall is the perfect time with no rainfall and warm temperature. The winter time is hotter and there are more chances of rain. In early and mid-spring it is the hottest, but the weather normalizes by the end of spring. 
  • Strangeville – the weather is hot throughout like Oasis Springs. There are sunny days mostly except mid-winter. The temperature is burning in late spring and early mid-fall. You can expect strange weather conditions as well, since its strangeville.
  • Britechester – the weather is same with slight changes. There are windy days in spring, fall, and winter similar to Britain, and guaranteed snow in winter with no blizzards.
Sims 4 Weather Mod | Seasons Mod |  Rain Mod - CC (Download)

Animated rain and snow feature:

If you love rainfall and snow, then this mod is for you. It’s a functional mod, and you can place the snow and rain sheets anywhere, virtually. They can take a stroll in the snow or swim in the pool while it’s raining. Your Sim won’t be impacted by this feature. 

Arctic and Desert weather

If you prefer extreme climates, Sims 4 weather mod provides you this option. Cold weather means blizzards and snow year-long, whereas hot weather means heat waves and burning temperature. Oasis spring, Windenburg, and Willow Creek are part of this modification. 

The Fall mod:

The Dani Paradise mod is a paradise in the literal form in the Sims 4 weather module. Each mesh is created separately for a much better experience. The package is inclusive of flower textures, Windenburg plants, Myshuno plants, and more. You can find other textures in the downloadable file. 

Sims 4 seasons mod

Four seasons are available in this module, spring, summer, fall, winter. You can change their length and alter their frequency. You experience rain, thunderstorms, fog throughout the seasons. No such casualties happen other than the lightning bolt burning a tree or a sim. With each season comes a different festival which is celebrated either in the town centre or in a nearby park. Also, if you rake the leaves into a pile, you get a new woohoo location. 

Sims 4 rain mod

The season expansion pack provides all the four seasons, though the animation of rain is not that good. But in this mod, the rain and snow animation is more realistic and would be available in your current lot. 

The summer vacation mod

This mod allows summer holidays for a child, adult, and teen sims. You can make changes in the school holiday system set at 2% in the add-ons option. The sims would also receive a ‘holiday buff,’ which gives your sim a chance to not go to school. You can deactivate it by using a cheat or mod. Now you might want fun things to do in these holidays. Well, it’s possible.

Seasons challenge Sims 4

The sims face various difficulties in all the seasons. You’d have to protect your sim on different occasions like using an umbrella or warm clothes during the rainy season, or else your sim would get ill. To protect them from burning and turning to ashes from the heat waves in summer, you can take your sim for a shower, visit a nearby pool, or stay indoors. Wear warmer clothes in the winter season.

Seasons expansion pack

This pack includes new features such as – 

  • Impactful weather
  • Enjoy seasonal activities
  • Celebrate holidays
  • Expand your gardening career

Sims 4 season mod download

  • Download the file
  • Withdraw the files
  • Copy them to your Sims 4 default mod folder
  • Default path : User\(User Account name)\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods\

Cheat codes

  • If the weather is not according to your preference or you want to fix it, a few cheats do so are – 
  • First, enter testing cheats on then enter seasons.set_season X
  • Change X to 0 for summer, 1 for fall, 2 for winter, and 3 for spring. You can change the weather through this. 
  • Weather.request_forecast (1-28) shows the forecast for as many days as you enter. But if you move to a new place, the forecast for the entire calendar isn’t shown. 

If any mod overrides these resources, the mod conflicts.

Overridden Resources

  • forecast_ChanceOfRain_Storm_Cool
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_CampingForest_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_CampingForest_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_CampingForest_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_CityLife_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_CityLife_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_CityLife_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_Jungle_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_Jungle_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_Jungle_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_Newcrest_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_Newcrest_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_Newcrest_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_NorthEurope_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_NorthEurope_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_NorthEurope_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_OasisSpring_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_OasisSpring_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_PetWorld_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_PetWorld_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_PetWorld_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_VampireWorld_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_VampireWorld_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_VampireWorld_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_Fameworld_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_Fameworld_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_Fameworld_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_Islandworld_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_Islandworld_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_Islandworld_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_WillowCreek_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_WillowCreek_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_WillowCreek_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_Strangetown_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_Strangetown_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_Strangetown_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_UniversityWorld_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_UniversityWorld_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Fall_UniversityWorld_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_CampingForest_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_CampingForest_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_CampingForest_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_CityLife_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_CityLife_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_CityLife_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_Newcrest_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_Newcrest_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_NorthEurope_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_NorthEurope_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_NorthEurope_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_OasisSpring_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_OasisSpring_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_OasisSpring_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_PetWorld_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_PetWorld_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_PetWorld_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_VampireWorld_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_VampireWorld_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_VampireWorld_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_WillowCreek_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_WillowCreek_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_WillowCreek_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_Jungle_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_Jungle_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_Jungle_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_Fameworld_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_Fameworld_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_Fameworld_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_Islandworld_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_Islandworld_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_Islandworld_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_Strangetown_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_Strangetown_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_Strangetown_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_UniversityWorld_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_UniversityWorld_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Winter_UniversityWorld_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_CampingForest_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_CampingForest_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_CampingForest_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_CityLife_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_CityLife_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_CityLife_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_Jungle_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_Jungle_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_Jungle_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_Newcrest_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_Newcrest_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_Newcrest_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_NorthEurope_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_NorthEurope_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_NorthEurope_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_OasisSpring_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_OasisSpring_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_PetWorld_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_PetWorld_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_PetWorld_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_VampireWorld_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_VampireWorld_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_VampireWorld_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_WillowCreek_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_WillowCreek_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_WillowCreek_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_Fameworld_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_Fameworld_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_Fameworld_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_Islandworld_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_Islandworld_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_Islandworld_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_Strangetown_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_Strangetown_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_Strangetown_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_UniversityWorld_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_UniversityWorld_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Spring_UniversityWorld_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_CampingForest_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_CampingForest_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_CampingForest_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_CityLife_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_CityLife_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_CityLife_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_Newcrest_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_Newcrest_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_Newcrest_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_NorthEurope_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_NorthEurope_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_NorthEurope_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_PetWorld_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_PetWorld_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_PetWorld_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_VampireWorld_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_VampireWorld_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_VampireWorld_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_WillowCreek_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_WillowCreek_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_WillowCreek_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_Jungle_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_Jungle_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_Jungle_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_Fameworld_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_Fameworld_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_Fameworld_Late
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_Islandworld_Early
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_Islandworld_Mid
  • weatherForcastList_Summer_Islandworld_Late

This mod also comes in conflict with arctic and true desert weather (Sims 4 Seasons Mod)

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