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How To Use Fertilizer In The Sims 4 (Updated) 2024

Gardening is an essential skill in the game, regardless of whether you choose it as a hobby or a career. However, fertilizer is one of the most vital parts of gardening and growing healthy, good quality crops.

When you have perfectly evolved plants, you can even sell them to earn some simoleons. You must fertilize plants frequently, but not all fertilizers are beneficial; therefore, you need a proper guide to choose the right option, and this article will help you do so. 

So let’s learn more about Sims 4 fertilizer, so that your character can become a much better gardener in the game. 

How to Fertilize Plants Sims 4?

How to Fertilize Plants Sims 4?

One of the foremost aspects of fertilizing plants is to reach level 3 in gardening skills because that’s when you can unlock this feature. All you have to do is click on the plant and select “Fertilize.” You can fertilize them after every four sim days, but if they don’t need fertilizer, then the option would be grayed out. You won’t receive a notification that the plants require fertilization, so keep a schedule for it; otherwise, your plants might not evolve to perfect quality. 

Now, plants have five stages: Normal, Nice, Excellent, Magnificent, and Perfect. To reach this evolution, they should be kept outdoors and strive for perfect quality plants because each stage of evolution would help you sell those plants at a better price. In fact, the in season plants give 4-6 harvests per day, so sell them or use them in food to enhance its taste and quality. 

A plant, which is ready to evolve, would sparkle and the option “Evolve” would be available to the players. So evolve and then fertilize those plants as soon as possible because all progress comes to a halt when they are evolving. 

A lot of players are unaware of this little detail that the fertilizer’s strength is in sync with its simoleon price. So when your plant evolves and you need to fertilize it immediately, using a low strength fertilizer won’t do any good to you. So here’s how it goes. 

  • Less than $5 – Nearly Useless
  • $5 to $11 – Low-Grade
  • $12 to $19 – Medium Strength
  • $20 to $49 – High Strength
  • $50+ – Best Fertilizer

Now that you know about this division based on the simoleon value, choose the best fertilizer for your plants. Several players resort to using the plants they grow as fertilizers for others because they are readily available. However, some of the plants might not be a good choice to use as fertilizers because they need a long time to cool down, so use the best produce from your garden for this purpose. 

List of Sims 4 Best Fertilizer

List of Sims 4 Best Fertilizer

Now, we’ll discuss all the items that you can use as fertilizers in ranked order, from the best fertilizer to the worst. 

1. Growfruit

As I mentioned earlier, using your own produce as fertilizer is possibly the best decision. You have a 20% chance of finding growfruit seeds in the rare seeds packet, and once you grow and harvest them, it’s easy to use them as fertilizers. 

  1. They are affordable as the rare seeds packet costs §1000.
  2. Growfruit is a high quality plant.
  3. It’s a quick process to grow it. 

Players can also use the “bb.showhiddenobjects” cheat to get this item.

2. Fungal Infusion Fertilizer

This option is only available if you have the Outdoor Retreat pack because it requires your character to go to Granite Falls’ secret area and befriend the hermit there so that he shares the secret recipe with you. Your character would need to gather the following ingredients: 1 Blackberry, 1 Dusk Spirit, 2 False Morel, 3 Morel Mushrooms. This would create a plant based fertilizer, which increases the rate at which plants grow. 

  1. It’s cost effective because you can forage for the ingredients.
  2. Obtaining this fertilizer is a fun storyline.
  3. It’s highly effective.

3. Wolf Eel

Fishes make for one of the most excellent fertilizers in the game because of their freshness. Wolf Eel is a rare fish, so even if it’s not fresh, it’ll still serve as a potent fertilizer. Its value ranges from 108 to 364 simoleons, and you can catch it on your own by going to the Forgotten Grotto, or someone can gift it to your avatar during Winterfest. Use frogs as bait when catching this rare species. 

  1. You can obtain it easily.
  2. It’s not worth a lot, so using it as a fertilizer is ideal.
  3. Wolf Eel is a high strength fertilizer. 

4. Bees

The Seasons Expansion includes Burtie’s Bee Box, which you can buy from the build mode. Planting any plant within 5 squares of that would fertilize them. So place these boxes strategically to gain the most out of them. There’s nothing more required from you to do apart from placing these bee boxes. 

  1. This is an affordable option as it only costs 365 simoleons.
  2. You don’t have to go through any unique interactions.
  3. It’s a high strength fertilizer. 
  4. Collect the bees from the box. Now go to an area in your garden and select the “Pollinate Nearby Plants” option so that all the plants in the vicinity will be fertilized. 

5. Pet Poop

This might seem like a strange option, but pet poop can work wonders as a fertilizer. When your avatar collects poop, it’ll be stored in the inventory, and you can use it as fertilizer anytime you want. As is evident, you’d require the Cats and Dogs expansion for this. 

  1. It’s easy to use. You only need a pet.
  2. It doesn’t cost anything, and you can acquire it every day.
  3. High Strength fertilizer.

Sometimes after a game update, you might face issues with this fertilizer. For instance, you might try to use the pet poop from the inventory, but it remains there, and you’re unable to use it as a fertilizer. To fix this, use a different fertilizer and then try the pet poop fertilizer again. 

