Sims 4 Waterfalls

Sims 4 Waterfalls CC & Mods – Download (2024)

Sims 4 Waterfalls have something magical about them because of how realistic and gorgeous they look. However, there’s a lot more that they can do in the game apart from looking beautiful, and there are several uses of it that you aren’t even aware of.

So this article would acquaint you with the waterfalls in the game in a whole new light. Let’s dive right in (pun intended).

Vanilla Waterfalls Sims 4

There are four worlds in the game that include waterfalls with different functions, and they are as follows – 

1. Island Living EP

If you have this pack downloaded, then you can travel to the Island of Mua Pel’am, where you’d find a small waterfall ideal for playing, catching frogs, showering, or even woohooing.

2. Jungle Adventure

In Selvadorado’s jungles, you’d find a hidden waterfall, which gives your character a “Feeling the Falls” +2 flirty moodlet if they observe it for some time. 

3. Journey to Batuu

Those with this EP would come across a waterfall in the Resistance Encampment area; however, this waterfall’s only decorative and doesn’t serve any other purpose. 

DIY Waterfalls

The players in the game are so creative that they’ve come up with their own ways of creating waterfalls using build tips and tricks. So here are some of those tricks that you can use as well.

1. Try Placing Water Emitters Resembling the Sim Stream

You can create a waterfall effect by getting a swimming pool and placing the water emitters in it smartly so that it gives a flowing look to the water.

Even though this build is only available in Selvadorado, the water emitters are quite a standard part of the base game, which makes it easier to replicate this idea. 

2. Use Debug/Live Edit Items

Players with Island Living can use the hidden animated effects of water to create a waterfall by building a multi level effect, replicating the motion and appearance of a waterfall. 

3. Use Old Items In Unique Ways

Now, those with the Get Together pack can make use of the objects available, such as diving platforms, to create a waterfall.

For instance, you can make use of the Mr. Jumpy Jump pool object as a wall with water trickling down and then add a few more items around it to hide the mechanism, and you’re all done. 

Waterfall CC 

BakieGaming is one of the most popular custom creators for Sims 4 because of his incredible creations using the objects in the game. Here are two of his CCs related to waterfalls. 

1. Wall Light Waterfall

Wall Light Waterfall

This custom content features a wall light obtained from the Get Together EP, which was slightly modified to make water come out of it, like a waterfall, while its primary function as light remains intact.

It’s an excellent addition to any place as a decorative or functional item as well. You can locate it in the Fountain Decoration category in build mode.

2. Animated Waterfalls and More

Animated Waterfalls and More

The creations in this option are derived from Island Living and Journey to Batuu and are available in two versions: terrain and non-terrain. The non-terrain waterfalls don’t include any interactions, which makes it easier to place them in deep water or anywhere you want, such as a hidden location.

On the other hand, the terrain only waterfalls have the same interactions as a vanilla game waterfall, such as playing, showering, and so on.


Sims 4 Waterfalls are an underrated aspect of the game because players only view them as decorative objects, but it’s more than what appears.

There’s so much that you can do with this object that it’d add an aesthetic vibe to the whole place once you get the hang of it. You can build them, use CCs or go for the ones in the base game; it’s up to you.


Can I make a waterfall in Sims 4?

Yes, you can definitely make waterfalls in the game using the waterfall CCs or by going for the DIY options, such as by placing water emitters in the right place, using debug/live edit objects, and so on.

Where is the waterfall in The Sims 4?

You can find the waterfall if you have the required expansion packs downloaded. For instance, Island Living includes waterfalls at the Mua Pel’am island, Jungle Adventure features them in Selvadorado’s jungles, and Journey to Batuu EP includes it at the Resistance Encampment area.

How do you use waterfall in Sims 4?

There are so many ways to use the waterfall in the game, such as using it as decoration or for functional purposes as well.

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