Sims 4 Murder Mod

Sims 4 Murder Mod | Serial Killer Mod – Download (2024)

Have you ever wondered – can sims get murdered in sims 4? Then, the answer is yes! And it’s possible because of the creators of Sims 4 murder mod.

This module gives you the ability to kill, stab, punch, blow up a person with a car, shoot them in their head and a lot crazier ways to slay your fellow simmers.

Let’s dive into this article to know more!

What is sims 4 serial killer mod?

This modification is a violent custom script mod which doesn’t conflict with any other mods or override in-game interactions. Interactions in it are 0% autonomous, and your sims will never perform them without your direction!

So, now you can go on killing people in 20 different ways like shooting with a gun, crashing with a car, etc. This mod becomes more interesting with additional elements like the killing for money, suicide, running from cops and other intense options that add to the realism of the sims 4 kill mod.

Sims 4 Murder Mod
Sims 4 Murder Mod

How to install the murder mod sims 4?

  • Get this killer mod download like you get the others.
  • Go to the website and search for the download option.
  • After the download, extract the files “TS4_ExtremeViolence”MOD”_Beta v1.5.3″ & “TS4_ExtremeViolence”MOD”_Beta v1.5.3.ts4script” from the ZIP archive & put them in your mods folder
  • Don’t put the script file into any subfolders because it will not be readable by the game and would display – “Won’t Work.”
  • Make sure to enable script mods in your game.
  • And you’re good to go!

How do you use the murdering mod in sims 4?

This ts4 mod contains various interactions, which are:

Holding A Sim at Gun Point for Cash:

This is available in the “Non-Deadly Interactions” category. You can hold any sim at gunpoint in front of other simmers to earn money. Sims around you will start to freak out and might call the police who will arrest your Sim if they arrived on the crime scene while you’re holding someone.

Spraying UZI out of a car:

In the “Extreme Violence” menu after clicking on self (Controlled Sim), you’ll find this button. Following this, you will hop on a car and start shooting at others while drifting, this is similar to the “Open Gunfire” interaction, but this one covers a broader range of killing.

Murder “Holiday Tradition”:

You can find the latest “Murder” tradition in the calendar when you create a custom holiday “Requires Seasons EP.”

By selecting this tradition, all of the users will start killing each other once the holiday begins, with no consequences, but they will not kill the ones they share a 15% positive relationship with. You can exclude certain players from participating in the tradition from the mod’s option’s menu.

By Click on a sim > Extreme Violence > Options > Autonomy > Disallow/Allow Sim to Participate in the Murder Tradition.

Shredding A Sim’s Heart Out

After you rip a sim’s heart out from the “Deadly Interactions” section, you will obtain that heart and keep it in your inventory.

You can retain it as a trophy, sell, or eat it to recover your hunger need OR your vampire’s thirst & power!

Non-Deadly Interactions

Smash Heads with Bottle, Perform Taekwondo Kicks “A martial arts looping interaction that works like the “Beat Up” interaction, Kick Crotch and Kick Child and snatch Weave.

New Murders in killing mod

Spray with a Machine gun, Shoot with Shotgun, Slow-Mo Machete Slashes, Shawarma Machete Slices, Crack Neck and Crash Head with Booty.

Forming or being a part of Gangs

You can destroy the town and show your rage by either fighting with infamous gangs or joining one! Each has its perks. New gangs have been added to the module under the name of “The Thotties& The Hardwood.”

You can invite these gangs to your Sim’s town from the new “Gangs Pie Menu”, or you can have your players join them without asking the NPCs.


Gang members will perform autonomous non-deadly violent interactions on the townies unless that Sim is part of their gang, having your Sim be a part of one of the units will protect them from getting attacked from the members; instead, you will start contributing in the gang behaviours autonomously upon joining it.

Members will kill other gang members using their chosen weapon “Sai, Bat” and will kill police officers in the way too.

You can add any townie to a gang from the “Gangs” pie menu.

The Thotties

A group of female sims who like to seduce others and then attack them, they are from a slutty background and work the pole when they’re outside of town.

The Thotties will twerk for money, do sensual dances, Slap, Slap –Drag, Snatch Sims Weaves, impale other gang members with sais,  and “Backstab” police officers.

The Hardwood

A group of buff male simmers who like to dominate others with their bats and big muscles and then attack them, they are from an athletic background and play basketball or hit the gym when they’re not in town.