6. Dragon Fruit

Here’s another potent fertilizer that you could use by grafting snapdragons and strawberries. You could also buy the rare seeds and veggies seed packets from the build/buy mode. If you don’t want to go for any of these options, then you can obtain it by fishing in Magnolia Promenade or behind Willow Creek Park. It’s time taking, though. 

  1. It’s affordable because the seed pack costs 1000 simoleons.
  2. There are various methods to acquire this fertilizer. 

7. Tuna

Tuna is an excellent fish to use as a fertilizer, and the best part is that it’s a common species, so you can catch it easily. You do need the City Living Expansion pack for this, though. Fish at San Myshuno or any other fishing spot to catch this fish fertilizer. 

  1. Using this fertilizer is free of cost.
  2. Easy to obtain. 
  3. Ensure that the tuna’s fresh.

8. Rose

You might be surprised but rose is also a good fertilizer; however, they do grow only during spring and fall seasons and only have a 29 simoleons value. You can find this fertilizer behind the Umbridge Manor Mansion in Willow Creek, and it only takes 48 hours to mature. 

  1. It’s free of cost and simple to grow.
  2. Selling it is pointless because of its low value.

9. Anglerfish

Unlike the other fertilizers discussed above, this one is a medium strength one, but works quite well as a fertilizer, especially if it’s fresh. However, catching this fish would be challenging as it’s not available easily. You can find it in the Forgotten Grotto or Sylvan Glade ponds using Bass, Salmon, or Catfish as bait to catch it. 

  1. Even though it’s difficult to catch, it’s worth it. 
  2. Free of cost. 

10. Trash Fruit

The last option on our list is trash fruit because even though it’s easy to obtain, it isn’t a strong fertilizer. Whenever trash is left, this plant is spawned by the game quite quickly, but the fruit it bears is useless. Even selling this won’t do any good to you because its value is only 1 simoleon, so it’s best as a fertilizer only. Plants that are grown using this fertilizer would evolve at a slower pace as well. 

  1. Easy to obtain.
  2. You can produce this trash fruit every day and harvest a lot of it. 
  3. Low strength.

Apart from these options, there are more fertilizers that you can opt for, and they are as follows – 

Flowers – 

  • Chrysanthemums 
  • Bird of Paradise plants (available from the Romance Festival Flowers)
  • Quill Fruit 
  • Mushrooms

More About Fish Fertilizer

Fish Fertilizer

We’ve already discussed 3 fish fertilizers that are amongst the best options for you to choose from; however, there are other fishes as well that would work in the same way. They are as follows – 

1. Salmon

This common fishing species are found in various fishing spots easily and acts as a high strength fertilizer. Its value ranges from $90 to $342, so selling it or using it as a fertilizer are both convenient. 

2. Tambaqui

Here’s another commonly found fish, which is available in Selvadorado’s marketplace, but you must have the Jungle Adventure pack for it. This is a medium strength fertilizer whose value ranges from $60 to $90, so it’s ideal to use it only as fertilizer. 

3. Sturgeon

Now, this is a rare fish that serves as a high strength fertilizer and is found in Oasis Springs Park’s pool, the pond in Willow Creek’s park, and in the Forgotten Grotto. Since they are rare fishes, their value ranges from $140 to $3000.

4. Mountain Lionfish

This is another rare species, worth $166 to $900. You can either sell it and earn money or use it as a fertilizer with high strength. You can acquire them if you have the Outdoor Retreat Pack or in Granite Falls’ Deep Woods (Waterfall spot).

5. Bass

You can use this medium strength fish found in several fishing spots, and its value ranges from $16 to $70. 

6. Cichlid

Here’s another common fish with medium strength, which you can easily find at several fishing spots, such as in Magnolia Promenade (if you have the Get to Work) or in Willow Creek’s fishing spots located in the bottom right neighborhood. 

7. Koi

This fish is found in Willow Creek and Oasis Springs Park. Its value is from $24 to $37, and it is a common species. It has medium strength as a fertilizer.

8. Yellow Perch

If you have the Outdoor Retreat Pack, then you can find this fish in Granite Falls fishing spots. Its value ranges from $24 to $43, but it has medium strength as a fertilizer. 

9. Trout

Trout is found in Oasis Springs Park, and if you sell it, you can earn $19 to $113 since it’s a common fish. You can use it as a medium strength fertilizer. 

10. Walleye

As a common species, finding this fish in Granite Falls fishing spots is easy if you have the Outdoor Retreat Pack. It’s worth $22 to $81. 

11. Armored Catfish

This is an uncommon fish species worth $50, and if you have the Jungle Adventure pack, then you can find this under the Omiscan Royal Baths by taking the left doorway while facing the temple. 

12. Catfish

Here’s another uncommon fish that you can catch using plants as bait. Its value ranges from $43 to $107, and it is found in rivers. 

13. Discus

This fish is found in the Spa Day pack near Willow Creek and Oasis Springs’ spots. This medium strength fertilizer is worth $35 to $50. 

