Sims 4 Change Traits

Sims 4 Change Traits | How To Change & Edit Traits(2024)

Have you ever felt that the features in your game do not compliment it any longer? Or maybe you don’t look the way you had thought? Well, Sims 4 change traits gives you a chance to revise those attributes for a better experience. 

Sims 4 how to change traits

There are two ways in the Sims 4 changing traits through which you can modify the attributes of your character, be it their name, aspirations or bodies.

Re-training potion – the foremost way to do so is to buy the re-training potion from the rewards store with the help of satisfaction points and using it to make modifications. It is an expensive potion worth 5000 satisfaction points. A complete turn about in your personality is possible with this patch introduced in 2018. 

This potion would be in your inventory. When you click it, a pop up will emerge, which would allow you to reform all three characteristics.

Buying the potion could turn out to be difficult so to speed up the process, you can use tricks. The Cas full edit mode trick is necessary to move ahead.

  • Open the cheat console (Ctrl+ Shift+ C) and type ‘testingcheats on’ or ‘testingcheats true’.
  • After the first step, type ‘cas.fulleditmode’ and hit enter.
  • Press ESC to close the console.

Once you follow these steps, you can Shift+Click on your desired character and edit the features you want in CAS. 

Sims 4 Change Traits, How To Change & Edit Traits
sims 4 change traits

How to edit traits Sims 4

Sims 4 modify traits makes it possible for you to edit almost all the characteristics, from their age, gender, voice to their bodies and aspirations. But be careful while making edits or else you might remove a quirk you don’t want to. Save the modifications once you are sure. 

Sims 4 cheat codes pc

The  codes are the same as mentioned above for pc users as well.

  • Ctrl-Shift-C
  • testingcheats true
  • cas.fulleditmode
  • Shift-click Sim
  • Edit in CAS


Sims 4 change traits spices up things in the game. Looking at everything the same way can turn quite monotonous and boring. The two methods given are life-changing so do try them out. 

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