The HardWood will show off their muscles, Punch, Beat Up, Intimidate Sims, flung other gang members heads with bats, kill police officers with the “Death from Above” murder.

Gangs Feud

All members despise any other gang members outside their group, and their job is to hunt down and kill those members. They will even react negatively when seeing a member of another gang.

Gangs Outfits

Each gang has its own eccentric premade outfit that gang members will show up in.

You can Enable gang outfits for any player that you want even if they’re not in your gang.

You can also choose to disable gang outfits if you’d like to dress them up as the way you want.

Attacking Gangs

Attacking a gang member will have you “Marked for Harassment” by the attacked gang, members of the cult will focus bullying on your Sim and will attack your Sim according to their behaviour.

Murdering a gang member will have your sim “Marked for Death!” by the attacked gang, members of the gang will hunt you down and kill you on sight.

Pay Gangs to Kill Someone

You can pay any member to kill a sim for you for (§2500). Your character will not gain any suspicion, but the gang member will suffer the consequences.

Gang Vibes

Each gang has its vibe and sims around them will react according to that vibe. Sims who encounter the thotties gang will act flirty but will get a stressed mood-let.

Sims who are around the hardwood gang will be surprised and will also get the stressed mood-let.

Fame & Reputation

Sims who perform any violent action in front of others will lose fame and reputation points from both the “Get Famous” EP and the “Road to Fame” Module. You will lose more points according to the number of witnesses, hence the more sims around, the more points you will lose.

New Household Options

Options that you can Enable/Disable:

  • Autonomous Killing
  • Non-Deadly Interactions
  • Reactions


Simmers who witness you commit a crime will now call the cops on you who will show up at the scene right after to arrest you in the following cases:

  • The witnesses have informed the police about you.
  • The witnesses have freaked out about you in front of the cops.
  • The cops themselves witnessed it.

Even having a bloodstain on you will make them suspicious, but they will not arrest you unless the conditions mentioned above have been applied.

Getting Arrested

When a sim gets arrested, they’ll be taken away by the police in a helicopter and will be locked up in a rabbit hole jail for 24 sim hours, after which, they’ll be sent back home.

You can cancel the in-jail interaction of a sim too in case you don’t want them to be in jail anymore.

Reporting Sims

You can report murders to the cops at any time by choosing the “Report Sim” option inside the “Extreme Violence” pie category when clicking on a cop.

Cops will then arrest the reported Sim if the conditions as mentioned above were applied or if a player was “Framed” using the new “Frame Sim” Interaction found in the “Non-Deadly” interactions of the “Extreme Violence” pie menu when clicking on the target Sim.

Cops Options

If you don’t want to have cops in the game or if you don’t want a particular player to be arrested by cops you can choose to turn that off in the options menu of the “Extreme Violence” module.

The options are:

  • Disable /Enable Cops.
  • Exclude/Allow This Sim to be arrested.

Non-Deadly Autonomy

An option called – “Enable/Disable Non-deadly Extreme Violence for This Sim” is added. Also, a new club activity “Use Non-deadly Extreme Violence” using the “Autonomous Killing” option/club activity that was already put to use will now have players only use “Deadly” interactions of the modification.

Self-defence system

If you attack a sim or are attacked by another, you can dodge and escape the scene with the self-defence options that have been added in the mod.

Each weapon that has been used by the attacker has its dodge animations. Multiple outcomes that work according to the sims’ traits and relationship with the attacker will reveal themselves.

There’s even an 80 percent chance that the murder/attack will succeed by default, but if the attacked user has a higher “Fitness” than the attacker, then they’ll have a higher chance of dodging the attack.

Sims who escapes a murder can:

  • Run Away
  • Attack
  • Murder Back

Suppose you share a positive relationship with the attacker. In that case, you will tend to run-away instead of attacking him back, but if you have a negative association with the attacker, you’ll probably murder him back.

Sims with a “Good” trait will never take a step to murder the attacker.

Sims who escape an attack might:

  • Run Away
  • Attack Back

The self-defence system can, however, be turned off from the options.


The sims 4 murder mod is an adrenaline-pumping option for the ones that live for the thrill. However, violent activities that are portrayed in the game are condemned and shouldn’t be practised by any user!

Other than this, it’s a thrilling and adventurous option for any person looking to live a “Gangsta life” in their virtual sims 4 paradises. For more such mods, why not try aliens 3? It’d be quite refreshing.

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