Sims 4 Adoption Mods

Sims 4 Adoption Mods & CC (Download) – 2024

Adoption in the Sims 4 is possible now, which is such an exciting turn of events in terms of the gameplay and storyline. However, one issue with this feature is that they are only restricted to babies and toddlers, and only young adults, adults, or elders can adopt them.

Basically, you can’t adopt teenagers. However, this changes when you read about these Sims 4 adoption mods because they offer a wide variety to the players. The process is also simplified in the game, so these modules would give you more options when it comes to adoption. 

Realistic Adoption Mods Sims 4

Let’s take a look at all the adoption mods that you can download. 

1. Foster Family Mod

Foster Family Mod By LittleMsSam

If you want to foster a child, then this mod is the perfect one and allows your character to adopt any child or pet once they are a registered foster. The characters that are up for adoption are orphaned children generated by the game, and you can adopt more than one kid or pet. The children or pets you adopt have the tendency to run away, but you can call them back, and if it’s too much for you, then you can give them up as well. 

Here’s how the system works if you’re wondering how to put child up for adoption. You can either choose a foster kid or pet online or wait for the foster service to call you. Before officially adopting them, you’d get to meet them and see if they are the perfect match for you; only then would the adoption happen. You can go through the fosters’ personal data and photos once a day. 

To unregister as a foster, all you have to do is unregister from the fostering kids or pets network. There’s no restriction as to whom you adopt, be it a teenager or a pet. You’d also receive weekly child support to provide food and shelter to these children. As for pets, you can buy them toys as well, and you must take them to the vet if they fall sick, have to be neutered, and so on, and interaction with them every day is essential.

2. Adoption Overhaul

Adoption Overhaul

This module is part of the Relationship and Pregnancy overhaul, where your character can put up their sim for adoption after taking their partner’s consent and also be a part of who adopts them. When it comes to this option, it’s impressively detailed because it takes you on an emotional journey when the parents give their child up and then get emotional flashbacks time and again. 

You have the option to either become a foster or be the one who puts up their child for adoption. If you go ahead with the latter, then the adoption agency, Sim World Agency, will take your kid(s) and place them in unknown families. Now, your character can choose not to have any contact with their child anymore, or they can choose who adopts them and stay in touch with them as well. 

If you’re the one who wishes to adopt, then the agency would help you to apply for adoption and would also come over to check if you and your home are ideal for the adopted child or not. The survey is done based on how big your house is, your income, and if the family’s social and healthy. Even you have the option of choosing who to adopt. 

To add more realism to this module, if the adoptive parents adopted a baby or a toddler, they would have to inform the child that they are adopted once they reach a certain age. If your child’s curious, they might ask about their biological parents and even contact them to meet. If you were someone who gave up their child, then the child might contact you years later when they come to know about you.

3. Suggest Adopting A Child Or A Pet Interactions

Suggest Adopting A Child Or A Pet Interactions By Flauschtrud

As the name suggests, this modification would allow you to encourage another character to adopt a child. When you select “Suggest adopting a child,” a toddler or a child would become part of your friend’s home and make them their parents. However, this suggestion might not always work, but if it does, then you won’t have to go through the trouble of going from one active household to another. It’ll be like expanding your family. 

There’s a similar module made for pets, which is Suggest Adopting a Pet Interaction mod, which works in the same way, but instead of children, pets would be generated and added to your friend’s household. You can even suggest your friend adopt a stray that roams around your house but suggesting this is only possible if the target’s nearby. Also, your friend must be a young adult or older to be able to adopt a kid or a pet.

4. Teen Adoption Mods

Teen Adoption Mods By Randyxx

This module is more of a pack of mods because it consists of four modifications that enable teens to be adopted or for them to become adoptive parents. Here are the four options – 

  1. Adopt a Teen – If your avatar’s a young adult or older than that, then they can adopt a child or even a teenager. You’ll have to choose from 4 babies, 4 toddlers (2 boys and 2 girls), 6 children, and 6 teenagers (3 boys and 3 girls), and the adoption fee would be $2000. 
  1. Adopt a Teen for Free – The only difference this feature has is that you can adopt any child without paying any fees. 
  1. Teens can Adopt – Now, your teen character is also eligible to adopt someone, but only if they are a child, toddler, or baby. They’d have to pay $1000 as fees and can take a pick from 4 babies, 4 toddlers (2 boys and 2 girls), and 6 children (3 boys and 3 girls). 
  1. Teen can Adopt for Free – Again, this module works the same way as the previous one, but it allows teenagers to adopt without any fees. 

All these modules are base game compatible; however, you can’t download mods 1 and 2 or mods 3 and 4 together because they’d clash with each other. You must choose between with fee and without fee options. 


Sims 4 adoption mods are the wholesome gameplay element that we didn’t know we needed, but they add so much fun and amusement to the game that it’s worth becoming a foster/adoptive parent. If your character gives up their children, that too makes for an emotional and intriguing storyline, so it’s up to you which direction you go.


Can you adopt an existing child Sims 4?

Yes, you can adopt a child in the game; however, you must pay 1000 simoleans as a fee to start the process, and you must also keep in mind that you can’t exceed the household limit of 8 members.

How do you adopt a partner’s child in Sims 4?

Go to the house icon, which is the third tab, and select “Hire a Service.” Now, at the bottom of the pop up menu, you’d find the option “Adopt a child.” Once you click on it, a list of all the children up for adoption will appear that you can choose from.

How do you turn off adoption mods in Sims 4?

Whenever you want your character to stop adopting, click on that character, and then SP>>Sim options>>Allow the adoption = false.

Can step parents adopt Sims 4?

No, step parents can’t adopt the children because they aren’t their own, but they can become their caregivers by clicking on them and selecting the “Adopt as Caregiver” option.

Can my Sim adopt a baby?

Yes, your character can adopt a baby as long as they are a young adult or older in age.

Is it possible to adopt twins Sims 4?

No, it’s not possible to adopt twins because the game only allows you to adopt one child at a time, and the agency also showcases unrelated children, which makes it difficult for you to adopt twins.

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