14. Exotic Goldfish

As a $30 to $60 value uncommon fish, this option as a medium strength fertilizer is available in the Spa Day pack in Sylvan Glade’s waterfall spot. 

15. Tilapia

An uncommon fish worth $54 to $62 acts as a medium strength fertilizer and you can catch it in Sylvan Glade’s waterfall area. 

16. Electric Eel

Those with the Jungle Adventure pack can opt for this rare fish worth $50. You can find it near the temple entrance by taking the right gateway when facing the temple and using it as a medium strength fertilizer. 

17. Batfish

When it comes to this rare fish species, which is found in Forgotten Grotto, its value ranges from $119 to $278, and it serves as a medium strength fertilizer, but it weighs higher than other fishes. 

18. Rainbowfish

You’ll find this rare fish in Forgotten Grotto and Sylvan Glade’s Waterfall, and it’s worth $65 to $85. It’s a medium strength fertilizer. 

19. Treefish

This medium strength fertilizer for rare fish is found in Willow Creek Park and Sylvan Glade’s pond and is worth $151 to $375. Despite medium strength, it weighs high.

20. Vampire Squid

Here’s another rare fish worth $50, which works as a medium strength fertilizer and is commonly found in Forgotten Hollow if you have the Vampire pack and a level 10 in fishing skills. You can catch this fish even without bait. 

21. Goldfish

Now, the Goldfish acts as a low strength fertilizer and is quite a common species. You can easily find them in Willow Creek’s ponds and Oasis Springs Park. It’s worth $12 to $15, so it’s ideal to use it as a fertilizer only. 

22. Guppy

This common fish’s value ranges from $7 to $10, and you can catch it in Oasis Springs Park to use as a low strength fertilizer. 

23. Minnow

Minnow is found in several fishing spots because it’s a common species worth $7 to $9 and has low strength as a fertilizer. 

24. Perch

When it comes to this common species, whose value ranges from $10 to $13, it’s available in various fishing spots and is a low strength fertilizer. 

25. Tetra

You can find this common fish in Willow Creek Park’s river, which is ideal as a low strength fertilizer because of its value, which ranges from $6 to $11. 

26. Angelfish

Now, this uncommon species is found in Willow Creek’s river, and its value ranges from $14 to $20; therefore, it’s a low strength fertilizer. 

27. Betta

This uncommon fish is worth $11 to $20 and is found in Willow Creek’s pond. You can use it as a low strength fertilizer. 

28. Kissing Gourami

Here’s another low strength uncommon fish species easily found in rivers, and its value ranges from $16 to $18. 

29. Red Crawdad

If you have the Outdoor Retreat pack, then you can catch this uncommon fish in several fishing spots of Granite Falls. However, it’s a low strength fertilizer, worth $11 to $16. 

30. “Captain Fishbones” Bonefish

Rare fishes like this one can still serve as a low strength fertilizer whose value ranges from $10 to $25. If you have the Get to Work pack, then they are available in Magnolia Promenade, Oasis Springs Park, and Sylvan Glades (Willow Creek) and those with the Outdoor Retreat pack can catch it in Hermit’s Secret Location. 

31. Gummie Guppie

This rare species worth $15 to $30 is found in Magnolia Promenade (for those with GTW), Oasis Springs Park, Sylvan Glade’s waterfall, and Hermit’s Secret Location (if you have the Outdoor Retreat pack). It’ll serve as a low strength fertilizer. 

32. Piranha

Piranha’s a rare fish worth $19 to $27, and you can catch them in Oasis Springs Park’s backside pool, Willow Creek’s pond only if you use Koi, Bass, Catfish, Rainbowfish, or other medium size fishes as bait. You’d also require level 7 in fishing skills for this. Due to its value, it’s better to use it as a low strength fertilizer. 

33. Red Tailed Black Shark

It’s ideal to use small size fishes as bait to catch this rare species, which is found in Willow Creek Park’s pond and is worth $18 to $22. It’d act as a low strength fertilizer for your plants. 

34. Blue Crawdad

Those with the Outdoor Retreat pack can catch this rare fish in Granite Falls’ Deep Woods near the Waterfall spot. It’s a low strength fertilizer worth $50 to $81. 


How do you fertilize all plants in Sims 4?

If you want to fertilize all the plants in your garden, the bee box is the best option for you to choose because it covers a wide area of up to 5 squares. If you place these boxes strategically, then they can cover all the plants and fertilize them on their own.

How do you get fertilizer in Sims 4?

You can use flowers, fish, bees, vegetables, and fruits as fertilizers in the game.

What do you fertilize a money tree with Sims 4?

You can fertilize a money tree using any of the high strength fertilizers, such as tuna, salmon, growfruit, sturgeon, etc. Any fertilizer worth $50 is considered high in strength, so you can choose accordingly.


This was all about one of the essential aspects of gardening, fertilization. There are several flowers, fruits, veggies, fishes, and so on that, you can use as Sims 4 fertilizer.

However, keep in mind that you only choose the best quality of everything because if you opt for low strength fertilizers, they won’t do any good and wouldn’t help plants evolve to the perfect level.

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