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Sims 4 Homework mod | Download – 2024

If you are wondering what are the similarities between real-life school-going children and the Sims 4 characters, you might be in for a surprise. All the Sims 4 characters receive homework from their school during the weekdays.

The Sims 4 homework is assigned in various forms of the school notebook which has different covers according to the life stage of the Sims 4 characters.

Also, the assigning of the homework depends on the number of days that you have passed in the Sims 4 game. Your Sims character can complete the homework either over the floor or by sitting on a desk.

And the time required to complete the work will be equal to one Sims hour. If, in any case, your Sims character is not being able to complete the work, it will be assigned with poor grades.

Sims 4 Homework mod | Download -
sims 4 homework mod

 How to do Homework Sims 4?

If you are wondering Sims 4 how to do homework, then we have the perfect answer for you. In the Sims 4 version, once a teen or a child appears on the gaming screen, they are going to receive homework almost immediately. The homework will be assigned in the form of an inventory according to their life stage. The homework assigned to the Sims character will be irrespective of the fact whether they have attended any school in the past or not. All the children characters in the game are going to receive a notebook with yellow cover with the label of “Grade School Homework”.   While on the other hand, the teens will be assigned with a notebook marked as “Homework” with a blue cover.

If the student has been marked with a B grade or above, they can opt for the option of getting extra credits. Once they have been assigned with the additional credits, the Sims characters need to click on their homework notebook to complete their task. Children can receive help from their adults in finishing their work.  Unlike the previous version of the Sims games, the children in this version will be able to keep the level of their performance high by finishing some other tasks including building skills or maintaining certain moods. 

Sims 4 can’t find homework

If, in any case, the Sims character misplaces the homework notebook, Sims 4 can’t find homework, or ages up off-screen, they are allowed to make a purchase of the homework book at $1 from the bookcase. You can also make use of any other homework book by Sims. The previous versions had the homework books tied to their Sims character, and no one was allowed to use anybody else’s workbook, and thus in the newest version, Sims 4 lost homework mod has been introduced to guide the Simmers to complete their task even if they lose their workbook by chance. 

If your Sims character has bagged at least level 3 in all the skills, including social, mental, motor, and creativity, the “Do Homework” label changes into “Breeze through Homework,” which suggests that the Sims characters can complete their tasks faster, once, all the skills level has been reached up to level 7, the tag will further change into “Dominate Homework,” and the rate of completing the homework accelerates even. However, this boost is not available for the teen Sims.

What is the purpose of doing the Homework in Sims 4 version?

Now that you have known how to do homework Sims 4, you must also know about the purpose of doing it. Performing the tasks assigned to the Sims character by the school is regarded as one of the ways to somewhat groom the child’s career. The game deals with all real-life activities, and thus, schools and homework are a crucial part of childhood and teenage life. The child or the teen Sims character needs to complete all the homework assigned to it during the weekdays in order to gain extra credits and increase its level in the game.

How can the speeding of completing the homework by the Sims character be increased?

Along with having the skills of the childhood activities maxed out in order to boost up the productivity of the child’s homework, the Sims characters can have their teens or adult characters to take part in the development of the child. Whenever the Sims child is starting to do its homework, you can click on the character, and an adult Sims will appear to assist the child in completing its homework. Taking help from an adult in finishing the tasks assigned by the school is one of the Sims 4 homework cheats.

If the child is assisted by its parents in completing the homework, the game time is reduced by half and is added to the bonuses for maxing out all the skills of childhood. With assistance from a parent, the child Sims character will complete their tasks at a faster rate.

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